WordPress is one of the most frequently used platforms for creating blogs as well as websites at the present date. This is so because WordPress provides tremendous options to customize a website by making use of themes, plugins, and so on.  Moreover, the customization of a WordPress website is very easy and even a person who is not that sound in coding can do it successfully. However, many organizations opt to hire professional WordPress developers for better customization of their websites in order to enjoy the full advantages.

No matter you create a small business website, a blog, or an eCommerce website, it always requires unique features and an attractive look. This is where WordPress customization holds its existence. In addition to giving a desired look to your website, the customization also aids in enhancing the security of your website, making your website SEO friendly, easing the management of the site as well as improving the user experience for the audience.

The easiest and the most frequently used customization tactics offered by WordPress can be seen as under

Introduction of a new theme

The most comfortable and fastest way to introduce exciting changes to your site is to choose a new WordPress theme for the site. Changing the theme will immediately change the entire design of the site. However, as a tremendous number of WordPress themes are available at the present date, making the correct choice can be a challenging chore.

Developing a custom home page

Creating a custom home page is also one of the best and the easiest ways to customize a WordPress site and this can be achieved by making use of Elementor. Elementor is a page builder plugin offered by WordPress that can be utilized to build fully custom pages. You can simply install elementor on your site, visit the page you want to customize, and click on the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button to start the editing.

Changing the number of posts on a page

WordPress shows ten blogs on your main blog page by default. However, you can modify it and display more posts like fifteen or twenty to your main blog page to make it more convenient. To include furthermore posts, paginations can be utilized.

Changing the fonts

One of the important elements that have a big impact on your site is the fonts utilized in the site. Hence, you can try out the new fonts to give an enhanced look to your site. You can make use of Google Fonts Typography plugin to achieve this. The plugin will avail you with Google fonts library which is the central source of all the fonts available over the web.

Learn the HTML widget

You can control the look of your site by learning HyperText Markup Language (HTML). The best part is HTML is much easier to learn as compared to a programming language like Javascript as it is just a markup. The HTML widget is included in WordPress by default and it allows you to practically create any content or design as per your desire without the need to add new plugins to fulfill the goal.

Customization of the emails sent by WordPress

Website customization is generally considered as the changes that can be noticed within the pages that make up a website. However, you can also customize your emails to take your customization to a level higher. Notification plugin is the one that can aid you to better achieve the purpose. You can install this plugin to have a complete control on the default email copy generated by WordPress. The plugin permits you to modify the copy of present emails as well as attach entirely new functions for sending emails.

Modifying the footer text styling

WordPress themes generally include a small line at the bottom of the site. Although the text line at the bottom cannot be removed completely without introducing the lines of code, themes like ignite, provide a few easy options to customize the footer text. Hence, try changing the bottom text line in your desired way to customize the site in a better way.

Leveraging the 404 page 

While it is pleasing to fix all the 404 errors and broken links on your site, it is a natural occurrence associated with your site that you can not remove completely. People will definitely see your 404 page sometime, somehow. Hence, you can take full advantage of this opportunity and customize your 404 page in your own way. 404page is a plugin that can aid you to best customize your 404 page. 

Enhance your login page

A branded login page gives a true feeling of professionalism and pleasure to the customers. Hence, once you have got the members ready to login to your site, make sure to customize your login page into a branded one. WordPress offers a free plugin namely ‘Custom Login Page Customizer’ that can aid you to convert your login page into a branding page. 

Attaching logo to the browser tab

Last but not the least, you can attach your logo to the browser tab. Although every site definitely has a logo included at the top of the site, you can even attach a small icon (called the favicon icon) in the browser tab of your site. WordPress interface mentions it as Site Icon and the option to add it can be easily found by navigating to Appearance -> Customize in the WordPress dashboard.


An excellent advantage associated with creating a customize WordPress website is that it allows you to have full control on the way you want to create it and how much customization you want to introduce the site. 

There are an ample number of ways in which you can customize your website in WordPress and above are only a few illustrations of the same. You can customize your website in any way right from the theme to the layout as well as the navigation. You can even customize the SEO activities associated with your website in your own way. 

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