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    Dear Technocrats,

    If you are busy developing a mobile application, I must tell you that you are making mistakes that you should not.

    Committing mistakes is a tendency of human beings but who doesn’t like perfection?

    Developing a successful mobile application is not as easy as you think. It requires a myriad of planning and beforehand preparation to create a successful mobile application.

    I am here to tell you what aspects you must not ignore for the smooth running and success of your mobile application.

    11 Blunders to Avoid While Building a Mobile Application

    Let’s begin

    1. Ignoring the User’s Expectations
      Today’s scenario is full of competition where a tremendous number of new applications get introduced every day.
      Hence, attracting a visitor to your application is no more a piece of cake.
      If you are not learning your user’s expectations before developing your mobile application, you are making a big mistake for sure.
      Every user is different in itself and comes to an application with a different set of expectations.
      As a developer or application owner, it becomes your foremost duty to understand what your audience is waiting for before coming up with your application plan.
      You can use an appealing welcome message or provide the user with a comprehensive application manual to get their interest and attention.
      You should also avoid a few practices like putting a long, time-consuming registration form at the beginning of the application that may annoy the user and lead to the abandonment of your application.
    2. Developing the Mobile Application without Need
      Your application looks beautiful and it is perfect in terms of functionality too, but there is no demand for your application in the market. What will you achieve by developing it? Nothing.
      Hence, if you are developing an undemanded and useless application, you are committing a terrible mistake.
      Guys, developing a mobile application is a time-consuming and costly chore so always beware of developing such applications that are worthless, futile, and unnecessary.
    3. Performing Inadequate Market Research
      Market research is the key to make a business application a success.
      Many people plan to create mobile applications without even thinking about what is required in the market actually.
      Performing adequate research on a few elements is imperative to develop a successful mobile application.
      These elements include
      • competitor analysis
      • audience analysis
      • and SWOT analysis.
        Meticulous research on the above-mentioned points will help you to find out the right track for your mobile application that will take it to the right destination.
        Sufficient market research is the solid foundation to shape your application in the right way.
    4. Selecting a Wrong Development Team
      Your mobile application is a gateway to add big value to your revenues.
      As a high-quality application can only be expected from a highly skilled development crew, taking any chances with the development team may contribute big losses to your business and revenues.
      Choosing the right mobile application development company having a team of skilled people becomes extremely crucial in the scenario.
      Checking a company’s years of experience, the technologies it utilizes, the development process it follows, feedbacks of its existing clients, etc. is essential before you make a selection.
      You can also take a free demo for better satisfaction and selection.
    5. Choosing the Wrong Development Platform
      Of course, many prominent platforms are there to target when it comes to developing a mobile application, however, targeting all the platforms at once is a big mistake.
      All the platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows has its own set of pros and cons.
      Hence, understanding your requirement and choosing the high priority platform to go with becomes critical in the starting stages.
      You also need to make appropriate decisions on many other factors including
      • Whether you want to hire mobile app development company.
      • Want to hire a freelancer.
      • Or want to code on your own and so on…
        As all the above-mentioned decisions are really important to be taken at the initial stages and can have huge impacts on the future of your application, all points are required to be well-thought before proceeding with the development.
    6. Not Developing Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
      Creating a Minimal Viable Product(MVP) is a wise decision to test the performance of your application and understand the flaws.
      Many people, however, do not understand the importance of an MVP and directly head towards creating the final product. Unfortunately, if the application fails, they end up wasting a huge amount of time, money, and effort.
      So, guys, develop a practice of creating MVP for your application first comprising only the essential features your application is likely to have, then only build the complete application (of course, if the results of your MVP are positive).
    7. Not Taking Adequate Care of the UI/UX of Your Application
      Undoubtedly, the functionality of an application is important and should be handled cautiously but not at the cost of UI/UX design.
      While refining the functionality of a mobile application, the developers often forget about the UI/UX of their application which should not happen.
      Simple navigation, an easy search method, and a flawless home menu all are big contributors to the success story of a mobile application.
      Nobody is going to stick to your application if it does not have an attention-catching and delightful UI/UX no matter how good the application is from a functionality perspective.
      The poor UI/UX design of a mobile application is not at all appreciable and is one of the major causes behind its abandonment.
      Reason why people uninstall mobile apps
      So if you are neglecting your UI/UX to focus more on the features and functionalities, you are probably taking a false step.
    8. Inappropriate Application Testing
      Testing is a crucial aspect of a Software Development Life Cycle that ensures the delivery of high-end, bug-free software.
      Testing not only guarantees the prevention of bug leakage but also assures an enhanced user-experience.
      However, many people do not take testing into conscience and lead to application failure.
      To accomplish effective application testing, it is essential to find out the answers to a few questions beforehand which are as under
      • How frequently the testing should be performed on your application?
      • Do you want to hire in-house testing experts or go for an outsourced testing team?
      • What tools and types of equipment are required to conduct flawless testing?
      • and so on…
        Having an in-house testing team is a good idea but if you go for an outsourced testing company, you are likely to generate better results.
        The outsourced testing companies generally have a huge crowd of experienced testing professionals accompanied with a brilliant skill set they you may not notice in your in-house testing team.
    9. Failing to Perform Regular Updates on the Application
      You have created a perfect application, launched it and your duty is over. Isn’t it?
      The answer is NO. Your duty doesn’t end after launching the application.
      Your application needs post-launch support for regular functioning and operations.
      Timely reviewing your application and making necessary updates are vital to enhance the user experience, prevent the introduction of bugs, and retain the users.
      You can choose a mobile appplication development company providing post-maintenance and support services to accomplish the task in an easy and cost-effective way.
    10. Overflowing the Application With Features
      An application worth only if it is feature-rich. Right?
      Yes. But too many features may end in unfortunates for your application.
      Remember, it takes only two minutes for a user to uninstall an application if he finds it ineffectual.
      User does like feature-rich applications but, at the same time, they do not think twice to abandon an application if it sounds vain.
      Hence, don’t give any chance to your user to discard your application. Ensure to add only main features to it and beware of incorporating such features that harm the essence of your application.
    11. Promoting Your Application Insufficiently
      A perfect application, a strong market, a flawless development team, delightful UI/UX, and thorough testing. All done!
      What else is hindering your application’s success then?
      And the answer is inadequate promotion.
      I agree you have developed a great application but people are not aware of the existence of your application. What you will get from it? Simply void.
      Adequate promotion of your application will help you to make people know your application and drive your desired audience towards it.
      There are a number of different digital marketing practices you can follow to accomplish the task.
      You can even hire a reputed digital marketing company for better results and profits.

    Winding Up

    A mobile application is a core element to grow a business in the current times.
    No matter if it is marketing, sales, profits, or anything else, the mobile application has a crucial role to play.
    It is a strengthening asset to grab a new set of audiences and generate more income.
    Hence, a single mistake you commit while developing your mobile application can put you in big losses.
    So, guys, do take the above-mentioned mistakes into the conscience and find a way towards a victorious line of work.

    Contact us anytime for more information and assistance.