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    Are you looking for a robust and steadfast way to reach the maximum number of your customers? 

    The best way to achieve this in the current time is – creating a mobile application. There was a time when only large scale businesses with a good budget chose to create mobile applications.

    However, as the world has changed with time, almost every

    business, be it big or small, needs a mobile application nowadays to grow successfully in today’s competitive landscape.

    The availability of mobile applications has become a necessity from an end user’s perspective as well. No matter an individual wants to book a train ticket needs to go for a movie or is looking to order food from outside, they just want everything at their fingertips. 

    Modern technology offers two primary ways of developing a mobile application. A business can either go for a native application or a cross-platform application.

    Enterprises can surely develop native mobile applications for different platforms including Android and iOS. 

    However, when it comes to a startup or small level business, budget is the main concern that should be well-thought before moving forward. They cannot afford to develop separate native applications for multiple platforms. 

    For these reasons, having a fast and reliable way to develop efficient mobile applications has become a necessity of current times. Luckily, the constantly evolving tech world has already introduced so many great options together with React Native, iconic, and Xamarin to accomplish the task.

    One such name that cannot be overlooked in the scenario is Google  Flutter.

    This article aims at introducing you to the meaning of Flutter, its main features as well as why you should adopt it to develop your next application.

    Meanwhile, if you are looking to hire Flutter developer to create your mobile application, you can contact our team straight away. Let us commence by understanding the meaning of the term Flutter

    What is Flutter ??

    What is Flutter - Indylogix Solutions

    Flutter is an excellent mobile software development kit utilized to develop native mobile applications for a range of platforms including Android, iOS, and web using a single code base. Introduced by search engine giant Google, Flutter has gained excessive popularity in the world of mobile application development in a very short period of time. Thousands of Flutter apps have already been included in the application stores and the numbers are still rising. 

    Google Flutter consists primarily of two major parts. First is a software development kit which is nothing but a collection of tools required by the developers to create intrinsic applications. Second is the framework or the UI library accumulating the UI elements that you can easily modify as per your project requirements.

    Some of the most prominent applications developed using Flutter include Google Ads, SpaceX Go, Hamilton and so on. Google, eBay, Alibaba group are the chief enterprises that have already adopted Google Flutter for their application development. 

    Flutter can be easily used to create potent mobile applications for a variety of platforms including Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. In fact, it has already become a commanding technology to develop mobile applications for the Android platform. 

    Flutter offers a huge range of prominent features responsible for its excessive popularity and usage. Let us have a look at some of these features below

    Powerful Features of Flutter

    1. Dart programming language

    Flutter encourages the use of dart language while application development. Dart is a simple and easy to understand language with clear syntactical rules. Anyone having knowledge of Java or Javascript can learn this language very easily. 

    2. Widgets

    Flutter offers a huge range of built-in widgets that developers can easily customize as per their project requirements. The utilization of these widgets plays an important role in diminishing the overall development time of the underlying application.

    3. Hot reload feature

    Flutter incorporates one more fascinating feature called hot reload responsible for making the application development significantly faster. The main motive behind the development of this feature is – the developers can see the effects of code changes immediately after performing modifications to the code. They need not wait for a long time to notice the effects and make further modifications. 

    4. Single codebase

    Flutter utilizes the single code base to develop mobile applications for multiple platforms including Android and iOS. This saves a lot of time for the developers and enhances code management.

    5. Fascinating facts about Flutter

    1. Flutter was first introduced by Google in the year 2017.
    2. Flutter can be used to create both native and cross-platform applications.
    3. Flutter holds a huge developer community of more than 3 lakh developers all around the world.
    4. More than 3 thousand applications developed using Flutter are present on the Google play store.

    Significant Benefits of Using Flutter for Your Next Application

    * Flutter encourages faster application development

    Flutter Encourage Faster App Development - Indylogix Solutions

    Looking at the current market scenarios,  no business can afford to wait a long time to get their mobile applications ready. The combination of Flutter’s ready-made widgets and the amazing hot reload features offer significantly faster application development and encourage one and all to utilize it to develop their next application.  

    * Flutter is open-source

    Flutter is Open source - Indylogix Solutions

    Flutter is open-source. It can be used by any organization despite its business level and budgets. For this reason, startups and small businesses can easily adapt it to create their business application without having to worry about their funding constraints. 

    * Flutter ensures outstanding  application performance

    Ensure Outstanding App Performance - Indylogix Solutions

    Flutter guarantees the excellent performance of the underlying application and the reasons for this are many. First is the use of Dart language that provides an easy and effective way of code compilation.

    Second is it utilizes its own widgets rather than using external libraries. This ultimately reduces the communication between the application and the platform. These two features lead to relatively fewer performance issues and boost the application’s overall performance. 

    * Flutter offers cross-platform application development

    Flutter Cross Platform App Development - Indylogix Solutions

    Flutter frees the developers to create mobile applications for multiple platforms using the single codebase. This diminishes the development overhead to a great extent as the developers do not need to write and debug the code again and again. 

    * Flutter relieves testing overhead

    Flutter Relieves Testing Overhead - Indylogix Solutions

    Flutter enables developers to utilize the same code base to develop applications for multiple platforms. When the code is drafted once, the testing and debugging is also required only once. This diminishes the overhead of the QA team and makes their work lighter and speedier.

    * Flutter maintains same UI across all platforms

    Same UI Across All Platform - Indylogix Solutions

    Undoubtedly there are many cross-platform application development frameworks available in the market. They do allow code sharing but none of them allow to share both UI as well as UI code except Flutter.

    The prominent reason behind this is Flutter does not require platform-specific UI elements to portray the application design like other platforms. This ultimately saves them time and endeavors for the development team to a great extent. 

    * Flutter offers a better team management

    Better Team Management - Indylogix Solutions

    With Flutter, maintaining separate teams to develop for separate platforms is no more required. This reduces the team size as well as the cost incurred with it and promotes better team management. 

    * Platform compatibility

    Platform Compatibility - Indylogix Solutions

    Flutter offers great platform compatibility and is easily compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    * Flutter is easy to learn

    Flutter is Easy To learn - Indylogix Solutions

    Flutter is an easy to learn techniques that can be easily adopted by any beginner having some knowledge of Java or Javascript. Flutter works on Dart language which is a simple language with a clean and easy syntax.

    * Flutter has a huge community support

    Flutter has a huge community support all over the world. It serves as a great benefit for beginners or less experienced developers who want to learn more about the technology or seeking out easy solutions for their problems and queries.

    * Flutter is ideal to create MVPs

    A flutter is an excellent option if you are looking to develop MVP of your application and showcase it to your client in the least possible time. There are many advantages to doing so. You can easily accomplish the task just by hiring a single developer.

    You can give a beautiful look to your MVP by customizing the pre-defined widgets as per your needs. Also, you can create only one MVP for both Android and iOS platforms. There is no need to create different MVPs for both the platforms. 

    The Estimated Development Cost of a Flutter Application

    After going through all the interesting features and benefits of Flutter, it’s quite obvious that you may think to adopt Flutter to convert the development of your upcoming application into a success. Then comes the next question in your mind – what is the estimated cost of developing a Flutter application? Well, there is no exact answer to this question as the cost purely depends on your project’s requirements and the features incorporated in it.

    But still, if you want to have an estimated idea, we can say that it takes an average time of 250 hours to develop an application in Flutter. You can multiply these hours with the per hour development cost of your developer to have a general idea.

    If you want to build native applications for both Android and iOS platforms then, of course, the development hours will be increased, and accordingly, the cost will also increase. However, if you are looking for a fast and cost-effective solution that saves your time as well as efforts then choosing a cross-platform application in place of native applications is highly recommended.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Flutter

    1. For what kinds of applications Flutter is the most suitable?

    Flutter can be efficiently used to create a variety of applications including gaming applications, transport applications, food applications, applications that need to be deployed quickly, MVPs, and many more.

    2. What makes Flutter unique?

    Flutter comprises many distinct and flawless features that encourage the easy and vigorous development of dynamic mobile applications. The features include the availability of astonishing built-in widgets, hot-reload feature, the use of easy-to-understand Dart language, and so on. 

    3. What is the difference between Flutter and React Native?

    Although both Flutter and React Native are the leading names in the world of application development and both offer an easy and faster way to develop comprehensive mobile applications, they have some differences too.
    The first difference is the programming language they employ for development. Where React Native uses the most popular and commonly used Javascript, Flutter uses a completely different Dart language. Also, where React Native encourages the use of third party libraries to make the application development faster, Flutter utilizes its own set of built-in widgets to accomplish the task. 

    4. Can you name a few prominent applications already developed using Flutter?

    Google Ads, Reflectly, Hookle, Alibaba are a few applications already developed using Flutter.

    5. Can you name a few IDEs supported by Google Flutter?

    Android Studio, Visual Studio Code and Eclipse etc. are a few IDEs supported by Flutter.

    6. Why is Flutter a good fit for mobile application development?

    Flutter serves as a good fit for mobile application development for a number of reasons including the lowered development cost, reduced development time, diminished testing overhead, lowered publishing time and so on.

    7. Can we build only mobile applications using Flutter?

    No, Flutter can also be used to develop other applications including desktop and web. 

    8. What is the main purpose of Flutter’s hot reload feature?

    Hot reload feature is one of the most prominent features incorporated in Flutter. The main purpose of Flutter’s hot reload feature is to allow developers to view the effects of code changes instantly without any need to wait. This eventually reduces the overall development time of the underlying application. 


    The popularity of Flutter is growing at a very rapid pace. It has already become a tough competitor of other prominent application development frameworks including React Native, Angular JS in a very short span of time and it surely has a bright future in the world of mobile application development.

    Hence, if you are looking to create powerful and feature-rich mobile applications for your business and looking for reliable and cost-effective solutions then you should definitely try out Flutter once. Indylogix possesses a huge pool of Flutter experts capable of catering to all kinds of your application needs. Hire Flutter developer from Indylogix and assure immaculate, perceptive development of your mobile app. Let’s say Hi!