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    Today, we are living in a situation where almost half of the population all over the world is bound to stay at home due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Staying at home is the option we have to save ourselves as well as our near and dear ones. As the countries are getting locked down, markets have been shut down and business operations are kept on hold, COVID 19 is damaging the life of millions financially and personally. Everyone is struggling to continue their work to survive. In this situation of crisis, remote working or work from home concept is emerging as a great help for the corporate world. Corporates are adopting this concept on a very large scale due to the restrictions and safety concerns.

    Hence, in the current scenario, the biggest challenge organizations are facing is how to ensure the productivity of employees when they are working remotely. Luckily, a large number of remote working tools are available these days to help them manage the situation. These tools not only ease the process of handling remote workers but also help them to keep themselves productive and grow professionally.

    Below is the list of most common and frequently used remote working tools available today. Most web & mobile App Development Companies have been using tools to improve their productivity and efficiency.


    Trello is a task management tool that facilitates the organization, assignment, and tracking of daily tasks or projects. Team leaders or managers can assign tasks to their team members and track their progress with the help of this tool. Using this tool, completion date and time of a particular task can also be checked.

    Google Online Suite

    Google Online Suite is the online version of MS office. Using this tool, employees can create presentations, datasheets, drive storage, documents, etc. and share with their remote teammates very easily. The teammates can edit the work done by each other and add comments to ask questions or give ideas.


    Slack is the most widely used communication tool that helps in easy and efficient communication among the remote team members. Staying online, team members stay connected via chats even if they are away from the office. With the help of this tool, all the team communication assembles at one place. This tool also provides the facility of creating groups to conduct group communication among the team members.


    ProofHub is a feature-rich project management and online collaboration software that helps remote teams stay in ultimate control of their tasks, projects, and communications. Managers can assign tasks with deadlines to team members in simple to-do lists, or use kanban boards for agile task management. Using custom reports in ProofHub, managers can plan their projects and resources more efficiently. It also offers a dedicated space for real-time discussions and an online proofing tool to review files and share feedback.


    Zoom is a powerful video conferencing tool that provides excellent quality of the video. This is affordable and easy to use the tool. It provides screen sharing, file sharing, and local recording facilities to the members engaged in the conference.

    The best part behind using this tool is only one team member has to download it and others can join the meeting just by clicking the meeting invitation shared to them.

    Time Doctor

    Time Doctor is an excellent time tracking software that enables the team to less wasted time while working remotely. This way, it helps in making the team more productive in a remote environment. This tool enables team leaders and managers to track how long a teammate worked on a particular task. They can also keep track of the attendance of teammates to monitor when they started and stopped their work. They can also check web usage of teammates for a particular time duration to keep track of distracting sites and so on.


    Hootsuite is a management tool for social media platforms. With the help of Hootsuite, social media content, generation of analytics reports, find and filter social conversation and other social media activities can be handled very easily. This tool aids in the management of different social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


    Teamviewer is a popular screen sharing tool using which one team member can provide remote access to his/her system to another team member. Teamviewer also enables team members to conduct online audio or video meetings.


    GitHub is a platform that is primarily designed for developers and technical teams so that they can share, host and review the code designed by them. Developers can ask for feedback on each other’s code and cooperate with each other in their work. Github provides features like access control, bug tracking, and task management for every project.


    Dropbox is a file hosting service that has become extremely popular and is being adopted by millions of people all over the world. It is an efficient way to share large files among teammates. It offers a very simple way to achieve this. One only has to upload the file to his dropbox account and share the access with others and the job is done.


    Todoist helps the employees to keep all the todos in one place so that they can plan their work effectively. Whenever a new task comes, they can add the task in Todoist and continue working with the current going task. This way they can set a reminder for all the pending tasks to make sure that nothing gets missed. Todoist enables employees to create subtasks inside a bigger task that require a number of steps to get finished. It enables employees to add comments, priority levels, due dates, etc. associated with each task. It also enables users to assign a particular task to other teammates.


    Basecamp is a project management and team collaboration tool that aids in handling the projects and interacting with the clients in a better way. Due to its easy functionality, pleasing design and rich usability, basecamp has become one of the favorite choices among managers and teams.

    Hub staff

    Hubstaff is a time tracking and task management tool that enables team leaders to track the time team members are spending on a particular task or project. It enables the company to monitor the activities of employees with time tracking, keyboard, and mouse usage, optional screenshots and app usage. Team leaders can even view detailed reports, pay employees directly based on their working hours and send client invoices using this tool.

    Above is a small list of tools that aid in handling work from home in a perfect manner. A number of other tools are also available to fulfill the purpose. These tools are proving to be a great help to achieve the main objective of increasing the productivity and efficiency of employees even when they are working remotely.

    We do not know for how long the situation is going to be the same and we all pray for the best but being in the corporate world, thanks to these tools as they are helping each one of us to keep ourselves safe without compromising our work!