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    PPC(Pay per click) advertising is one of the most effective and trending ways to reach the maximum number of customers willing to buy your products or services. When you are new to PPC advertising, the most recommended platform to start with is always none other than Google. However, only the creation of a Google ads account is not all that is going to bring in the desired outcomes, in fact, a thorough audit of your Google ads account is also crucial to enhance your PPC efforts and convert them into a success. Below are a few points that will aid you to discover why auditing your Google ads account is important.

    Benefits of auditing your Google ads account

    • It aids you to determine the existing faults in your ads accounts and provides you the ways to improve it.
    • Helps you to draw more profits and revenues from your ads account by putting a lesser amount of time and money. 
    • It aids you to avoid wasting your money on worthless areas and enhancing your PPC results.
    • It can aid you to come up with innovative campaign ideas.

    Prominent tips to audit your Google ads account

    Although there is an ample number of ways in which you can audit your Google ads account, there are definitely a few specific areas that you can check out to reserve the desired amount of results and avoiding of which may lead to wastage of a handsome amount of your money in wrongly placed ads. Let’s have a look at these areas

    1.Conversion Tracking

    Google Ads Account Conversation Tracking - Indylogix Solutions

    The first and one of the most important key players in the list is conversion tracking. Conversion tracking is an effective way to figure out if your efforts are working or not. It aids you to determine the performance of your campaigns by giving you details about the keywords, products, or ads that are driving the most number of leads and sales. Hence, if you are not accomplishing the tracking adequately, it may become impossible for you to determine if people are converting or not, and if yes then how. 

    However, only around 30% of the Google ads accounts perform conversion tracking in the correct direction and the rest 70% are either tracking in the wrong direction or not performing any tracking at all which leads to the failure of their ads campaigns.

    2. Targeting

    Google Ads Account Targeting - Indylogix Solutions

    Targeting is an important aspect that determines which people will see your ad, and how and where they will see it. This will give you an understanding of whether the visitors are new or they are the old ones, what are their preferred timings of performing searches and the devices they are using to perform a search. 

    It is quite common to forget about target settings if your ad’s performance is good however this is something that can allow your ads to get shown outside of your target area hence should always be handled with care and should never be overlooked.

    Whenever people create new campaigns, they are very likely to go with Google’s default settings, however, this does not work in every case. Hence, reviewing your targeting settings adequately and performing the necessary changes if required is highly recommended.

    3. Quality Score

    Quality Score - Indylogix Solutions

    Quality score is yet another important factor to guarantee the success of your Google ad campaign. One of the most prominent factors that can drop your quality score significantly is your landing pages. Make sure you are having a unique and separate landing page for each ad group. Always avoid directing users to the common homepage. 

    When you will provide your searchers with exactly what they are looking for, you will definitely increase the number of your conversions to a great scale. You can utilize a message match to enhance your conversion rates significantly.

    4. Structure

    Google Ads Account Structure - Indylogix Solutions

    The next prominent thing that needs to be checked is the structure of your account. Your ad group structure is an important aspect to make your account easier to understand and use. There are a few things that you need to think about while checking the structure of your account including the number of keywords an ad group contains, their similarity, the possibility of splitting the keywords into separate ad groups and so on. 

    The creation of clean and specific ad groups is very important to organize and run a successful PPC account. The simplicity of your ad group also aids you to enhance your quality score significantly and draw better results from your ad campaign.

    5. Search Terms

    Search Terms - Indylogix Solutions

    Search terms are nothing but the words that people use in their search queries when they come across your ads. Hence, keeping a check on your search term report is extremely crucial to ensure satisfactory results from an ad campaign. There are mainly two things that you need to focus on in your search terms report

    1. Determining unnecessary and irrelevant search terms that are resulting in the wastage of your funds and finding ways to get rid of them.
    2. Determining the search terms that include many clicks but limited conversions and finding ways to increase your conversion rates.

    As per the reports, an average of nearly 75% of account budgets get wasted on incorrect search terms and the most effective way to minimize this wastage of money is utilizing negative keyword tools in the search term report. 


    Auditing your Google ads account is a crucial process that you cannot overlook no matter your account is old or is a new one. It not only aids you to find out the flaws in your PPC campaigns but also aids you to generate more profits and revenues by spending a relatively less amount of your time as well as money.

    However, performing the job can be difficult for you if you do not have adequate knowledge of the platform. You can take the assistance of digital marketing companies like us in such a scenario and ensure prompt and adequate auditing of your Google ads account. Good luck!