How Can We Accomplish More with Some Simple Good Practices

Making the right decisions when it comes to the marketing aspect of your mobile app solutions has become a real scientific matter. The key factors are a lot and need to be considered very carefully in order to work.

Recently the necessity of a landing page for mobile app solutions has been discussed more and more. A landing page is a web page that contains all valuable information about your application. Some refer to it as just another burden that you have to take care of. The truth is that an app landing page is something beneficial for your products and this is why we are going to share 5 reasons why your app needs a landing page.

1. Create a Landing Page As Soon As Possible

Your marketing actions need to commence way before the official start of your app. Even if your Android app development process is ongoing, once the main concept is done, the landing page will fit in just the right timing. Creating the branding materials of you application essentially means buying the proper domain name that reflects your product’s nature.

Creating an initial landing page will cooperate in legitimizing the brand of your application by showing its logo, color palettes, and typography. It will also help potential clients to find some needed information ahead of its official launch in the popular app stores.

2. Using the Beta Testers’ Opinion

Every software product needs proper testing. The same applies to Android app development. The main plus in using this reason is to increase interest by uncovering more and more from your application. Screenshots, videos, technical details, and any other additional materials will raise awareness around your mobile app solutions.

When aiming at beta testers it is crucial to connect your app landing page with any social media channels that are being used. Nowadays the easiest way to relate your Android or iOS app development progress to your future users is via social media. Letting people view your app’s landing page will give you valuable comment and opinions and the earlier they come – the better.

3. Obtaining Valuable Feedback through Your Landing Page

Maintaining an app landing page gives you quite more options when feedback is wanted. When we are talking about iOS app development we need to point out that iTunes Connect does not provide much data on the conversion rates and this is some quite strategic data. The same applies to Android app development as the Google developer console does not provide you with vital information like how many downloads you get from a certain number of views.

By using an app landing page this important data can be obtained quite easily. By using Google Analytics on your landing page you can also access useful referral clues as to which approach works and which doesn’t.

4. How to Organize Your Launch Day Actions

The full website revealing should happen when your app has been just launched. The perfect scenario is to do it simultaneously. Once the application is online your app’s website should include all the technical details, support and download links, documentation and the pricing options of course. The information collected before the launch should be used very carefully in your full website for marketing purposes.

Another beneficial factor is that the app landing page can be easily optimized with corresponding keywords and this will aid your targeted clients in reaching your application. This all happens via your app landing page, so why not use it properly?

5. Retargeting As an Important Business Factor

As long as we are human, we are bound to make mistakes. Nobody gets everything perfect on the first try. This is why retargeting is so vital for your success. Retargeting is basically a form of advertising in which the marketing actions targeted to clients are based on their previous interactions.

Using your app landing page will let you track users who just visited and did not download the app. Once involved, these potential clients just need a final push in order to download the product.

As you see having an app landing page might bring that missing sparkle in your Android app development process. Offering mobile app solutions has never been so intuitive and the formula for that is no secret. We just gave you some good options, now it is your turn to make it work!


Nowadays, creating a great app is not enough for definitive success. The market is moving fast and many resources need to be reserved for marketing. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean spending a lot of money because there are alternatives which also work. One perfect example is having a well-organized app landing page. Maintaining a good landing page will be beneficial for your products and this is why we are going to share 5 reasons why your app needs a landing page and how it should be used.