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    One of the most popular and powerful ways of communication is visual communication. Almost all the brands are utilizing this medium today to gain attention.

    Graphic design has become an indispensable part of almost every business now. The creation of productive graphic designs has become the primary need for businesses to survive in the competition. Although the web is filled with a tremendous amount of outstanding visuals, a large number of bad visual designs also exist on the web. These kinds of poor designs end up in building a pessimistic image of the product. They can even bother the expert designers and customers to a large extent. As the viewers are intelligent enough today to differentiate between a good design and a bad design, it becomes really important for the designers to think twice before proceeding with any kind of design creation.

    Graphic design is a profession that requires a lot of experimentation and study the same as other fields of the industry. It aids businesses to build a powerful visual brand status on both online and offline floors. However, various startups do not take a good care of the design of their marketing stuff hence they end up losing their precious customers to their rivals.

    Most customers make a selection by viewing the logo, website, blog, brochure, packaging, etc. These designs are comprised of colors and other elements that hit some expected viewpoints of the customers. If the signals are appealing, probabilities that the customers will be attracted to the company are higher. However, an improperly designed logo, website, or brochure may destroy the business opportunities of a company. For example, a badly designed logo may hint the public of the unethical behavior of the company hence they do not consider this kind of graphic design helpful and look for a more reliable company with a more decent approach.

    Hence, it becomes crucial for graphic designers to avoid the most common mistakes while going for any kind of design and create unique and attractive designs that can ultimately aid businesses in reaching their goals and enhancing their profits. These common mistakes can be seen as under

    1. Not Understanding Instructions

    Proper communication between the client and the operator is vital to achieve pleasing results for anything. Although giving clean and informational instructions is the duty of the client, it is the designer who has to make sure all the instructions are clear to him and he has not left with any kind of confusion or query. If there is so, the designer should make each and every point clear before moving forward to ensure satisfactory results. Designers can also make notes of the queries to be cleared to make sure nothing is missed out.

    2. Illegible Fonts or Font Sizes

    The selection of suitable fonts plays an important role in attracting the viewers. Designing with unreadable fonts or improper font sizes may irritate the users.

    Also, the use of numerous fonts can give an ignorant look to the design. Hence, it is responsibility of the designer to think about how to use fonts in combination to enhance the impression of the design.  Designers often make mistake in choosing the fonts that correctly suits the quality of design. The use of more than three fonts is not recommended is a single design. However, it is more satisfying to use just one or two fonts in one layout. 

    3. Staying In The Box

    Graphic design is a creative job that requires designers who possess the capability of thinking out of box to create innovative designs. Designers need to search for new things, create new designs, and try new ideas constantly to fight with rest of the community. Designers cannot restrict their thinking ability if they want to survive in the industry. Hence, it is suggested to experiment with new things on a regular basis and going a bit stupid and inexplicable. Of course, not everything is going to be fruitful but still, it is necessary to try in order to find out the best.

    4. Use Of Stock Images

    Designers need to limit the use of stock images to create a pleasant design as the use of numerous stock images can make the project look worthless and ignorant. Also, if there are plenty of stock photos people will easily understand that they are familiar with the images that will incorporate to the reduction of their interest.

    5. Not Putting the Project Goals First

    Before creating designs for any kind of project, it is crucial to understand the ultimate goals of project and its target audience. The psychology, attitude, and response of the target audience plays an important role in the creation of the designs as they will be the final users. Hence, it is important to keep all these points in mind while creating the designs. After all, designers are responsible to convey the thoughts of the company via powerful designs. For example, it is recommended to use colors like blue, pink, orange, or green instead of using dark colors like red or black if target audience is comprised of ladies and young girls.

    Not considering the purpose of the project and its target audience is possibly the most notable mistake designers do.

    6. Designing For Yourself

    Designers always have to stick to the fact that they are designing for the client and not for themselves. Hence, it is mandatory for them to strictly follow the instructions of the client while performing the job. They are not supposed to make any changes just because they think that the design will look better. After all, the client is the one who is spending money to get the job done and the primary responsibility of the designer is to help the client in reaching its goals.

    7. Overthinking Everything

    In the last but not the least, simplicity has lots of benefits on its own. Hence, the designers are required to keep the design as simple as they can as the complexity in the design may incorporate into the loss of interest of viewers. Hence, the design should be simple yet it should be appealing. Of course, designers can add a lot of things in the design but it does not mean that they always should. They are always required to be very careful while making the choices.

    If you are in need of uncommon and outstanding graphic designs and looking for proficients in the same, contact our team to end your search as we have a team of excellent graphic designers that can assist you to achieve your goals!