8 Most Expected Mobile App Development Trends for the Year 2020
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    The mobile app development industry has grown at a very rapid rate in recent years and will continue to grow in the coming years as well. The year 2020 has already started and it is expected to contribute a lot towards a more bright future for mobile app development. The top 8 upcoming trends in mobile app development that we are expecting to see in 2020 are as under

    1. Enhanced Development of Android Instant Apps

    Instant Apps, launched by Google in 2016, are the native apps that do not need to be downloaded. Users can efficiently work with these apps without the need for any prior downloading. Hence, these apps offer more comfort for developers and users. These apps hold functionalities of a website and are smaller in size as compared to regular apps. Outstanding user experience and zero device memory usage are the two main benefits of using these apps over regular apps. 

    Working with these apps is as simple as surfing a web page. These apps can be reached through a sharable link. Moreover, these apps allow users to see only a particular section of an app. For example, if the user wants to view only Facebook feed then these apps will allow the user to reach only the news feed section of Facebook. Skyscanner, Red Bull TV, Buzzfeed, and NYTimes Crossword are some of the best examples of Android Instant Apps.

    Instant Apps are an outstanding feature for the organizations concerned about the cost as they allow to get back the investment in a very short time span. 

    2. Employment of 5G Wireless Services

    5G technology is one of the highest trends in mobile app development. One of the biggest advantages of the 5G network is the speed which is approx 100 times quicker as compared to the 4G network. Data security, 3D gaming, Augmented reality are some of the other functionalities of the applications of a 5G service. Mobile Companies like Samsung and Verizon are ready to start their dedicated 5G-capable chips. 

    Moreover, LG is preparing to combine 5G services within its devices. Hence, app developers are expected to create the apps accordingly with such an extensive expanse of 5G services so that the user can get more high-speed network with improved performance. 

    3. IoT (Internet of Things)

    IoT is primarily a network of real objects that are implanted with sensors, electronics, and software all interconnected inside the network itself. The IoT is supposed to be one of the game-changing technology in the world of mobile application development. 

    In fact, the global IoT market is assumed to produce $1.335 Trillion US dollars in revenue until 2020. A number of big brands like Honeywell, Samsung, Bosch, Xiaomi are already carrying a high market share.

    In recent years, the Internet of Things has grown as an industry itself that is emerging day by day. It allows people to manage non-IT devices through remote controls or applications. This facility has become an indispensable part of the user’s life, which bounds the developers to have their mobile apps IoT friendly.

    Construction, Healthcare, Real Estate, Transportation and eCommerce, etc. are the main sectors that are profiting from IoT additions to a great extent.

    4. Beacons

    Beacons is no more new technology now. Today, a number of industries like hotels, healthcare, museums make use of Beacons technology in their apps. Beacons are nothing but the wireless transmitters that employ Bluetooth technology to transmit signals. This technology is greatly useful in location and proximity marketing.

    It makes a user gets used to it very easily due to the easiness it provides. Future mobile app industry trends for this technology include AI-enabled chips, Beacon treasure hunting, Automated machine learning, Mobile payments beacons.

    5. Integration of AR/VR technology

    AR and VR both are amazing but the use of these two was limited to gaming apps so far. Now, the two are expected to establish themselves in other areas as well. AR and VR both are going to be the game changers in the near future for sure as Google and Apple, both are on their way to deliver new AR demos on their newest devices.

    AR filters capable of transforming a human face into several digital comic characters are already been issued by Snapchat and Instagram. If you are able to add exciting stickers and animations in your post, this is only achievable with the help of AR technology. Hence, AR integration is going to be a significant step for the mobile app development industry.

    6. Increased Application of AI and Machine Learning

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained a lot of attention in the mobile app development world in recent years. It has not only contributed towards creating vigorous apps but also helped a Mobile App Development Company to preserve a lot of time, cost, and efforts. A number of sectors like customer service, healthcare, finance and accounting, and a lot more are swiftly moving towards embracing AI into their native apps. 

    As per the latest statement from International Data Corporation (IDC), the AI market is going to generate revenue of above $47 billion by 2020. 

    All the segments like intelligent apps, IoT and cybersecurity, etc. of the technology area are expected to apply Artificial Intelligence abilities to its methods in the near future.

    7. The rise in the Adoption of Mobile Wallets

    eCommerce and online banking have contributed to the enormous increase in online payment choices attainable for users. But now consumers are increasingly moving towards m-commerce by the arrival of Google Wallet and Apple Pay. Hence, the adoption of mobile wallets is going to rise tremendously in the year 2020. However, safety is still the uppermost concern amongst the developers for the same hence mobile wallet as well as payment gateway union that ensures the greatest level of security will become the leader in all sorts of mobile apps.

    8. Utilization of Chatbots

    Chatbots are increasingly acquiring popularity among a number of corporations these days. These are already employed in a number of the newest apps. Chatbots are altering the way people will communicate with computers. These are helpful in interacting with the users by employing a textual link. Messaging apps such as Facebook, Slack, and Skype employed these bots at first but presently nearly all superior product and service sector organizations are utilizing them to handle customer communications. This method aids in preserving valuable time and resources for both the customer as well as the organization. A number of the basic queries can be resolved with just one interaction with the chatbots.

    The chatbot market is assumed to grow up to 1.25 billion by 2025.


    The app industry is expected to grow at a very fast rate with all the above-mentioned latest trends. These trends will also incorporate the increased competition among the developers as well as mobile app development companies. Hence, it is important to have a thorough understanding of all the latest trends before creating a mobile app. However, if you are looking to develop a mobile app with all the latest features and functionalities, contact us to get the best services!