Documentation, as well all know, is something that guides the user about how to use a newly launched product. Creating proper documentation for any new product is as important as creating a product itself as this is something that can have a significant impact on the buyer’s purchasing decision and the absence of which can lead to the abandonment of the product.One such plugin that is gaining extreme attention these days is BetterDocs.

For example, suppose we are planning to purchase a television and we have selected the one in the available options but the functions are a bit complicated and there is no user manual available to guide us. What we will do? Of course, we will reject the product and go for another option. No matter how good the look and feel of the television is and how good the functionalities are, if we do not know how to operate it, we will not buy the product. The same concept is applicable to a WordPress plugin as well. 

Hence, if you are a developer whose main passion is to develop and launch WordPress plugins then you should also develop the passion of setting up proper WordPress documentation for your newly developed plugins. As not everyone using your plugin cannot be technically sound like you, the availability of adequate and well-structured documentation for your plugins can be a great help in such a scenario. 

Importance of WordPress Documentation

The primary goal of creating and providing a proper WordPress documentation is to provide the user with all the necessary details they may require while implementing your plugin in their WordPress site. However, in addition to this, a comprehensive and easy to understand documentation can provide a range of benefits including 

  1. Provides your users with a one-stop solution for a range of their installation and activation related issues.
  2. Bounds users make a quick purchasing decision.
  3. Increases the trust and reliability of your plugin.
  4. Can act as a hub of answers to almost all the frequently asked questions related to your plugin.

How to create an effective WordPress Documentation With Betterdocs

Creating a flawless WordPress documentation is not as easy as drinking a cup of tea, in fact, there are a number of important points that you need to keep in mind while heading towards generating a WordPress documentation. However, you can Hire deciated wordpress developer to develope your website as well as implimenting require plugins to a Website. Few of these points can be seen as under

Easy to comprehend

First and foremost of the list is the documentation should be written in simple language and should be easy to comprehend. Documentation written in a high-level language with a tough grammar may not be understood by the users having only an average command over the language which is something you should definitely aim to avoid. 

Structure Matters

Before coming up with the final documentation, you should definitely have a look at the structure of the same. No matter how good your documentation is, if it is not structured properly and looks messy, most of the people will not put effort to read it which decreases the possibilities of acceptance of both the documentation as well as the plugin. 

Regular Updations

As we all know WordPress plugins are likely to get updated regularly due to security concerns, the documentation should also be updated parallelly to make sure the documentation is going in line with the plugin and nothing is being missed or wrongly written. Un-updated and wrong documentation may lead to confusion among the users resulting in abandonment of the document or even the plugin.

How to create a powerful WordPress documentation in Betterdocs

Now, looking at the above discussion, a very obvious question that may arise in one’s mind is – how to create a comprehensive and appealing WordPress documentation. Luckily, a number of WordPress plugins are available to fulfil the purpose.

BetterDocs is the best documentation plugin available in WordPress that enables you to create beautiful and comprehensive documentation for your users. The plugin has 8000+ active installations so far and is compatible with WordPress version 4.0 or higher. BetterDocs is comprised of a variety of powerful features including the following

  1. The plugin provides several ready-made templates allowing you to make your documentation more user friendly.
  2. You can generate a scrollable table of contents thus allowing user your to navigate directly to any portion of the page.
  3. Betterdocs provides a varied range of pricing plans from which you can choose as per your desires.
  4. It allows you to review the traffic on your documentation page and take the necessary actions to improve the same.
  5. It enables you to customize your documentation page in any way with the help of shortcodes and page builder widgets. 
  6. The plugin provides several prominent and easy to comprehend video tutorials that you can utilize to learn the plugin in an easy and effective way. 
  7. The documentation offered by the team contains all the necessary details and solves all the basic hurdles that you may face during the installation and use of the plugin.

How to install and activate BetterDocs plugin in your WordPress site

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to WP Admin > Plugins > Add New. Then search the plugin with the name ‘BetterDocs’. Once you get the plugin, click on ‘Install Now’.
  • After the successful installation, click on ‘Activate’. This will activate your BetterDocs plugin.
  • After the successful activation, you can expect a settings page displayed on the screen. Do the necessary settings as per your requirements and click on ‘Save Settings’. 
  • Congratulations, BetterDocs plugin has been successfully installed on your WordPress site. 

How to use BetterDocs plugin

  • Install and activate the plugin to your website by following the steps mentioned in the previous section.
  • After the successful installation and activation of the plugin, the next thing you need to do is configuring your documentation homepage. For this go to BetterDocs > Settings > Layout 

Do the settings as per your requirements.

  • To configure individual documentation pages, you can select ‘Single Doc’ from the given tabs and perform the necessary settings. 
  • The next part comes is – creating and publishing the WordPress documentation. Go to BetterDocs > Add New from your WordPress dashboard. 
  • Now, you can get your document ready as you want. Make sure to add the tags and categories correctly. 
  • Once you are done with all the necessary stuff, hit the publish button to publish the document. 
  • Your documentation is all set to get reviewed from the front end. 
  • To configure the analytics in order to check the performance of your documentation, navigate to BetterDocs > Settings. Go to the general tab, make the necessary settings, and save settings.


Taking the help of documentation is always the best way to make your audience aware of your products and uncover the pros of the same. Although the documentations are mostly text-based, you can take the help of videos as well to better present your product in front of your audience. You can also hire dedicated wordpress developer to develop your website 

When it comes to WordPress plugin documentation, a number of flawless WordPress plugins are available to help you perform your job in an easy manner. BetterDocs is only one of such list. Other great options available are WP Help, Simple Documentation, Documentor, and so on. If you have not tried these plugins so far, do give a try to them and share your experience with us!