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GDPR for WordPress Website

WordPress GDPR Compliance – Get The Complete Details Here

GDPR is a buzzword and a trending term these days bounding website owners to think about the compliance of their websites with the regulation and the probable impacts of the...

WordPress 5.5.1 – Find Everything You Want To Know Here

WordPress released its last version i.e. version 5.5 on Aug 11, 2020. Although the newer version arrived with a lot of improvements in areas like speed, search, and security, it...

5 Effective Ways To Use LinkedIn To Enhance A Business

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. are an excellent way to connect with people at the present date and when it comes to promoting a business,...

BetterDocs | WordPress Documentation Plugin

Documentation, as well all know, is something that guides the user about how to use a newly launched product. Creating proper documentation for any new product is as important as...

How to Fix the WordPress 5.5 jQuery issue

Is your website broken after updating WordPress 5.5? Let’s discuss the jQuery issue in details and how to fix it. What changes made? WordPress 5.5 killed jQuery Migrate, a device...
Which Kind of Apps Are Most Suitable for React Native

Which Kind of Apps Are Most Suitable for React Native?

The mobile application is the heart of today’s world. It has become a necessity for almost all kinds of businesses and enterprises to survive in today’s competitive and rapidly changing...
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