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Is the Age of Apps Over

Is the Age of Apps Over?

Over the last few years, apps have been looked on as a valuable tool for brands. They can be used to improve brand recognition, give added value to clients, and...

Why Do You Need a CDN for your WordPress Website?

What Are the Benefits of A CDN Service for Your WordPress Hosting Online business has never been bigger! If you’re planning to use a WordPress hosting to conduct business or...
What Should We Be On The Lookout When Choosing The Right WordPress Hosting Plan

The Best WordPress Hosting Deals

1. Why Do I Need To Search For a Good Deal?   WordPress is the most popular content management system globally. This is without a doubt as their market share...
WordPress Gutenberg

WordPress eCommerce with Gutenberg – How Does It Make Things Easier?

What is the Gutenberg editor? As Internet usage is at its peak people digitize their businesses offerings more and more often. In this line of thought more people with little...
Shopify Factor

What Factors Make Shopify Suitable for Retailers in 2018 and What to Expect in This Year

Millions of people don’t want to work in a corporative business environment and rather prefer to make it on their own with their own ideas and proper decisions. This is...
Google Mobile-First Index

Prepare Your WordPress Website for Google Mobile-First Index

Mobile-First Index, What Does It’s Mean? Google are changing their policies, algorithms and features almost constantly. Whenever a new feature or rule emerges – we have to alter the way...
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