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Today’s market is full of competition and it is changing at a very rapid rate. Hence, having a fast and stable way to build web applications has become a necessity for businesses to survive in the market. Today, when enterprise applications have to deal with a number of aspects like employee connections, the confidentiality of data, business performance and likewise, Node.js came into existence as a huge relief. It has emerged as the best app development platform to satisfy all the above needs in recent years.

The involvement of several popular frameworks like bootstrap, Angular JS, etc. brought a lot of significant changes in the development of web applications in the last few years. All of these frameworks have one thing in common and that is they all are based on the famous JavaScript framework. But nothing was there to help in the development of server-based web applications and this is where Node.js grabs all the attention.

We can observe a significant rise in the Node.js job market also which is proof of its growing popularity. A large number of job postings to Hire Node.js Developers are seen on the internet every day.

Node.js – The Introduction

Introduced by Ryan Dahl in 2009, Node.js is a cross-platform and open-source Javascript runtime environment used for developing quick and scalable web applications. It is a Javascript technology that is used on the server-side. Before the introduction of this platform, the use of Javascript was limited to the client side but now developers are free to use Javascript at the server-side as well with the help of Node.js. It supports the programs created using Javascript to be executed on the server.

To learn this platform, good knowledge about Javascript programming and some knowledge about server-side programming is a great help. Anyone having some experience with Javascript and server-side programming can easily learn and switch towards it. The use of Node.js makes the team more adaptable and reduces the development time to a great extent resulting in a fast and stable software.

LinkedIn was the first company to make use of this amazing technology with an aim to develop the backend of its mobile application. It was utilized by other big companies like Walmart, eBay, Netflix, Uber, etc. afterwards. Some of the areas where Node.js is best suitable are APIs, multiplayer games, collaboration tools, messaging apps, chat programs, virtual emulators, etc.

Strengths of Node.js


There are always a few specific reasons behind choosing one programming language over the other so with Node.js. It comprises several unique features that hold the credit behind all of its popularity. The most important and beneficial features of this platform are as under

1. Productivity

Node.js has opened the doors of Javascript full-stack development. It allows using the same language in both the front-end as well as the back-end. Hence, there is no need to hire separate development teams for the front=end and the back-end. Only one team is enough to handle the work on both ends. This helps in increasing the productivity of the development.

2. Fast

It makes the application development faster to a great extent. Also, operates on Google’s v8 engine that helps to compile Javascript code into machine language and makes it run speedily. It is lightweight and comes with a large number of tools that prove to be a great help in increasing the overall development speed of the application. Several libraries and helpful resources are available to produce the best results with the least number of efforts. 

3. Asynchronous

As Node.js is event-driven, asynchronous processing can be implemented that aids in managing huge amounts of requests in a limited period of time. Node.js is able to manage a large number of user requests concurrently without creating numerous threads.

4. Real-Time Application

With the help of Node.js, it is simple to build real-time applications such as gaming and chat applications that need real-time communication and processing. 

5. Streaming

Node.js makes it very easy to perform read/write operations from web sockets. Hence, it is a very suitable platform to develop streaming applications like Netflix and youtube.

6. Cross-Platform Development

The use of this platform enables developers to create cross-platform desktop apps on platforms like Electron or NW.js. Hence some parts of the code can be reused from the web app to the desktop versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

7. Community Support

Node.js is an open-source project that has gathered a vast community of developers worldwide providing ready-made solutions and guidance for each issue related to coding on Github. Huge community support is always helpful for developers in finding fast solutions for coding related issues.

8. Easy to Learn

As Node.js uses Javascript which is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages all over the world, it is easy for the developers having a thorough knowledge of Javascript and object-oriented programming concepts to switch towards it and learn. Plenty of online courses, tutorials and examples are available on the internet to help in the same.

9. Scalability

One most important benefits Node.js offers to the startups that want to grow is its scalability. It allows developers to break the application logic into smaller modules thus making it possible for the developers to add more modules to the existing ones whenever required.


Node.js has become one of the most trending technologies to build enterprise applications and is going to stay in the industry for a long time without any doubt.

It has proved itself as a dominant platform for backend support. It offers a large number of advantages with quicker time-to-market, limited lines of code with greater performance, assisting numerous clients in a small amount of time with equal or fewer resources as compared to Java-based applications.

If you are looking to Hire Node.js Developers to build your application then we are the perfect choice to contact as we have a huge team of highly skilled and experienced developers in the same to assist you!

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