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Dear readers

Are you sure your business is in the right picture frame?

One more core algorithm update of 2020 was declared by Google on December 3.

Here is the Twitter announcement made by Google –

This is the third time Google is making changes to its algorithms in the running year, 2020.

The last core algorithm update was announced on May 4. A huge time gap can be seen between the last and the current algorithm update as compared to the previous ones (may be due to COVID-19 pandemic).

Does it mean that this new update is more striking as compared to others (the older ones)?

Well, we don’t know. We have to wait and watch to get an answer to this.

What is the Impact of Core Update on Your Website?

A website can unexpectedly gain or drop rankings whenever a core algorithm update is introduced.

Hence, any change in the core algorithms is always a challenging phase for website owners and SEO guys, especially for the ones whose sites faced tough times as a result of previous updates.

This shift in the website ranking (no matter if it is good or bad) majorly indicates the content suitableness.

This means that if your content relevancy has been improved since the previous core update was made, it is expected more to elevate the website ranking.

On the other hand, if your content relevancy has been diminished since the previous core update was made, your website is likely to face tough times with this new core update.

What is the Response of the SEO Community on this Update?

The sudden announcement of this core update was a bitter pill for SEO people that turned the entire SEO community into panic and distress.

Here are the few responses the Google received on his twitter announcement

The above responses clearly show that SEO guys are not happy with this new update and are upset to face these changes again and again.

SISTRIX Google Update Radar Tool – To Understand the Impact of December 2020 Core Update

Google Update Radar tool enables users to understand the movement across SERPs and create a summary of the available data.

It is a free tool that allows the to monitor visibility index graph changes with the help of the tool box.

Moreover, the ranking changes feature of the tool helps users to understand keyword movements that happen on a day-to-day basis.

You only need to mention the start date and the finish date along with the filters (if any) to accomplish the task.

Closing Statement

Google is habitual of making updates timely.

But, when it comes to core update, this is something that is going to create a huge impact on several websites. The impact can be either positive or negative from the SEO perspective. But Indylogix will not let you go down because we are following white hat Digital Marketing Services since inception.

So, how the latest algorithm update is going to affect the SERP ranking of your website.

Let’s wait and watch!

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