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Having a quick and robust way to develop web applications has become the primary need for businesses to persist in such a big competition and a swiftly changing market. Although a surplus of web frameworks are open to pick from and even more choices come out when you bring them together, the two most advanced frameworks that are gaining the highest popularity are Node.JS and Laravel. Which one is batter ?? Node.Js v/s Laravel? Let’s understand both in-depth.

Introduction to Node.JS

Node.JS is an open-source, a cross-platform runtime environment that is developed on Google Chrome’s Javascript Engine (v8 Engine). It is a server-side platform that is used for building server-side and networking applications. This framework was introduced by Ryan Dahl in the year 2009. It is a Javascript technology that is used for building fast and scalable web applications and is employed on the server-side.

The utilization of Javascript was restricted to client-side prior to the existence of Node.JS but the introduction of Node.JS made it possible for the developers to use Javascript on both the client-side and the server-side. It contributes a strong library of a number of Javascript modules that make the development of web applications easier on a very large scale.

The applications developed using Node.JS are capable enough to run on platforms like Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Important Features of Node.JS

The most important features of Node.JS are as under

1. Productivity

Node.JS permits the use of the same language in both front-end as well as back-end. Hence, hiring separate developers to work on separate ends is no more required. This eventually aids in enhancing the development productivity.

2. Faster Development

Node JS works on Google’s v8 engine that aids in compiling the Javascript code into machine language and allows it to run faster. This engine is lightweight and possesses several tools that support in boosting the application’s development speed.

3. Asynchronous

Node.JS allows the implementation of asynchronous processing due to its event-driven approach that eventually helps in handling several requests in a short span of time. Node.JS is capable of managing several user requests parallelly without creating many threads.

4. Cross-platform Development

Node.JS allows developers to build cross-platform desktop apps by using platforms such as Electron or NW.js. This permits the use of some pieces of code from the web app to the desktop versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

5. Scalability

Node.JS permits developers to split the application logic into separate modules. Hence, developers are free to add more modules as and when needed without much trouble.

Planning to build a site using Node.JS framework, hire Node.JS Developer and get it done with ease.

Introduction to Laravel

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that has become immensely popular among the developer community in recent years. It is a web application development framework that possesses an easy and beautiful syntax that incorporates an enhanced comfort level to the life of developers.

Developers dream of development to be a pleasant, and productive experience instead of a complicated and tedious job and Laravel fulfills this dream of developers by making the basic tasks such as routing, authentication, caching, and sessions performed in a large number of projects much easier.

Important Features of Laravel

The most important features of Laravel are as under

1. MVC Architecture Support

Laravel encourages MVC architecture pattern that guarantees the division of business logic and presentation layers. The MVC pattern of Laravel comprises so many built-in functions to assist developers. It also aids in enhancing the performance of the application and boosting safety.

2. Security

Laravel framework contributes a very powerful web application security. It makes use of hashed and salted password mechanisms to ensure that the password is never stored as simple text in the database.

3. Unit Testing

This framework is able to execute many unit tests to guarantee that the latest modifications made by the developer are not causing any damage to the application.

4. Database Migration System

Laravel migration system permits to extend the existing web application database structure hence there is no need to re-create it every time whenever the code is modified. This feature minimizes the chance of losing important data.

5. Template Engine

Laravel framework offers a number of built-in lightweight templates that can be utilized to build incredible designs by incorporating the effective content. It also supplies many widgets including CSS and JS code with strong structures. Laravel templates are designed in such a way that they can serve to design easy as well as complicated pages with unique sections. Hire Laravel Developer and make the website tamplate awesome.

Node.JS V/S Laravel – The Differences

  1. Laravel is a PHP framework whereas Node.JS is a Javascript framework that is developed on chrome’s Javascript V8 Engine.
  2. Laravel is heading the sectors like shopping, career, education, travel, and so on whereas Node.JS is majorly employed in website categories that include arts and entertainment, telecom, electronics, automobile, and a lot more.
  3. Node.JS goes well with MongoDB/MongooseJS whereas Laravel is ideal for Mysql/MariaDB.
  4. Node.JS is an ideal lightweight service-based architecture whereas Laravel is an ideal full-scale framework that aids in managing big CMS based websites.
  5. Node.JS offers the possibility to share code between the frontend and backend apps whereas Laravel does not.


When it’s come to Node.Js v/s Laravel, both are excellent frameworks and they both hold an excellent future. They both have their own best features to incorporate into the web development industry but they have their own preference areas where they can give their best.

For example, Node.JS fits well for an application with minimal computation and great availability requirements and is likely to work with a non-relational database whereas Laravel is convenient for a complicated application that requires an excellent level of stability and planning and is expected to go with relational data.

Hence, the choice between the two purely depends on the type and the requirements of the application you are going to develop.

However, if you need assistance in making a choice between the two or you have already chosen and looking for the expertise in the same to proceed with your next project, To hire node.js developer or Laravle developer, contact us for the best possible services. We are a web development company that possesses expertise in both the frameworks!

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