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Dear Reader,

Seeking to create great content with fewer endeavours? How about CMS?

Content Management Systems provide an effective way to develop a website swiftly and faultlessly. A modern content management system that is gaining attraction from almost every enterprise these days is Neos.

This blog aims to uncover why Neos is an awesome choice for your upcoming web project and appreciated by a huge community of developers and customers across the globe.


Let’s begin with a quick introduction

Neos is an innovative content management system providing an effective way to edit and manage content.

Neos Attentions

Neos holds a huge set of flawless features beneficial for editors, developers as well as site owners.

A few most important features of Neos are as under

1. Easy to Learn and Use

Neos is so easy to learn that you do not need any training to start working with it. All you need to do is clicking on the part of the website that you want to edit and start making changes. The inline editing, text formatting, link definition, everything is a piece of cake with Neos. You can add multi-column section into the content area, upload or embed video content, integrate google maps, insert diagrams and flowcharts, embed snippets of source code, and accomplish much more without hassle with the help of Neos.

2. Internationalization Support

Neos enables you to create content for diverse countries and in diverse languages. Customizing the content for varying audiences and regions is convenient and effortless with Neos.


Neos can be used to create projects of any size and domain. The interface is obtainable in a variety of languages providing you the liberty to work in the language of your choice.            

It is very easy to extend the existing elements or add the new ones in the sphere of Neos.

4. Remarkable Media Management

Neos supports pretty easy media management. The presence of a media library makes uploading and management of images and files super easy. Also, the updation and replacement of files is smooth with Neos.

5. Easy Handling of Forms

Forms encourage helpful interaction with the visitors. Neos assists easy handling of forms for several pages at a time. The new forms can also be defined with prominent validation rules and action buttons. Neos also promotes excellent spam protection and newsletter subscription. The support for ready-to-use packages makes the interaction even easier and powerful.

6.Great SEO Support

Neos advocates an outstanding range of solid features to make your website rank high over the internet. The facilities like the use of human-readable URLs, excellent management of SEO metadata, improved appearance on social media, better management of redirects, advanced optimization of images, lazyloading of images and Yoast SEO integration makes the job of SEO Professionals a breeze.

7.Excellent Security

Neos is an extremely secured framework with an advanced level of security features. Encrypted passwords, absence of cookies until a successful login, two-factor authentication etc. makes Neos safe to use and easier to manage from security perspective.

Above are the most prominent features of Neos CMS, however, you can expect much more. This includes the availability of powerful plugins, the use of command-line interface to handle the maintenance work, excellent developer tooling support, and so on.

List of tools Neos is Capable to Work with

  • Editor tools – Unsplash, Font Awesome, Dropbox, Grammarly, Google Drive
  • eCommerce tools – mailchimp, Paypal, Magento, Braintree, shopware
  • SEO – Google Analytics, matomo, yoast Academy
  • Social Media – facebook, twitter, youtube, vimeo, slack

Companies that have already adopted Neos to Create Exemplary Web Solutions

Neos has already been adopted by a huge number of companies and businesses to accomplish trouble-free creation and management of their business websites. A few of them are included for your reference

  1. Siga Services AG
  2. Four Paws
  3. Swisscom Mailer
  4. Allplan
  5. H Hotels

Indylogix to create websites in Neos CMS

Indylogix is a perfect choice to leverage terrific features of Neos and reward yourself with Undisputable Web Solutions. Our team believes in constant innovation and always open to adopt modern tools and technologies to deliver satisfactory and delightful solutions to our clients. Our team has successfully mastered the Neos CMS and is all set to provide ideal Neos solutions to help you reach your business goals efficiently and effectively.


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Neos is incredibly powerful, well-designed and an ideal CMS to work with especially if you are seeking swift development with a hassle-free process. Want to experience the superb features of Neos right away? Connect with the skilled team of Indylogix!

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