Call To Action Button - The Meaning, Significance, And The Best Practices
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    Though we can see a call to action anywhere including buses, TV advertisements, websites, and so on with the advent of digital marketing, the term is more commonly associated with online channels. These buttons serve as one of the key features of a website or a landing page that ultimately aids in driving more conversions. However, the design of a call to action button is something that is equally important in bringing the required results. A properly designed call to action button can force a visitor or customer to place an order for a particular product and much more. Hence, professional WordPress developers are often hired to create the call to action buttons with optimized designs. 

    Meaning Of Call To Action Buttons



    Call to action buttons are those buttons present on a webpage/webpages that prompt visitors to take some action. While visiting the websites/web apps, you must have seen the buttons with the caption ‘Request Quote’, ‘Order Now’, ‘Download Product Guide’, Learn More‘, ‘Talk Now’, and so on, these buttons are called call to action buttons. Call to action buttons has become an important strategy used in digital marketing that can improve the outcomes of your digital advertising. In fact, many organizations are hiring professional digital marketers to help to make optimal use of their call to action buttons.

    Significance Of Call To Action Buttons

    A well planned and properly designed call to action button can aid your business in a number of ways. Few of them can be seen as under

    1. Call to action buttons aid in increasing the conversion rates to a great extent.
    2. They make your digital advertising more prominent.  
    3. They aid customers to take the next steps to proceed further.

    The Best Practices To Build Effective Call To Action Buttons

    Although, call to action buttons are a common element of a website or web pages but still, the designing and placement of these buttons on a webpage require proper planning and foresight in order to achieve the desired results. Below we are discussing a few of the best practices that can aid you to leverage these buttons to their fullest. Hope these practices will help you to come up with a fully optimized and efficient call to action buttons

    Learn what your customers exactly want

    For designing an effective call to action button, first of all, you need to understand what your customers are looking for. They may be looking for pricing, information, or something else when they land to your landing page. Hence, it is your first and foremost duty to provide them with everything they want and plan your call to action buttons accordingly.

    Make sure your call to action button stands out distinctly across variant screen sizes

    Your call to action button should stand out separately across the devices of varied screen sizes. You have to design your call to action button in such a way that it is displayed dominantly across varied screen sizes of different devices including desktop, mobile, tablet, and so on. 

    Keep a check on the size of the buttons

    The next important thing you need to take care of is the size of the buttons. You are required to make sure that the buttons are not too small to comprehend and are not too big as well. The excessive sized buttons may destroy the design of the page and they can even bother the visitor resulting in the abandonment of the page. You are required to check the size of the button for different devices of varied sizes including desktop, mobile, tablet, and so on and not just the desktop devices. 

    Make sensible choices while selecting the colours for your call to action buttons

    The colour combinations you choose to develop your call to action buttons should be such that the user can identify easily where the button is present on the page. This aids the user to locate the button on the page even if the page is too big.

    Choose a proper place to fix the buttons on your webpage

    Choosing an appropriate position to place the button is also highly important while planning a call to action buttons. You have to place the buttons in such a way that the customers easily find them without any difficulty. Let’s take the example of a single product page. You can either place your call to action button just beneath the specific product or service that your customer is likely to buy. The second most important place to fix your call to action button is placing it just beneath the reviews on your product page. Whenever someone will get the button to action just after reading a ton of positive reviews about your product, the chances of conversion are higher and likewise.

    Keep the buttons compact

    Rather than bombarding the buttons with bigger stories, opt for a caption that is simple and short to comprehend yet appealing enough to push the visitors to take action. However, using urgency keywords in this respect such as now, today etc. is highly suggested.

    Include some trust-building facts near your call to action buttons

    Try including some trust-building facts near your call to action buttons. This may include the number of customers you currently have, your success stories, some excellent testimonials from your existing customers, and so on. This will help you in easily gaining the trust of customers and raising the conversion rates. 

    The Bottom Line

    A good call to action button is highly crucial to converting your marketing strategies into success. In fact, the presence of a call to action button/buttons is the sign of a conversion-optimized page. If there is no call to action button present on a web page or a landing page, it directly means that the page is not conversion optimized. 

    Hence, if you are looking to convert your webpage into a conversion-optimized page and want to get the most out of it, both our digital marketers as well as WordPress developers are happy to assist you!