Landing pages proffer a high possibility to transform your visitors into email subscribers. These aid businesses in converting their website visitors into customers. As the number of your landing pages increases, the possibility to generate more leads also increases significantly. 

Meaning Of Landing Page

A landing page is a distinctive page that is created on a blog or website with an aim to increase the leads and transform visitants into subscribers. These pages ultimately contributes to increase sales and generate more revenues for a business. They are utilized in social media campaigns, email, and paid marketing. The visitors arriving from any of these mediums land on these pages at first. This is why these are called landing pages. 

The creation of a landing page used to be a chore that needed skilled designers and WordPress developers to get fulfilled but the involvement of WordPress and page builder plugins, has made it easy for one and all to set up a landing page on their websites without the need of any development of designing experience.

Homepage And Landing Page – The Difference

A homepage is the front page of a website that comes in front of the user when it strikes the domain name of a website in its browser whereas a landing page is an individual page where a visitor lands from third-party or paid traffic mediums.

A homepage is created with an aim to involve a visitor with your website. It insists on a visitor to travel other pages, browse the products, or register with the website. It is comprised of so many links that ultimately provides the users with numerous choices. On the other hand, a landing page is created with an aim to grow the business. It comprises fewer links and insists on a user to make a purchasing decision or share their information for future engagement possibilities.

Normally, a website has only one homepage but it can have various landing pages designed specifically for different campaigns.

Important Characteristics Of A Landing Page

A landing page serves as the first impression of your site to a visitor. This page can make a visitor decide whether to connect or disconnect. Hence, every detail on the landing page should be well organized and need to given very carefully as it is a matter of retaining the user’s interest. The main points that should be kept in mind while designing a landing page are as under

Attractive color schemes

Although the choice of colors is a matter of personal taste but still a landing page should be built with the color combinations that are user-friendly and make the page more comfortable to use and comprehend. The look of the page should be simple yet appealing.

Utilization of visual information

The utilization of images is a big help to convey the message in an easy and effective way. Images when used along with the text are proved to be a more efficient way to develop a landing page. Hence, it is important to give some time on browsing and collecting a few attractive pictures and icons with an aim to use them while creating the landing page.

Clear and compact text

Instead of bombarding the landing page with too much text, the selective text should be utilized that is compact yet capable of delivering the complete message. Short and simple lines are much more effective and appealing than the text comprised of bigger stories.

Division of content sections

The division among the sections on the landing page should be very clear. There should be no room left for any kind of confusion or misunderstanding. Proper utilization of white spaces, backgrounds, and images is a great help to provide effective visual separations.

Make the page as clear as possible and do not leave any room for the visitor to get puzzled or overwhelmed.

Creation Of A Landing Page With The Help Of Beaver Builder

WordPress landing page plugins make it easy for you to create an effective and beautiful landing page for your website and increase your website traffic even if you are not a developer. Although a number of WordPress plugins are available in the market, all are not the same in terms of performance. Hence, it is very important to be cautious while making a choice.

In this article, we are going to understand how we can create a landing page with the help of Beaver Builder plugin which is one of the best WordPress landing page plugins available today.

Step 1 : Installation of the Beaver Builder plugin on the website.

Go to the Beaver Builder website and buy the plugin. Then download the plugin on your machine and copy the license key. Then log in to your WordPress dashboard and install the plugin. After installation gets completed, activate the plugin.

Then visit Settings -> Page Builder from the admin panel and enter the plugin license key. If you notice the Updates and Support Subscription Status as Active, this means the basic plugin configuration process is successfully completed. 

Now refresh the WordPress dashboard and notice a new menu called Beaver Builder to the dashboard.

Step 2 : Creation of landing page with Beaver Builder.

Navigate to Pages -> Add New in the WordPress dashboard and click Launch Beaver Builder button

This will open the editor where you can preview the front end of your landing page. You will get access to drag and drop modules and templates. You will also be able to save custom templates, rows, and modules.

Now, click on the (+) sign provided on the upper right corner. This will open the Content Panel having module options.

The window will be having prebuilt elements that can be used on the landing page.

Step 3 : Making a choice between using a template or starting from scratch

Here you need to decide whether you want to start from scratch or use a pre-defined template. Open the Content Panel, and select the Templates Tab to browse the templates. Then click on Group dropdown and select Landing Pages.

Choose a template of your choice and click to load it on the page.

You can make changes to the given template according to your choice.

Step 4 : Selection of modules to improve the landing page 

No matter you start from scratch or make use of a landing page template, new rows and modules can be included in the design just by performing drag and drop operations. You need to click on the Modules tab present at the head of the Content Panel to see the accessible modules.

Step 5 : Saving or publishing the landing page

Several options are provided within the editor to save or publish the landing page. If the editing part is completed and the page is all set to go live, click the Done button provided on the right side at the top and click Publish.

without publishing the page. If you want to revert all the changes and recover the page layout that was published last, choose Discard. Select Cancel to close the available choice and get back the editor.

On clicking the down arrow beside the page title area in the top left corner, you will get a Tools menu that will provide you a number of extra choices.

Clicking Publish Layout from the menu will make your page live. This is the same as choosing Publish available in the Done menu but here the editor will not disappear.

The Bottom Line

The creation of landing pages is considered as an effective way these days to generate more leads and increase the profits for a business. If you are also looking to generate one or more landing pages for your website and looking for experts to assist you, we are happy to help!