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What We Do

Astral Branding
and Design Agency
Crafting Tempting Solutions

As a blue-chip branding and design agency in India, IndyLogix Solutions provides authentic, out-of-the-box digital design services of the first order. Our digital design services aficionados excel at UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, Social Media Branding, Social Media Marketing, etc. for various businesses and industry verticals.

Artistic hands from the top-ranked digital design agency leverage cutting-edge technologies and extensive business acumen to develop creative digital designs and layouts for the client that aligns with the brands’ vision and voice and which add more value to the user experience helping in establishing mutual trust and ultimately helping the brand leapfrog its identity.

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As a Digital Design Agency
We Excel at:

Solopreneur or Entrepreneur?

Discuss your worthwhile project with the prodigious digital design agency and get the desired outcome.

The Big Probe

Why Does Your
Business Need Creative Digital Design?

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Brand Identity

A well-designed and intuitive creative digital design create a unique visual identity and a strong digital presence that portrays companies’ vision and voice effectively and efficiently helping in forming the brands’ image and brands’ recognition of the corporate.

Brand Idendity with branding and design agency - IndyLogix Solutions
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Create Positive Impression

An attractive and unique first impression is essential for a relationship with the customer and cannot be overstated. A powerful first impression helps establish and build credibility for the business and attracts new customers to the business.

Better customer engagement
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Enhances User Experience

A Clear, Concise, Consistent user-interface (UI) with visual hierarchy exponentially increases the existing customers’ engagement rate while attracting raw organic traffic to the platform. This enables increased brand loyalty resulting in a better SEO ranking while reducing future overhead costs.

Enhances User Experience and creative digital design - IndyLogix Solutions
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Helps Outperform Competition

A creative digital design outlay makes the business stand apart from the competitor as potential customer processes visual quality before analyzing the content quality. A flawless creative digital design catches the eye of the potential customer, connects with them, and converts more leads into an ideal buyer.

Helps Outperform Competition digital design agency - IndyLogix Solutions
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Attract More Sales & Conversions

A compelling and creative digital design increases visibility which draws more engagement. This persuades the customer to take the desired action and enhances the credibility and overall viability of the business.

Attract More Sales & Conversions with our digital design agency - IndyLogix Solutions
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Easy Navigation Drives Revenue

A brisk and easily navigable platform is not only effortlessly accessible, usable, and speeds up the browsers’ search process, it also decreases the bounce rate while increasing the visitors’ duration on the platform and attracting more purchases by them.

Easy Navigation Drives Revenue through branding and design agency - IndyLogix Solutions
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Efficient Communication of Ideas

A well-crafted creative digital design is a medium of visual communication which conveys the brands’ idea effectively and efficiently to the potential customer.

Efficient Communication of Ideas and digital design services India - IndyLogix Solutions
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Gives Professional Look

Digital Design with superlative aesthetics projects consistency and uniformity of the platform and entices the browser to engage more with the platform which allures new customers to the platform while making the existing customers make repeat purchases driving profits for the business.

our digital design service Gives Professional Look - IndyLogix Solutions
What We Provide

Digital Design

01 UI/UX Design Services

We at IndyLogix Solutions design appealing, pitch-perfect UI/UX design. Our dedicated team of professionals after conducting market research and trend analysis creates UI/UX design that is crisp, concise, consistent, and intuitive that helps businesses in customer acquisition, user interaction & engagement, and customer retention.

02 Web Digital Design Services

We develop and deliver Web Designs that are robust and enticing. Our seasoned professional resources develop a web design that is optimized, responsive, has well-planned information architecture, and has effective navigation that helps in more sales and conversions drawing higher revenue for the business. Our team is equally adept in web re-design service and provides haut-de-gamme customer support and maintenance.

03 Logo Digital Design Services

As a renowned Digital Design Agency in India, IndyLogix Solutions provides logo design creation/redesigning. Our creative experts create a logo that is simple, iconic, and versatile that is memorable for the end-user.

04 Product Digital Design Services

As a Digital Design Agency, IndyLogix Solutions provides holistic and innovative Product Design services as per the clients’ requirements. Our skilled professionals create an idea, determine the product feasibility, test the products- functionality, compatibility, usability, performance -, take validation from the client before launching the product.

05 Banner Digital Design Services

As a part of creative digital design services, we provide solid, creative, aesthetics-rich banner design services at cost-effective prices. Our team of graphic designers creates banners that are expensive-looking yet professional which increases brand awareness, records higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR), and improves the brand revenue statistics.

06 Brochure Digital Design Services

As a branding and digital agency, IndyLogix Solutions provides an array of cost-effective and beguiling brochure design services such as company brochure design, product catalog design, sales brochure design, and e-brochure design that is loaded with attention-grabbing cover to draw potential customers attention, have compelling content to develop the interest, and also has a powerful CTA to persuade the potential customer to take the desired action which helps establish an outsize customer base and increase the revenue for the business.

07 Prototype Digital Design Services

IndyLogix Solutions provide comprehensive and budget-friendly digital prototype design services. We are adept at building mobile app prototype design, website prototype design, wireframe creation, design validation prototype, etc. with precision and with proven functionality and an open window for improvisation to develop and deliver perfectly splendid products for any industry.

08 Landing Page Digital Design Services

As a creative digital design services provider, IndyLogix Solutions designs a tailored, top-notch, awestruck landing page. Our adept graphic designing team after conducting requirement analysis carries out wireframe designing and validated landing page development that has an enticing headline, engaging media & content, social trust indicators, compelling lead capture form, and a persuading Call-to-Action (CTA) block which enhances user-experience, increases lead generation and boost sales.

09 Social Media Branding

As a leading branding and design agency in India, IndyLogix Solutions provide a customized and competitive social media branding campaign. Our Digital Marketing social media branding campaign delivers brisk and tangible outcomes that boost brand visibility & awareness, attract organic traffic, increase sales & conversions driving revenue graph up for the business.

Synergetic Solution

We Deliver
Digital Design that are:


After understanding the needs of the client, we as a digital design agency identify and pinpoint the requirement and develop creative digital design cramming with innovation that is highly compatible and has low complexity which makes it easier for the end-user to adopt the product/service.


Being one of the best Digital Design agency in India, we develop and deliver creative digital designs with utmost precision that are clear, familiar, responsive, spurring with intuitiveness.

Aesthetically Brilliant

As a creative digital design services providing agency, we develop a digital design that strikes a balance between color palette, scale, shape, and the visual weight of the design that creates emphasis on the user and evokes the feeling in the user of being in command.

Is Functional

IndyLogix Solutions provides creative digital designs services that make digital designs that look impressive but also at the core is functional that helps the user and the business meet their goals and needs.

Makes Product/Service Understandable

We make the product and/or service understandable by developing digital designs that are self-explanatory. An understandable design engages the user and enhances the user-experience leading to growth in the user base and an increase in sales and revenue for the business.

Resonate with Target-audience

As a Digital Design agency, we develop striking digital designs that resonate with the target-audience helping in creating a distinctive user-experience for the end-user.


We develop digital designs that are maintainable and can be improvised, updated, modified without affecting the features or components of the design.


As a top-ranked digital design agency in India, IndyLogix Solutions provides comprehensive creative digital design services at competitive prices which are mutually satisfying and that ensure the clients’ growth by drawing more sales and lead generation.

Our Calibre

Why Choose Us for
Digital Design Service?

Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Being one of the top Digital Design agency, IndyLogix Solutions has an elite task force of 50+ professionals ready to step up the game for the clientele. Our certified professionals are proficient in creative digital design services such as UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Logo Design, Social Media Branding, Social Media Marketing, etc. waiting for go-flag to be raised by the client.

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All-time Reliability

As a top-ranked branding and design agency in India, IndyLogix Solutions has been regarded as a reliable partner of growth and success by the clientele. IndyLogix Solutions adheres to being transparent with the client and keeps information flowing both ways. From the execution of the project to the successful deployment of the project, and mitigating post-launch issues, IndyLogix Solutions provides comprehensive and reliable digital design services.

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Effective Communication

We at IndyLogix Solutions believe effective communication is an essential tool for business partnership. We carry out extensive discussions with the client to have ease of understanding of needs and requirements and able to develop the “exact-product” as per the clients’ requirement.

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Wide Range of Service

As a top-ranked branding and design agency, we provide a gamut of creative digital design services at an insanely competitive price. From UI/UX Design to Graphic Design Services to Branding Service, all these services are provided by our in-house genius minds.

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On-Time Project Delivery

Delivering the project on time has been our motto all along as it ensures reliability, improved efficiency, better customer experience, and helps foster better relationships with the client for future enhancements. IndyLogix Solutions has 98% efficacy in delivering the project on the promised date which has made clients’ regard us as the “Best Branding and Design Agency in India”.

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Cost-Effective Service

Being a renowned digital design agency in India, we provide cost-effective service by achieving low unit costs while delivering products/services at par with the industry trends and security protocols.

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Terms of Payment

IndyLogix Solutions offers a flexible payment option to the client as per the clients’ project requirements and budget intricacies. The client can hire us for creative digital design services on an hourly basis as well as a project basis.

Customer Service

Customer Service

We are committed to providing superior quality and the best possible solutions at an unsurpassed level of after-sales service. As a top-ranked Digital Design agency in India, we provide comprehensive after-sales customer support services such as revamping UI/UX Design, updating/changing Website Design & Layout, tweaking Social Media Branding campaigns, and much more.

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Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is essential for mutual understanding and corporate relationships. Being a branding and digital agency, we ensure client satisfaction by offering unalike concepts and concepts revision to the client which suits the best as per the client’s requirement.

Built Grade

Designing standards
for Digital Design

  • Crisp Layout
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Color Compatibility
  • Alignment
  • Consistency

Crisp Layout

A crisp and eye-pleasing layout design is a big yes. As part of creative digital design services, we develop a dynamic and clear layout that presents the content in a concise, coherent manner to ensure smooth navigation flow and a better user-experience.

Visual Hierarchy

We as a digital design agency provide creative digital design services that develop digital design having a visual hierarchy. Digital design with visual hierarchy visually communicates order & importance of the elements & content and makes comprehension easy, which results in a better user-experience and helps in SEO ranking.

Color Compatibility

Digital design with color dissonance forms an unpleasant and irksome user experience. As part of digital design services, we keep the color palette simple which amplifies the design’s aesthetics and helps the viewer form a connection with the brand.


As a fabled digital design agency in India, we develop a creative digital design that maintains alignment. A well-crafted aligned design is clear and concise and makes it engaging for the viewer.


We maintain consistency of color palette and font across all the elements that help relay brands’ image and voice with more clarity and cohesiveness.

Over to you!

Let the top-echelon of the Digital Design Services industry craft your dream digital story.

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We Serve

Health Care Industry web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

The Healthcare Industry needs a comprehensive, high-quality solution to deliver quantitative results. We can help develop customized, easy-to-use, cross-platform compatible health-centric applications which can be accessed across mobile and web devices.

Banking and Finance
Banking and Finance Industry web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Banking & Finance products need to be of crisp quality, bug-free, user-friendly, and scalable for the end-users. Hire our experienced Mobile/Web Application Development team to build a comprehensive solution for your business and get brisk outcomes.

Retail & eCommerce
Retail and E-commerce Business web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

The Retail & eCommerce sector needs to be consumer-centric and appealing to the end-users. Our tech-savvy experts can help your business in developing scalable and result-oriented Retail, eCommerce, B2B, B2C solutions for your business.

Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Media & Entertainment is an ever-changing sector and requires constant updation. We offer service in developing superior quality, engaging, dynamic, and effective solutions for your business.

Education & elearning
Education & ELearning web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

The Education & Learning sector needs an innovative and interactive solution for their business. Our team with certified expertise in WordPress, CodeIgniter, AngularJS, Flutter can help in building engaging and interactive eLearning solutions for educational institutions.

Travel & tourism
Travel & Tourism web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Travel & Tourism industries necessitate a robust and novel solution to reach the target audience. Our highly skilled team can help build feature-rich, user-friendly, cost-effective applications with seamless navigation for businesses.

Logistics & transport
Logistic & Transport web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Logistics & Transport is a highly competitive sector that requires innovative solutions to stand out and get measurable results. Hire our experts with constructing end-to-end solutions which ensure client success.

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Decode Your Queries


  • Why hire a branding and design agency like IndyLogix Solutions when we can get the work done at a competitive price somewhere else?

    IndyLogix Solutions has 10+ years of creative digital design services experience and has delivered 2400+ mutually satisfying projects to 270+ clients from across the world. Our 50+ bespoke professional resources leverage cutting-edge technology and extensive “know-how” of the development to develop and on-time deliver pixel-perfect creative digital design at competitive prices. We believe in developing a comprehensive solution and providing all-stage support as well as after-launch necessary support to the client.

    Still not satisfied? Connect with the leading Digital Design agency in the USA & India and get the queries resolved. Got a project? Creative digital design services are our forte.

  • What creative digital design services does a branding and design agency provide?

    As a Digital Design Agency in the USA & India, IndyLogix Solutions’ list of creative digital design services includes:

    • UI/UX Design
    • Graphics – Website Design, Logo Design, Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design, Product Design, Banner Design, Brochure Design, Prototype Design, Landing Page Design.
    • Development with appropriate planning
    • Branding – Social Media Branding, and more.

    Dealing with lackluster design? Consider it gone. Connect with the magic fingers of the top-ranked Digital Design agency in the USA & India and see the 2.0 version of it.

  • How much do creative digital design services from branding and design agency costs?

    Creative digital design services costs depend on a plethora of factors such as:

    • Project Type & Complexity
    • Hiring Digital Design Agency/Freelancer
    • Project Delivery Deadline
    • Engagement Model (Fixed/Non-Fixed Price)
    • Maintenance & Support Costs

    Want to know more? The best Digital Design agency is just a call away. And don’t worry our creative digital design services won’t cost a fortune.

  • How does a digital design agency involve clients in the process?

    As a top digital design agency in India, we at IndyLogix Solutions believe in an all-inclusive and communicative creative digital design process. As soon as the project is finalized, the client becomes the prominent stakeholder of the project. The client is shared with the developmental details of the projects and we share audit & data reports with the client to help make an informed decision that helps the business.

    Want to discuss your project? You’re at the right place. Connect with the top-ranked Digital Design agency in India and get the project going.

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