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Marketing Services

IndyLogix is the best digital marketing agency in the India with apt experience providing cross-discipline objective-directed digital marketing services. Our certified digital marketing strategists ace services such as Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Online Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing, Web Design & Development, etc.

Our team of dedicated Digital Marketing Consultants hatches custom strategies that catch the brand’s voice and its objectives. Afterward, we carry out a competitive analysis to formulate the final strategy. Our resources keep tracking the ongoing campaign and synchronize it with comprehensive audits and analysis of the data reports. Our Digital Marketing Strategists evaluate the reports and make required changes that help the content outreach users organically, maximize organic traffic, increase brand visibility, increase conversions & generate leads which result in long-term profitable growth for the brand/business.

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The Big Probe

Why Does Your
Business Need Digital Marketing?


Brand Recognition Awareness

Traditional Marketing efforts are costly, able to reach a limited demography/geography, and are being phased out slowly. End-users prefer being online, and, Digital Marketing efforts can help build a rapport. Digital Marketing effort feasibly reaches the target audience, increases interaction with the audience, establishes a relationship with them, which helps escalate brand awareness & recognition by the target audience.

Long-term survival
Digital Marketing

Less Expensive Than Traditional Ads

Traditional advertising is costly and time-consuming. Whereas the virtual equivalent Digital Marketing efforts reach the target audience which delivers higher sales & lead generation, and a higher Conversion Rate with lower Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), and Customer-Acquisition-Cost (CAC) which results in higher Return-on-Investment (ROI) for businesses.

Better customer engagement
Increases Sales & Revenue

Increases Sales & Revenue

With effective targeted advertising & marketing, Digital Marketing helps communicate the brand which helps businesses drive sales and revenue statistics ensuring profitability to the business.

Describe your products and services

Build Relationship with Customer

Traditional advertising follows shotgun marketing techniques which result in one-way communication with the potential customer. Digital Marketing as an interactive agent foster relationship with potential customer which generates higher Customer-Lifetime-Value (CLV) for the businesses.

You look Professional

Keeps Brand Ahead of Competition

With increasing competition, it is highly imperative to stay ahead of the curve and a customized Digital Marketing strategy proves to be vital. After performing competitive analysis, a tailored strategy can put the business on the speed throttle.

Leverage Google


Digital Marketing delivers quantified data and analytics relevant to the marketing plan. It provides an essential metric in broad categories [Traffic, Conversions, & Revenue] such as total site visit, interaction per visit, bounce rate, exit rate, total conversions, click-through rate, cost per conversion, value per visit, etc.

Increased ROI

Equal Opportunity

Digital Marketing levels the playing field to enterprises of every caliber. With low barriers to entry and reduced costs for campaigns, small/medium enterprises can compete with big corporations which generate organic traffic and an increase in sales and revenue for the enterprise.

Appearance Matters

Reach End-users

The majority of potential customers are on mobile phones scrolling through the internet. Customized digital marketing services can intercept the potential customer and influence the purchasing decisions resulting in higher sales for the business and a loyal audience base.

Beat The Competition
Our Merit


01 SEO Services

IndyLogix Solutions delivers feasible and relevant SEO solutions as per the requisites of the business. Our seasoned SEO experts are experienced in the niche and carry out SEO, Local SEO, Technical SEO, eCommerce SEO, etc. for the client which increases visibility, attracts organic traffic, increases web crawlability, generates higher conversions with lower customer acquisition costs.

02 Link Building

Link Building is a significant factor to decide the Search Engine Result Pages. Our proficient Digital Marketing Consultant and Digital Marketing Strategists undertake customized link building campaigns such as backlink audit, link building, guest posting, broken link recovery and building, manual outreach, and daily SERP tracking, etc. which increase organic traffic, increase sites authority, improve SERP, which generate revenue for the client.

03 Social Media Marketing

Being the best digital marketing agency, we at IndyLogix design and deploy result-oriented, cost-effective, and curated Social Media Marketing campaigns. Our skilled Digital Marketing Strategists perform competitor analysis, set KPIs and Key Success Metrics, create and curate content, deploy campaigns, and track-analyze-optimize the campaign which increases website traffic, brand awareness and achieves more sales and conversions.

04 PPC Management

We at IndyLogix provide top-notch quality, precise, traffic-driving Pay-Per-Click Advertising service to static and dynamic web pages of various enterprises, categories, and niches to dominate the online space. Our skilled professionals develop contrived PPC Ads which optimize the campaigns, lower cost-per-lead, and, cost-per-click, and increase the ROI for the client from the campaign.

05 Email Marketing

According to a report by McKinsey & Company, Email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media and generates $36-$40 for every $1 spent. Our dedicated Digital Marketing Strategists team segment subscribers list, create campaign & build the email, and design & construct customized newsletter for the target audience that market the product, increase brand awareness, generate leads providing a better ROI.

06 Mobile Marketing

Marketing is shifting from a multi-channel platform to an omnichannel platform, and, mobile marketing forms a big share of it. Our skilled professionals are experienced in developing a customized brand promoting mobile marketing strategy to reach the target audience in a brisk, concise, and convenient medium that acquires-engage-retain the potential customer.

07 Content Marketing

IndyLogix Solutions provide strategic content marketing services to its clients. Our in-house experts plan the content for the client, create valuable and relevant content, consistently publish it, and distribute them strategically before our Digital Marketing Strategists analyze the data and perform the required modification which attracts higher organic social traffic, establishes a loyal audience base, and foster better relationships with the potential customer which leads to higher conversion rate.

08 Affiliate Marketing

We develop Affiliate Marketing Campaign which delivers tangible and brisk outcomes. Our adept Digital Marketing Consultants perform consultation before Digital Marketing Strategists develop affiliate strategies according to the clients’ niche, make relevant content, publish & administer the campaign which attracts higher traffic, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales for the client.

09 Web Design & Development

IndyLogix Solutions provides customized, SEO optimized, and sales-driven web design which ensures clients’ success. Our adroit resources are proficient to develop web design with prime aesthetics, usability, and responsiveness which create a lasting impression and an enhanced user experience that drives revenue, increases sites credibility/authority and reduces bounce rate significantly.

Synergetic Solution

Deliver Digital Marketing
Services that are:


Traditional Advertising campaign follows “shotgun marketing” and is a costly affair. We as the best digital marketing company offer digital marketing services which are top-grade and cost-effective in nature. Retargeting Ads, adjustable campaigns, and effective email marketing reduces customer-acquisition-cost (CAC) and increase ROI exponentially.


Our Digital Marketing strategy inculcates various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Key Success Metrics, and, Analytics Console, etc. which helps track impressions, engagement, bounce rate, conversions, etc. of the campaign with a window to optimize/customize/modify as per the requirement.


Our Digital Marketing strategy considers key players and mavens as the stakeholders and so provides communicative and responsive stakeholder support and stakeholder management throughout the campaign. The relevant stakeholders form a part of the core team and are allowed access to key components/metrics, and quantified data & analytics related to the campaign.


As Digital Marketing is more versatile than Traditional Advertising, there may be mid-campaign surprises cropping up. Our Digital Marketing Strategists are capable to implement new tools, techniques, or content and are relevantly experienced to revamp the strategy or the whole campaign in a set-forth time manner.

Multi-channel Present

Our Digital Marketing campaign is channel-omnipresent. We carry out social media campaigns [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.], search engine marketing [Google, Bing, etc.], website/webpage optimization, email marketing feasibly and cost-effectively in a stipulated period.


Quantified data-driven marketing decisions, experimentation, and testing ensure overall client growth.


Our dedicated Digital Marketing team works as an extension of the marketing wing of the client so that the client doesn’t have to build a dedicated team. Our expert team of Digital Marketing Strategists is well-equipped with the latest tools and techniques and also performs content creation and curation.

Audience Targeting

Our team of skilled Digital Marketing experts analyzes and audits the data reports and creates a buyer persona, creates and curates content, publishes and distributes the content according to the demographics/geographics, similar audience, and affinity audience.

Our Calibre

Why Choose Us for
Digital Marketing Service?

Digital Marketing

Client-Centric Philosophy

We at IndyLogix Solutions ardently adhere to a Client-Centric philosophy and always attempt to fill in the clients’ boots properly. We strive to understand the clients’ business and the requirements and constantly deliver the results measuring our success in meeting the needs of the client.


Number of Services

IndyLogix Solutions have a large width of offerings and offer several services such as SEO/Local SEO/Technical SEO, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, PPC Management, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. & many more performed by the in-house adept Digital Marketing team.


Profitable ROI

We follow a data & analytics-driven process and develop KPIs and Key Success Metrics accordingly to generate higher sales and conversions, which delivers a better Return-on-Investment (ROI) for the client.

Digital Marketing

Proficient Professionals

We have an in-house team of 20+ innovative and determined skilled professionals to develop and deliver customized goal-oriented Digital Marketing services to the client.


Service Veterans

IndyLogix Solutions have 10+ years of experience providing authentic, seamless, measurable, and cost-effective Digital Marketing services to 270+ satisfied clients across the globe.


Customer Support

We at IndyLogix Solutions believe in delivering empathetic customer support with bona fide professionalism, patience, and a client-first approach and dissecting the queries of the client regarding a new project, ongoing project, reported/unreported issue of the project, etc.


Engagement Model

We don’t tie down the client for long-term contracts and offer a flexible engagement model to the client. The client is flexible to choose the engagement model according to the project’s size, duration, resource allocation, campaign aggressiveness, etc.

Digital Marketing

Communicative & Responsive

IndyLogix Solutions believes in being communicative with the client to understand the know-how of the business, about the needs, launching of the campaign, finding prospects that lead to higher sales and conversions, and if any due changes are to be carried out to prevent any mid-project surprises.



We deliver high-quality result-driven marketing services which show up on the numbers. Our customized crafted marketing solution reaches potential customer, increase brand awareness, entice the potential customer to become an ideal buyer which helps the client outperform the competition.

What’re you waiting for?

Make customized tailored Marketing solutions from the best Digital Marketing Company in the USA & India as the stepping stone for higher numbers.

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We are a trustworthy stop to grab the best web development services and ensure the attainment of your business objectives. Our budget-friendly and innovative web development services come with improvements and technical transformations that are required to lead today’s competition. We serve a distinct spectrum of industries that include but are not limited to

E-commrce Indylogix

Healthcare Industry is transitioning from traditional practices to digital practices. Looking for a team to provide digital solutions to prospective audiences? Hire Digital Marketing Strategists from the best Digital Marketing Company in the USA & India to deliver top-notch quality medical expertise in the digital space.

Banking and Finance
E-commrce Indylogix

Banking & Finance Industry is witnessing a digital revolution. Planning to deliver high-value, credible financial service solutions to the client base cutting through the competition? Best Digital Marketing Agency in the USA & India can craft an effective marketing campaign for the industry.

Retail & eCommerce
E-commrce Indylogix

Retail & eCommerce Stores are cropping up online rampantly. Need to achieve sales target and boost profits? Customized Retail & eCommerce marketing strategies from the best Digital Marketing Company in the USA & India can help achieve a higher conversion rate, and achieve sales goals.

Media & Entertainment
E-commrce Indylogix

Media & Entertainment Industry and the need for Digital Marketing campaigns go hand-in-hand. Need to reach the audience and capture their interest? Digital Marketing Consultant & Digital Marketing Strategists from the best Digital Marketing Company in India can help raise an ardent fan base.

Education & elearning
E-commrce Indylogix

The Education & eLearning Industry is getting digitalized & tech-enriched and the competition is fierce. Got an impactful, interactive, and convenient learning solution, Digital Marketing campaign from the best Digital Marketing Company in India will enhance visibility to possible prospects feasibly and effectively.

Travel & tourism
E-commrce Indylogix

Travel & Tourism Industry is transitioning from being generalized to being personalized. Customized digital marketing efforts from the best Digital Marketing Company in India will SEO optimize the webpage and the social media campaign will reach the intended target which will generate leads and more sales conversions.

Logistics & transport
E-commrce Indylogix

Logistics & Transport Industry is confronting immense change and is undergoing digital transformation. Need a helping hand with the marketing campaign? Our Digital Marketing Strategists will SEO-optimize the webpage and carry out social media, content, and email marketing for the growth of the business and profitability.

Our Inspiration


Decode Your Queries


  • What’s a Digital Marketing Agency?

    Digital Marketing Agency is an agency providing Digital Marketing services for businesses and enterprises. A Digital Marketing agency is like an extension of the client’s marketing wing providing handling of marketing services online. A dedicated Digital Marketing Agency allows the client to focus on their business as the professionals are working for them who undertake and effectively monitor the campaign.

    The Digital Marketing agency ensures that the marketing efforts reach the targeted audience in a feasible, cost-effective, engaging way audience in a designated period. The Digital Marketing agency comprises Digital Marketing Consultants and Digital Marketing Strategists to craft marketing solutions.

    Digital Marketing Consultants understand the requisites of the client, analyze and audit the targeted audience analytics and prepare a report for Digital Marketing Strategists.

    Digital Marketing Strategists set KPIs and Key Success Metrics, create and curate the content, deploy the campaign, constantly track-analyze-optimize the content to generate increased sales, increased conversions, and a loyal customer base.

    Want to know more? Connect with the Digital Marketing Consultant to get the queries decoded. Ready with the plan but confused with which Digital Marketing Agency to hire? Hire the best Digital Marketing Company in the USA & India

  • What services does a Digital Marketing agency provide?

    Best Digital Marketing Agency offers a range of services that helps in the clients’ growth and ensure success. Digital Marketing Agency offers a band of services such as:

    • SEO/Local SEO/Technical SEO
    • Link Building
    • Social Media Marketing:
    • PPC Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Web Design & Development

    IndyLogix being the best Digital Marketing Agency in the USA & India provides comprehensive Digital Marketing services which ensure clients’ growth in a feasible, cost-effective manner. Want to know more? Connect with the Digital Marketing Consultants from the best Digital Marketing Company in the USA & India to get your queries sorted.

  • Is it worth hiring a Digital Marketing agency? Would my company benefit from Digital Marketing service?

    In the era of a digital revolution, indeed yes! It is imperative to have a crude online presence for businesses and a Digital Marketing Agency can help the businesses as:

    • They’re knowledgeable and professionals – A Digital Marketing Company has a dedicated and certified workforce to provide Digital Marketing services to the clientele as per the requirement.
    • Help businesses focus on other things – marketing forms a part of the product/service life cycle. A dedicated Digital Marketing Agency allows the business/brand to focus on other areas of need.
    • Deliver measurable results – a dedicated Digital Marketing Agency has analytics and quantified data of potential customers which allows them to construct a customized strategy for the potential customer.
    • Able to scale up in a reduced time – when a Digital Marketing Agency is hired, they can scale up as per the marketing needs of the client and aggressiveness of the campaign in a reduced turn-around time.
    • Cost-effective – developing a team of Digital Marketing Consultants and Digital Marketing Strategists is a costly affair in comparison to outsourcing it to a Digital Marketing Agency.

    Not satisfied? Connect with the Digital Marketing Consultant from the best Digital Marketing Company in the USA & India.

  • What sorts of businesses does your Digital Marketing Agency work with?

    As the advertising world is witnessing a transition from traditional advertising to online advertising, big corporations/business enterprises/industry verticals/conglomerates demand Digital Marketing Services.

    IndyLogix being the best Digital Marketing Agency in the USA & India with 270+ clients across the globe, provide Digital Marketing Services to industries such as:

    • Healthcare Industry
    • Banking & Finance Industry
    • Retail & eCommerce Industry
    • Media & Entertainment Industry
    • Education & eLearning Industry
    • Travel & Tourism Industry
    • Logistics & Transport Industry

    From the above industries and looking for a Digital Marketing partner? Hire dedicated Digital Marketing Strategists to craft a customized strategy for the business. Bit confused? Digital Marketing Consultants from the best Digital Marketing Company in the USA & India are here to decode the queries.

  • How much does your Digital Marketing services costs?

    Digital Marketing is a versatile service so is its pricing. The pricing of Digital Marketing Services depends on a plethora of factors such as:

    • Marketing Budget – if the marketing budget of the business is small, so would be the allotment of budget to marketing service.
    • Campaign Aggressiveness – how frequently the posts are published decided the pricing of the Digital Marketing service.
    • In-house Marketing/Outsourcing – whether the company constructs a dedicated Digital Marketing team or outsources it to a Digital Marketing Company. Constructing a team costs more than outsourcing it.
    • Campaign Channels – whether the marketing carried out is platform-specific or is it being carried out pan-platform basis.
    • Engagement Model – whether the Digital Marketing Agency is hired for a one-off basis or a long-term.

    IndyLogix has been regarded by the client as a feasible and quality Digital Marketing service provider at a competitive price. Want a detailed breakdown of service costs? Contact our Digital Marketing Consultant to have a detailed menu as per the requirement. Ready to get started? Hire Digital Marketing Strategists from the best Digital Marketing Company in the USA & India to get this going.

  • How do your Digital Marketing Strategists generate leads and sales?

    Our skilled team of Digital Marketing Strategists acts like a tide that raises the ship (client). We measure our success from the clients’ growth and satisfaction. Our Digital Marketing Strategists increases the sales and leads for the client by:

    • Running multiple ads on multiple platforms.
    • Promoting it on Social Media
    • Optimizing Webpage
    • Aggressive Email Marketing
    • Event Hosting (if the client wants a rampant social media presence)

    Want to discuss in-depth? Connect with our Digital Marketing Consultants to solve the questionnaire. Ready to get the ball rolling? Digital Marketing Strategists from the best Digital Marketing Company in the USA & India are here to help.

  • How will you report about the work & progress made?

    Our growth to being the best Digital Marketing Agency in the USA & India has been due to our motto of being transparent and communicative about our work. When the client hires a team of Digital Marketing Strategists, they’re being assured of transparent and authentic service and always keep the stakeholders in the loop. The client is part of the decision-making process, is part of important metrics, and is submitted a detailed and comprehensive audit & analysis report of analytics, etc.

    Got a question or two? Connect with our Digital Marketing Consultant to answer your query. Impressed with our Digital Marketing Campaign process? Hire Digital Marketing Strategists from the best Digital Marketing Company in the USA & India.

  • On what networks do you perform PPC advertising?

    Our proficient Digital Marketing Strategists carry out Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising on Search Engine platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and on Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Hire our Digital Marketing Strategists to deploy a customized PPC Ads campaign. Don’t know where to get started? Connect with the Digital Marketing Consultants from the best Digital Marketing Company in the USA & India to brainstorm the idea.

  • What types of activity do you perform on the social media account of your client?

    We at IndyLogix Solutions deliver comprehensive end-to-end solutions and that includes managing the social media account of our client as well.

    Our Digital Marketing Strategists manage social media and email account, perform content creation, post content on intended channels, and audit & analyze the user experience.

    Want to discuss the project? Our Digital Marketing Consultants will get you through it smoothly. Want to hit the trending list? Digital Marketing Strategists from the best Digital Marketing Company got your back.

  • Do you offer Website Re-build services?

    Yes! IndyLogix Solutions provide a 360-degree comprehensive solution to its 270+ clients from across the globe. We provide the best Web Design & Development services to our customers. Our proficient team of Web Design & Development of the best Digital Marketing Company in India have relevant experience to carry out end-to-end website re-building service.

    Bit worried? Connect with the Digital Marketing Consultant to help you with it.

  • In how much time can you develop a Social Media Marketing campaign?

    IndyLogix Solutions being the best Digital Marketing Company believes in keeping transparency with the client and distances itself from making any fictitious promises. A Social Media Campaign development time ranges from 01 months to 12 months from building momentum to delivering results.

    A Social Media Campaign goes through initial market trend research -> competitive analysis -> development of buyer persona, to project planning & KPI/Key Success Metrics development, and perform required amendments to the campaign as and when needed.

    Still confused? Contact the Digital Marketing Consultant from the best Digital Marketing Company in India to get the queries sorted.

  • Still got a question about Digital Marketing Services?

    We understand! It can’t be easy to trust a Digital Marketing Agency where everybody claims to be the best Digital Marketing Company. If you’ve got an idea, connect with our Digital Marketing Consultants to discuss it extensively. Our Digital Marketing Strategists will then work dedicatedly to architect a tailored Digital Marketing strategy and run campaigns.

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