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What We Do?

ROI Driven eCommerce
SEO Services

As the leading eCommerce SEO agency in India, IndyLogix Solutions is of choice for customized eCommerce SEO services.

But why do businesses select us for eCommerce SEO services?

With 10+ years of experience in the SEO domain, IndyLogix Solutions is among the few SEO companies to avail SEO on eCommerce sites. From eCommerce SEO audit to consulting by an eCommerce SEO consultant to execution and delivery of the project, our eCommerce SEO experts provide end-to-end and comprehensive service. Our authentic and dedicated services enable our clients to harness the potential of SEO services and make their business make an impact in their niche and step up the competition.

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Boost My VisibilityBoost My Visibility
What We Do?

Perks of Investing
in eCommerce SEO Services?

01 Brand Awareness and Visibility

One of the prime benefits of availing of eCommerce SEO services is brand awareness and visibility. By ranking higher on SERPs, there is a likelihood of a better click-through rate to the website and inbound visitor rate, establishing visitors' trust in the website and indirectly influencing the leads and sales statistics.

Brand Awareness and Visibility

02Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

Another metric that eCommerce SEO services can solve is customer acquisition cost. By improving the SEO-rooted components, including compelling design, flawless user experience, content and media optimization, and more, eCommerce brands gain organic traffic and brand visibility and significantly reduce customer acquisition costs.

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

03Create a Remarketing Audience

As SEO drives high-quality and organic visitor/potential customers to the eCommerce website, the brand can create a remarketing audience by collecting user data. The brand can target the shoppers who left their shopping journey by displaying ads which can help to build a more relevant audience to remarket.

Create a Remarketing Audience

04Better ROI

Lastly, dedicated eCommerce SEO services can avail high return on investment (ROI) to the host eCommerce business. According to research, for every $1 invested in eCommerce SEO services, the company earned $2.75, which is a whopping 275% ROI.

Better ROI

eCommerce SEO Facts



People start an online shopping journey with a search engine.



More Clicks + Profits when marketers combine organic SEO and eCommerce PPC campaign.



Search engines drive traffic to eCommerce websites compared to social media.



Billion SEO market size alone in the USA.



Reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) experienced by eCommerce sites when they opted for eCommerce SEO services.



Increase in bounce rate for every extra second it takes a page to load.

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Extensive eCommerce
SEO Services


What Makes Us The Best eCommerce SEO
Agency in the USA?

Industry Exposure

Since its incorporation in 2011, IndyLogix Solutions have executed and delivered numerous mutually satisfying projects for multiple businesses and enterprises, which has helped with pan-industry exposure and has enabled the development of in-depth industry knowledge and understanding.

Technical Capabilities

At IndyLogix Solutions, we have an in-house team of aptly experienced professionals. Our eCommerce SEO experts utilize in-depth technical knowledge, strategic insight, and industry best practices for end-to-end processes of eCommerce SEO services to achieve the client's ultimate goal and to maximize the profit's potential.

Transparent Approach

Transparency forms the pivot of our modus operandi. So, when our clientele opts to partner with us for eCommerce SEO services, they are provided with detailed and graspable monthly reports regarding task accomplishment, milestones achieved, team members involved, and more to help the client formulate a data-driven and informed decision.

Proven Techniques

Owing to our pragmatic approach with a proven strategy, our portfolio brims with a list of successfully executed and delivered projects for high-value clients, which has yielded benign outcomes without any intricacies.

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SEO Approach


What Will Our eCommerce SEO Experts Do To Help
You Grow Business?

  • Increase Brand Value

    To accomplish this, our eCommerce SEO experts employ an ethical and white-hat SEO strategy to enable the website to rank higher on SERPs. This helps to rake in organic traffic to the website. Along the line, the visitor is provided with flawless design and content, enhancing the visitor experience and building a brand value.

  • Amp Up Brand Credibility

    Another benefit of ranking higher on SERPs is improved brand credibility. Our eCommerce SEO experts post well-researched and informative content on the website, which makes the search engine perceive it as high-quality content from authoritative sources, enabling it to view the website as credible and authoritative.

  • Surpass the Competition

    Since competitors are always on the lookout to rank above their competition, our eCommerce SEO experts, as part of eCommerce SEO services, implement SEO strategies to get the top ranks in the search engine for relevant niche keywords. This helps our clients to bypass the competition and convert the leads into sales.

  • Formulate Positive User Experience

    At IndyLogix Solutions, we believe eCommerce SEO services should not only be aimed at achieving the top spots in the search engine or gaining more visibility but also enabling a positive user experience for the visitor who has visited the website.

    To do so, our eCommerce SEO experts optimize the website, upgrade the website's interface, and improve the website's navigation, enabling a positive user experience.

Get Your Website Health Report

We provide your website health report within 24 hours. Just drop your email and website urls. Sit back and Relax!


What to Expect
When Working With Us?

Professional Team

01. Professional Team

One of the essential qualities to seek in a particular eCommerce SEO agency is a professional team. At IndyLogix Solutions, we have a full-fledged in-house team of eCommerce SEO experts. We put a lot of emphasis on professional resource training and acquaint them with the recent developments to maximize service effectiveness. And as a consequence, our eCommerce SEO experts are aptly trained and experienced in handling and delivering the project in a reduced time-to-market (TTM).


02. Transparency

Before choosing an eCommerce SEO agency, check the transparency attribute. So, when our clients hire us for eCommerce SEO services, we set transparent and realistic goals and include our clients as well, as the vital stakeholder of the project. The latter has direct access to the operations and processes and is also provided with detailed reports. Also, our eCommerce SEO experts are available round the clock to solve any pertaining question or query.

Effective Communication

03. Effective Communication

When it comes to eCommerce SEO services, we leverage the latest tools and technologies, industry best practices, and agile development methodology to establish effective communication with the client. We employ multiple modes of client communication to update about novel developments in the project regularly and to measure the project KPIs and metrics.

Genuine Results

04. Genuine Results

In the end, the ultimate aim of hiring an eCommerce SEO agency is to achieve tangible results. That being said, it is recommended that the clients expect significant results and authentic improvements after a substantial amount of time (03 - 06 months) to conclude that the eCommerce SEO services campaign is paying off.

We Work With

We Serve

Owing to the changing needs and rising competition in the digital realm, businesses & enterprises need to outperform their competition innovatively to sustain in the sector. As a professional SEO services company, we serve clients of varying types, sizes, and sectors, and we take pride in helping our clients beat the competition. We render our domain proficiency to clients from a multitude of sectors but are not limited to:

Health Care Industry web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

There is a booming demand for online healthcare services. Want health enthusiasts able to find your website online? Let a professional SEO services company do it for you.

Banking and Finance
Banking and Finance Industry web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Websites that rank top on the result page assures websites’ reliability & credibility, and the banking & finance sector can be no extra-terrestrial to it. The online visitor should come to know about the plans, services, offers the banking & finance sector has to offer, to avail benefits and help the client be ahead of the curvature. Employ a professional SEO services company to help you with it.

Retail & eCommerce
Retail and E-commerce Business web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

The shopping realm is getting digitized and online retail & eCommerce websites are to gain the advantage. We can help boost the retail & eCommerce stores’ ranking on the SERPs, which helps in delivering much-awaited sales figures. Connect with the top-ranked SEO company in USA & India to bask in amped-up sales statistics.

Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Online presence is intrinsic for the recreation & entertainment industry to stay relevant in the sector, as an inconspicuous presence can cause loss of opportunities. As a professional SEO services company, trust us to yield an unerring digital demeanor.

Education & elearning
Education & ELearning web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

There is a growing demand for online education and the search for it begins online. Our customized SEO strategy enables the education platform to rank higher on search engine result pages. Knowledge knows no boundaries, so why your knowledge-parting platform should?

Travel & tourism
Travel & Tourism web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Traveling plans begin online and it is vital to be present where the targeted audience is. To do that, the website should be optimized to help deliver a memorable trip. Let the most renowned SEO company in USA & India build an SEO strategy, because “revenge travel” do exist.

Logistics & transport
Logistic & Transport web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Logistics & Transport sector serves globally, so should be their online presence. Logistics & Transport sector is getting competitive, so a tailored SEO marketing strategy will put you a step ahead of the competition. Let the technical resource from a professional SEO services company enable your reach to expand exponentially.





  • What are eCommerce SEO Services?

    E-Commerce SEO services are SEO services specifically for eCommerce websites. These services utilize eCommerce-specific techniques, including content marketing, link building, SEO audit, website content and media optimization, etc., to increase the website's SERP ranking and improve the website's visibility in search engines.

  • What eCommerce SEO Services do you provide?

    Being the leading eCommerce SEO agency in USA and India, IndyLogix Solutions offers a broad spectrum of eCommerce SEO services to distinct business and industry verticals. Our range of eCommerce SEO services includes but are not limited to:

    • eCommerce SEO Audit
    • Targeted Keyword Research
    • eCommerce Web Design
    • Content Writing
    • Technical SEO
    • On-Page SEO Optimization
    • Off-Page SEO Optimization
    • eCommerce PPC Campaign and Management
    • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Why choose IndyLogix Solutions?

    Owing to our plethora of in-depth experience and technical know-how, we have delivered exceptional and tangible results delivering projects to our clients from various disciplines of industrial verticals, which have earned us the tag of "best eCommerce SEO agency in the USA".

  • Can you guarantee results? How long does it take to see results?

    As a reliable eCommerce SEO agency, we distance ourselves from making any impractical and aloof guaranteed claims to our clientele. Many eCommerce SEO agency claims to unscrupulously secure the top spot in search engines in a reduced turnaround time and keep their clientele in smog and mirror.

    Coming back to the guaranteed results part! We utilize ethical and white-hat techniques to ensure aspired results but after investing some time. Usually, one can expect to see initial results after 03-06 months of eCommerce SEO services.

  • How much do eCommerce SEO Services cost?

    Costs of eCommerce SEO services vary and depend on a multitude of factors that includes:

    • Size and Scope of the Business
    • Inventory Size, i.e. Range of Products they sell
    • Base Cost of eCommerce SEO Services from Vendor Company
    • Package Deal, i.e. hiring an eCommerce SEO agency on an hourly/monthly/per-project basis or performance-based remuneration
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But wait… This was just a glimpse of what we do! We offer a range of other services as well….. and as usual, excel in it. Want to know more about our services? Reach out to us now.

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