Planning to develop a WordPress website? You must be thinking about how much it is going to cost as this is the first and foremost question you come across and needs a proper answer before proceeding towards the next steps. 

Although the core WordPress software is free of cost to use, the cost of developing a WordPress website entirely depends on your budget as well as objectives. It also depends on the rates of the developer or the agency which you are hiring to fulfill the purpose. 

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Essentials to Create a WordPress Website

As WordPress is a free and an open-source platform that anyone can download and use, the cost of developing a WordPress website basically involves

  • Designing and Development
  • Purchase of plugins and extensions
  • WordPress hosting cost
  • And the domain name cost

All websites over the internet require hosting. It gives a place to your website on the internet where you save all your files. Hence, web hosting is the primary need to build a self-hosted WordPress site. Different hosting plans are available for different types of websites. Hence, you can choose one as per your needs as well as budget.

A domain name is something that the user enters in the browser whenever he wants to locate your website. Hence, you require a domain name as well to proceed with developing a website.

Although a number of free website templates and plugins are available to make use of, they do not fit your requirements sometimes and you may need to purchase premium templates or plugins to get the more advanced features that will ultimately raise the cost.

Different Cost Considerations for WordPress Website Development

The cost for developing a WordPress site can range from $100 to $500 to $3000,  or even go above $30,000 or more depending on your requirements. The companies such as The Wallstreet Journal, Forbes, LinkedIn, etc have used WordPress and have spent thousands of dollars to develop their websites as large companies possess vast teams of designers and developers who keep on working for a duration of 6 months or even more to develop one website in WordPress. On the other hand, a person can even put a page on for free.

Hence, It is crucial to know the type of website you are developing and, and what are the prerequisites to develop it as it straightforwardly influence your cost.

Let us break down the types of websites that can be build using WordPress into various categories and understand the budget for each one of them in order to prevent financial loses as well as taking the best decisions. 

Creating a WordPress Site with low budgets

Using WordPress, you can create a fully-functional website by keeping the cost under $100 per year. Let us have a look at the breakdown

First of all, you will require a domain name as well as web-hosting that will cost around $14 per year and $10 per month respectively.

Next, you need to select the design for your website. Thousands of professionally designed themes are accessible free of cost that you can install and utilize to develop a low budget website.

Now, you may need to combine specific features to your website such as joining a contact form, a photo gallery, a slider, etc. Above 40,000 WordPress free and paid plugins are available that you can make use of to achieve this. Select the plugin as per your desire and budget Moreover, free plugins are available for SEO optimization and security as well to support low budget sites.

Hence, the total cost will range between $46 – $100 / year.

Cost of a Turnkey WordPress Website

If you go for a standard small business website package in WordPress you can either be charged hourly or continue with a fixed rate. These types of service packages are very much comfortable and provide calmness of mind. Proficient WordPress website developers can develop small business WordPress website across almost all domains that too with tight limitations on time as well as tools and can provide the client with a fully functioning website in a short period of time. These types of basic, expert sites can be presented in exchange of $1,000 to $3,500.

Sometimes you may need to add extra functionality including membership-only areas, digital payment,  various pages, great content creation, eCommerce, and SEO involvement, in your site, the development time essentially rises in such cases making the cost range between  $3,500 – $7,000.

Creating a Custom WordPress Website

When you hire a WordPress developer to build a website with a distinctive design and develop particular features for it, it comes under a custom WordPress website. This track is generally been chosen by an organized medium to large size business.

You may also need to adopt a good WordPress hosting provider to assist your website. 

You will be spending on the web developer that is developing your website in addition to investing in the domain name and the hosting provider. The cost of developing a custom website mainly relies on your needs, money-constraints, and the prices of the developer or agency you are going with.

You can get quotes from different theme developers, web designers, and agencies for the purpose of comparison before choosing anyone.

However, a conventional custom WordPress theme solely can cost you around $5000 and a website with particular custom features can cost around $15000 or even more than this.

Introduction to WordPress Website Builders

WordPress Website Builders are the page builders that give the flexibility to build, modify, and customize website designs without the need to write any code. A number of efficient drag and drop page builders are obtainable for WordPress.

1. Beaver Builder 

Beaver Builder is a page builder plugin that is considered as the best WordPress page builder available today and is used more often.

2. Divi

Divi is an uncomplicated WordPress page builder plugin that contains  20+ layouts/templates to develop different varieties of websites. It is remarkably quick and possesses a built-in on-boarding tour to assist you swiftly introduce yourself with the interface.

3. Elementor

Elementor is one more efficient WordPress page builder plugin that enables you to observe your changes as and when you introduce them.


To sum up the above discussion, we can conclude that the cost of developing a WordPress website depends on a number of factors that include the theme you are utilizing, how many pages the website is comprising of, the features that you want to include in your website, the timeline for completion, the experience of the developer, the rates of the agency and so on.

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