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    A modification that is going to turn out on October 24 will shatter embedded Instagram and Facebook content on WordPress web pages.

    This reverse transformation will rapidly break all the Facebook and Instagram embeds of unauthenticated publishers. This will possibly disturb billions of sites. Precisely, a forthcoming API update will eliminate support for pseudo or mock Instagram and Facebook embeds.

     Those who are publishers with a registered Facebook application and Facebook developer account will continue to have the support of embedded content. Accomplishing Facebook’s new necessities for embedded content is not a preferred choice for all publishers. It is not a hands-on solution to create a Facebook developer account and register a Facebook application.

    What is the key for a publisher who wants to embed content from Facebook and Instagram for their websites? Let’s dive into details about this announcement.

    What are the Amendments to Facebook oEmbed Endpoints?

    oEmbed is an open format, intended to enable content embedding from a web page into another one. Concerning developer – From 24 October 2020, the existing Facebook oEmbed endpoints are going to be denounced.  

    Facebook oEmbed endpoints let you embed HTML and basic metadata for posts, videos, and pages so that you can show them on different web pages or applications. At present Facebook’s API has an oEmbed endpoint that permits publishers to embed content effortlessly from Instagram and Facebook to their sites. However, Facebook’s API is withdrawing endpoint support from Oct 24.

    Additionally, responding to Facebook’s API change, WordPress is eliminating Instagram and Facebook oEmbed sources.

    Bottom Line

    Basically, the combination of these alterations from WordPress, Facebook, and Instagram, signifies that a great deal of content will be damaged.

    If you have ever embedded content from Instagram and Facebook to your WordPress website, then this variation will shake you too.

    Below mentioned are a rigid set of Facebook requirements for embedding content:-

    A Facebook Developer account (you can create it from developers.facebook.com)

    • A registered Facebook app
    • The oEmbed Product addition in the application
    • An Access Token
    • Live mode of Facebook app

    You can read this information in detail from the Facebook developer blog.

    And yes, there are practical solutions that are obtainable for this announcement. These plugins can rescue your Instagram and Facebook Embeds. Although this alteration hasn’t rolled out until now, plugin developers have been striving hard to build easy solutions for web page holders.

    Check out below mentioned free plugins for your accessibility:-

     1. oEmbed Plus

    oEmbed Plus is a new plugin that restores support for Facebook and Instagram content embedding. However, publishers need to build a Facebook developer account and application creation.

    Fact that you don’t have to build a real application, it will only be real on paper.

    You can walk through here for a detailed description. While there are some loops to climb off, this plugin makes the procedure simpler than working all by yourself.

    2. Smash Balloon Plugins

    Smash balloon is a development company that offers plugins for more than 1.4 million web pages. The firm has modernized its existing plugins to fix broken embeds of Facebook and Instagram.

    With this plugin, you don’t have to undergo the procedure of Facebook developer account registration and app creation. The reason is Smash Balloon has the required API key to build custom feeds for both Instagram and Facebook. No further verification is required for bringing back embedded content.


    oEmbed API requests are the nerve for embedding videos, pictures, updates to Instagram, and Facebook from Classic Editor and Gutenberg.  You can hire WordPress developer for applying alternative ways of WordPress embeds. After the October 24 deadline, the URL will get back as a link if there is an addition of any new embeds, and the token is not used for Graph API request performance.