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    Due to the tremendous increase in the Mobile App Development market, a platform that offers cross-platform mobile application development was much needed especially for startup level organizations that cannot afford to spend a huge amount of money on building native mobile apps for different platforms like Android and iOS and Flutter is the answer to fulfill this requirement. Flutter is one of the favorite terms among the developer community all over the world for the development of cross-platform applications. The most recent release of Flutter i.e Flutter 1.5.4.

    Flutter – A brief Introduction

    Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit used for developing effective and efficient mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms using a single code base. It makes the use of the Dart programming language the syntax of which is clear and very powerful. Because of its simple syntax, this language is very user-friendly and easy to learn. Due to the outstanding features Flutter owns to contribute towards the development of beautiful, cost-effective, and quicker mobile applications, it has gained a very big developer community across the globe.

    Flutter was created by Google a few years ago with the purpose to aid developers in developing applications for both Android and iOS with a single codebase. Right from the first release of Flutter, Google is constantly making enhancements to the framework and releasing a new version of the same every year with more advanced features. It has become one of the best cross-platform frameworks today and it is still on the path of perfection. It has emerged as a tough opponent of platforms such as React Native and Iconic.

    Introduction to Flutter 1.5.4

    Google implemented a lot of prominent changes in the cross-platform development services framework by introducing Flutter 1.5. This release of the framework made it possible for the applications to work on platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux in addition to iOS and Android platforms. It also allowed the applications to work on other devices such as Google Home Pod, Raspberry Pie, Chrome OS, etc. Google amazed everyone by incorporating such tremendous modifications to the framework.

    With the introduction of Flutter 1.5 web, the ease to compile for Linux, Windows, and macOS was provided that made it possible for developers to develop, test, and publish for web, mobile and desktop concurrently on a single device using Chrome OS without the need for any mobile emulator. Flutter 1.5 release also added a feature that helped developers a lot to create e-commerce applications and that was the functionality of combining in-app purchase to the applications.

    The most recent release of Flutter i.e Flutter 1.5.4 accompanies numerous updates for iOS and material widgets, with extended guidance in both web and desktop. This became one of Google’s huge releases ever with 336 subscribers and above 1700 commits all over the world.

    The most significant and powerful features  that Google introduced in Flutter 1.5.4 are as follows

    Manageable UI for Different Screen Sizes

    The high-performance transportable UI framework possesses the ability to contribute towards pleasant experiences in a number of ways by utilizing a single code base.

    Flutter is not going to overtake HTML in the coming years. Rather, it will only contribute towards building extremely interactive content enhanced with graphics in which the advantages of a mature UI framework can be definitely felt.

    The potential to touch users across web, mobile and desktop environments with one app helps startups to arrive the maximum number of users just from the beginning. For bigger companies, the use of a single code base helps in minimizing the complexity and development cost so they can concentrate more on enhancing the quality of the app.

    Due to the compatibility with different environments ranging from web, desktop, and mobile, Flutter is moving forward to the path of building a perfect framework to create delightful user experiences for different screen sizes.

    Flutter 1.5.4 for mobile devices

    Flutter 1.5.4 has come with many updates and enhancements for plug-ins and tools providing relief for the platform’s experiments on the web and desktop environments. The most demanded new feature in Flutter 1.5 is the in-app purchase plug-in to help developers in creating e-commerce applications. This is now accessible in Beta for Android and iOS.

    Hence, ready for sale in-app products can easily be revealed by a Flutter app so that the users can buy products.

    Flutter 1.5.4 for the web

    Flutter was aiming to develop a better framework for a long time to aid developers in creating mobile applications that operate on both iOS and Android. After fulfilling this goal, it started to aim at other platforms as well. As a result, now Flutter can be utilized to develop smartphone apps as well as web applications.

    Flutter for embedded devices

    One more domain of portability on Flutter is its injection into additional devices. Google latterly issued samples illustrating Flutter’s direct functioning in smaller-scale devices like Raspberry Pi. It also gives a Flutter API that permits it to be employed in domains like home, automotive, and other fields.

    In a nutshell,

    The summary of new contributions doesn’t simply end here. The list of new features behind Flutter application developers to cheer is a lot of broad.

    Almost every Mobile App Development Company is attempting to adopt all the most recent trends of Google and becoming successful in the same as well. The introduction of Flutter 1.5.4 is going to offer a number of benefits to Flutter Application Development companies for sure so that they can raise the quality of their Flutter applications and grow their business as well.

    If you are planning to get a single app developed for a number of platforms with limited time and budget constraints, Flutter is surely one of the platforms you should think of. If you are still confused about whether to choose Flutter for building your mobile app or not then do Get in touch with us. We are always here to help you in making the right choice!