When Talking About Online Business, Hiring The Right Specialist Is A Primary Issue

In the world we live in, we cannot neglect the importance of technology in our lives. With the invasion of Internet tons of information, education and goods are shared instantly throughout the globe. This graciously opens the labor market towards new positions, qualifications and work etiquette. But how reliable are the new options? technology in our lives. With the invasion of Internet tons of information, education and goods are shared instantly throughout the globe. This graciously opens the labor market towards new positions, qualifications and work etiquette. But how reliable are the new options?

Waking up early in the morning, driving to the office and talking to people whom we don’t like is a real pain in the neck. And we have to do it every single day of the workweek. This is one of the main reasons for the rising of the freelancer work profile. Working as a freelancer has been trendy for a couple of years now and many people in our social environment took the freelancer work-profile by heart.

The real question arises when you need to hire a professional to help you in your business or finish what you have started. Should you go for the traditional way and contact a digital agency or find a freelancer who could also do the same work. This dilemma is real and ongoing for many people. This is why we want to help those in need by sharing some differences between the two work profiles and questions you need to ask yourself before making the final decision.

1. Is The Budget Everything?

Probably the first question that every CEO asks is ‘How much is it going to cost?’ Every new project is primarily measured by the numbers. This is why pricing is a top priority when choosing between a creative agency and a freelancer.

Hiring a freelancer will be definitely cheaper for a single short project with set requirements. However, appointing a freelancer might end up costing more in the long run. If many things need to be done you will probably need to hire another freelancer for the other aspects of your plan. This sounds easy but it might be a real bummer as you lose more time while finding the right person.

On the other hand hiring a digital agency is the better solution for a bigger, more complicated project. When going with a company you pay a full package price and not for multiple service providers.

2. Don’t Be A Cheap Skate

And while we are talking about the budget let’s say things straight. Great things cost money! That’s how it is both with freelancers and digital agencies. Everybody knows his price so if you are a big company and expect quality don’t spare money. Everything invested will pay off eventually.

Sometimes going with the cheaper option costs more in the end as you have to hire another person to fix what was wrong with the previous attempt. Not to mention that valuable time is lost.

3. The Size Of The Project Is Vital

As we said in the first paragraph it is all about the extent of the job.

For example, if you want just some small graphic designer work done it will be better to hire a freelancer. If he is a specialist in the needed area – BINGO – you have a winner. As we know, freelancers are specialists in one specific area, maximum two. So if you need cross platform work to be done it will be very hard (if not impossible) to find a real professional who can do all of it.

4. Teamwork For Bigger Projects

In contrast, when you hire a creative agency this problem disappears as a company has professionals in various areas. Team members will fit in where needed and should even do it faster and with fewer revisions.

Another plus is that when working with a company you don’t have to worry if all phases are going as wanted because there is an appointed project manager who is there to do exactly that.

5. Add-On Services

Other than that, a digital agency can also offer certain services or products that you didn’t even think of.

For example:

  • Writing blog content
  • Designing and arranging newsletters to a mailing list
  • Updating your social media profile
  • Developing a whole yearly marking plan
  • Covering on key performance indicators

Even if you think that these points are not of primary importance – they will certainly help your business.

6. Our Verdict

Solving this dilemma will always be a hard task, but you should ask yourself the important questions that we laid in this text. You have to ask yourself: how important is the budget; what amount of work needs to be done; do I know what I want or I need help?

Basically, if you need something minor to be done in a specific area and you have an idea what is needed – hiring a freelancer should work just fine. On the other hand, if you have a big business idea but don’t know how exactly to accomplish it – it is a better idea to go with a digital agency that could help you in all your needs.


Starting an online business is often a tough job. If you want everything to be perfect from the start you will probably need help from professionals. Whether it is a small web design job or building a whole online catalog, the right people need to be selected…and as it seems this is not an easy task.

As the variety of offered professionals is huge we have to think wisely before choosing. Nowadays the big dilemma is between hiring a freelancer or a digital agency. Both options have their pluses and if you are having difficulties with the same question – this article should give you a clue what is the right decision for your case.