WordPress is something that keeps on growing on a regular basis and has introduced a number of updates since its first launch in the year 2003. In fact, the constant updates introduced by WordPress has made it one of the top and the most frequently used content management systems available today.  Each WordPress release brings tremendous excitement so with WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 has earned much more excitement as compared to the previous versions and is convincing more and more business owners to pick it to for the development of their next project and all credit for the same goes to the new WordPress editor – Gutenberg which is now an indispensable part of the famous CMS.

WordPress has introduced a new editor recently, named Gutenberg, with more options to customize the pages as well as posts without the need to have HTML expertise. The editor enables you to effortlessly build pages and posts that needed custom HTML and shortcodes before. The editor also keeps you free from installing plugins for a few particular functionalities as it possesses all built-in.

Gutenberg is the default editor of WordPress version 5.0. The editor is completely new in terms of appearance and enables the formulation of vibrant page layouts. The design of Gutenberg mainly revolves around the idea of blogs, i.e. there are a number of built-in blocks that can be utilized to add the content. The main features of Gutenberg WordPress editor include

  1. Buttons and tables are attached as blocks in the editor.
  2. Every paragraph block can have separate font as well as color.
  3. Featured images can now be customized by combining text and changing the opacity directly from the editor.


  1. Gutenberg Editor is visual, spontaneous, and reliable.2
  2. It enables you to adjust the content with the help of sections. This gives a more clear understanding and aids you to prevent errors.
  3. It has a wide range of blocks for nearly all use cases.
  4. The provides the default inclusion of the header as well as the footer.
  5. With the use of Gutenberg, the installation of different builders to style the content is no more required.
  6. Outstanding usability with the devices of varied sizes such as mobiles and tablets.
  7. Simple and swift embedding of the content from different platforms as well.


Gutenberg has introduced a number of changes to the user experience.  The changes that this new editor has introduced to your experience can be seen as under

1. Change in the way of content creation

Gutenberg has introduced an innovative appearance and functionality to the content creation by introducing the idea of blocks. Separate paragraphs are now viewed as separate blocks and a paragraph can be a portion of a different, more complex block. Hence, one blog post or page is comprised of a number of different blocks. Various types of built-in blocks are possessed by the editor. These include layout blocks, text blocks, media blocks, and code blocks. 

2. No requirement of technical expertise

Before the introduction of WordPress 5.0, you were required to have basic knowledge of HTML in order to accomplish basic tasks such as adding a button, table, separator, or tweet to your post however it is effortless to perform a number of primary tasks even with lesser technical knowledge with the commencement of WordPress 5.0 and of course, Gutenberg.

3. The publication process has become easy

Though Gutenberg is a post editor that mainly relies on blocks, you are not required to select a block every time when an image, subheading, or paragraph needs to be attached. WordPress allows you to publish the content in the same way you were doing before.

4. Permission to create custom blocks

Although Gutenberg possesses a number of built-in blocks, It also enables developers to create custom blogs based on the requirements as well that can be preserved and reused in the future. You can turn any section of the content into a reusable block.  

5. Compatibility with more themes and plugin

The new WordPress editor, Gutenberg is compatible with a lot more themes as well as plugins as compared to the previous editors.

6. Enhanced support for SEO

The Yoast SEO is now available to the right menu of the dashboard and this enhanced version of the SEO meta box provides features like readability analysis, focus on additional keywords, internal linking suggestions, social previews, and so on. Hence, a constant check on the SEO can be performed easily.


  • The editor is simple to use. Even beginners can use it without much difficulty.
  • The editor allows developers to build their own custom blocks.
  • It provides outstanding new features that are not present in the previous editor.
  • Friendly with mobile devices.
  • It provides an enhanced and user-friendly user interface.
  • More compatible with tools such as Google Docs and Medium.


  • Although the editor is easy to learn for beginners, at the same time it seems a bit difficult for a few to learn and use it.
  • Compatibility problems with older themes and plugins.
  • It is not favorable to live websites.

Final Words

After reading the above content, I hope you must have got the basic idea of what the new WordPress editor – Gutenberg is all about, its main features, pros as well as cons. The new block editor is extremely fast to use and even a little use of just a few minutes will influence you to make use of the plugin again and again. 

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