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Touted as one of the leading light Flutter App Development Company in the USA & India, IndyLogix Solutions provides overarching end-to-end solutions. We have a team of Flutter developers and clients hire flutter app developers from us, who are cognoscente in Flutter development services such as Native App Development, Hybrid App Development, Web Development using Flutter, and many more.

When the clients hire Flutter Developer from IndyLogix Solutions they are ensured of a robust, scalable, high-performance rendering application. Our professional resources adhere to a step-by-step workflow from strategy creation to development to post-deployment support and develop unparalleled solutions providing value to the end-user while opening avenues for the business for deeper market penetration and market capture, ensuring profitability and maximization of ROI. Hire Flutter Developer to avail like:

  • Skilled & Trained Professionals
  • Transparent Development Process
  • Effective Communication
  • Minimal Development Costs
  • Continued Support Post Launch
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How Hiring
flutter Developers Will

Help You?

Dedicated Personnel

When the clients hire dedicated Flutter developers, they are sanctioned highly-competitive professionals to develop and deliver solutions as per the need of the client and the industry.

Faster Development

When enterprises hire dedicated Flutter app developers having the apt technical expertise and immense domain knowledge, they are delivered with the app with a reduced development time and expedited time to market.

Cost Efficiency

When the clients decide to hire Flutter developers, they outsource the apps development work to a competitive team which reduces the overhead cost for the business making the app cost-efficient while ensuring improved ROI for the business.

Rapid up-gradation

When businesses hire Flutter app developers who are technically sound, the apps’ development time gets reduced and it also helps in flawless, and flexible up-gradation of the app at par with the industry trends and the industry practices.

Quality After-launch Support

When clients hire Flutter developers, they are assured of convenient, and feasible after-launch maintenance & support to ensure the overall top-notch quality of the app.


Development Services

01App Consultation

Before the client decides to hire Flutter developer, we provide worthwhile consultation. Our development team discusses the idea and evaluates the feasibility of the project before we suggest the required reformation to make it “billion dollars worth” ready.

02Custom App Development

We provide Flutter-based custom app development services. Clients from across the verticals hire Flutter app developers to get developed an agile, robust app under an effective budget.

03Cross-platform App Development

Hire dedicated Flutter developers to develop an app that is ever scalable and functioning on various platforms including Android, iOS, Web, etc. that provides a native-esque experience to the end-user.

04Dart App Development

As a Flutter app development company, clients hire flutter app developers for the development process, but, we also provide Dart app development services under which we develop optimal performance rendering and flawlessly performing apps that are multi-platform compatible and are scalable.

05Flutter-based Web Development

Are Web-users your prime audience? Hire Flutter developers to get web development services that engineer apps that provide native-like performance on platforms including Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS with reduced development costs, and time-to-market that enables an engaging experience for the user ensuring a better ROI for the business.

06UI/UX Strategy Development

Hire Flutter developers to develop apps embedded with visually enticing aesthetics paired with smooth usability which provide an immaculate experience to the user while attracting potential customers to the platform and raising the revenue potential for the business.

06App Testing & QA

When clients ranging from different business and industry verticals hire Flutter developers, we develop enterprise-class apps that tick the needed checkboxes before they enter the market. We inculcate app testing and perform quality analysis of the app during the app development to certify its crash-proof and vulnerability-deterred to ensure smooth functioning of the app while delivering a quality user experience to the end-user.

06App Migration

Clients hire dedicated Flutter developers from us to migrate their apps' existing framework and technology to deploy it on Flutter. Our experts migrate the apps without affecting the quality and capability of the apps hassle-free and at a cost-effective price.

06App Maintenance & Support

We provide comprehensive round-the-clock maintenance and support to clients when they hire Flutter developers from our roster of professionals. Adhering to the metric-driven approach, our team takes informed maintenance & support decisions to ensure high performance and security of the app while ensuring no downtime.


How Our flutter
Developers Can Help You with?

Our Flutter Development team leverage advanced cutting-edge technologies like Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, Firebase, AWS Amplify, etc. to develop Flutter-based solutions. When businesses hire Flutter developers, we deliver solutions that are reliable, versatile, widget-rich, and seamlessly performing.

Our technical abilities are backed by capabilities comprising of

  • Depth of experience with third-party libraries and APIs integration.
  • In-depth knowledge of Git, SVN, Jenkins, and other version control tools.
  • Adherence to Agile development life cycle.
  • Hands-on experience with data sources and RESTful APIs.
  • Automated testing & building.
  • Identifying & Rectifying Bottlenecks.
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Skill - Set of Our
flutter Developers

Though Flutter provides rapid and brisk native/hybrid application development and gives solutions that are flexible & scalable, it also encounters challenges such as applications performance drops, applications experiencing a random crash, and long-run executions.

Our Flutter Development team adopts technologies such as Android Studio, Trello, Supernova, Figma, Firebase, etc. to develop a consistent, efficient, and next-gen feature-packed solution. Clients hire Flutter developers from IndyLogix Solutions as our skill-set stands apart from the rest. Our dexterity is on:


  • Domain expertise - IndyLogix Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Businesses hire dedicated Flutter app developers based on domain knowledge and technical expertise. Having experience in the Flutter framework ensures the development of an all-inclusive and feasible solution.


  • Databases - IndyLogix Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Our Flutter Development team uses highly reliable and embedded SQLite Databases for local data storage for individual applications and devices. Before you hire dedicated Flutter developer, check out the expertise and proficiency in connecting sqflite to SQLite databases in Flutter.

Development Languages

  • Development Languages - IndyLogix Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

When deciding to hire dedicated flutter app developers checking prior expertise in the native programming language, as well as the cross-platform programming language, will help in the development of a comprehensive application using Flutter. Our Flutter development team is well-adept in Native/Hybrid languages like Dart, Java, Lua, Kotlin, Swift, etc., and many more.

Agile/Waterfall Methodologies

  • Agile/Waterfall Methodologies - IndyLogix Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Agile/Waterfall Methodologies - IndyLogix Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

As a leading Flutter App Development Company when the clients hire Flutter developers from us, our Flutter development team adheres to metric-lead and goal-oriented application development processes like Agile/Waterfall methodologies to ensure data-driven decisions and efforts.


Technology Expertise
of Our flutter Developers

Clients hire Flutter developers from IndyLogix Solutions owing to the domain knowledge and technical expertise of the development team. We have raised relevantly certified professionals ready to develop compendious solutions from scratch. Our technical expertise is on:

Development Tools

  • Framework - IndyLogix Solutions

    Android Studio

  • Development Tools - IndyLogix Solutions

    Visual Studio Code

Project Management Tools

  • Framework - IndyLogix Solutions


  • Development Tools - IndyLogix Solutions


  • Project Management Tools - IndyLogix Solutions


  • Back-end Tools - IndyLogix Solutions


Back-end Tools

  • Framework - IndyLogix Solutions


  • Development Tools - IndyLogix Solutions


  • Project Management Tools - IndyLogix Solutions


  • Back-end Tools - IndyLogix Solutions


Ready to Embark?

Take the first step. Hire dedicated Flutter app developers from the front-runner Flutter app development company to build a league-apart all-embracing solution.

hire flutter developer nowhire flutter developer now

Hire Flutter Developers
To Enjoy Benefits Like:

Personalized Consultation

Before the clients decide to hire Flutter app developers, we provide personalized consultation to them to understand the intention of the business and gain insights into the expectations and preferences of the business to tailor products of the interests which garner higher revenue for the businesses.

No Dearth of Experience

IndyLogix Solutions packs years of experience in Flutter-based app development service. Our 270+ clients hire dedicated Flutter app developers to get built a robust, agile, and competitive solution that places them among the market leaders of the industry.

Certified Workforce

We are a team of 50+ certified professionals. Clients hire dedicated Flutter developers from the roster, who leverage cutting-edge technologies, years of domain experience, and business acumen to develop a top-notch product that ascertains competitive advantage and better revenue statistics.

Flexible Engagement

Clients can hire Flutter developers on a basis that works appropriate for the business. They can hire dedicated Flutter developers on an hourly/part-time/full-time basis at any stage of the development process. Also, the clients can hire flutter app developers under a determined/un-determined price model.

Agile Methodology

When businesses engage with us and hire Flutter developers to develop the project, we embrace Agile methodology to analyze metrics and make data-driven decisions to improve development efficiency and reduce the development costs & risks associated with it.

Transparent Development

When clients hire dedicated Flutter app developers for the project, the clients are given access to the status of all the aspects of the project to mitigate mid-project surprises and to promote accountability among the parties that are required for future collaboration.

Communicative Resources

As a Flutter app development company, we ensure effective communication with clients. Our team carries out knowledge transfers sessions to align efforts with the clients' vision and set the course of action and deliver projects according to the business's requirements.

On-time Project Delivery

When clients hire dedicated Flutter developers from the development team, we assure on-time project delivery. We deploy the required resources to develop and deliver the project as per the timeline without compromising the quality, and scope of the project.

After-project Management

As a Flutter app development company, we understand how viable after-project maintenance & support is for the business to stay relevant. So, when the clients hire flutter app developers from our organization we provide all-stage technical, strategic support to keep the solution robust, functional, and ahead of the curve.


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Why Hire flutter Developer
from IndyLogix Solutions?


Experienced Techxperts

When the clients engage with IndyLogix Solution and decide to hire Flutter developers, we deploy relevantly certified experienced professionals to help the clients from ideation to implementation part of the project and provide quality maintenance & support thereafter.


Industry Expertise

Clients from pan-business and industry verticals including healthcare, logistics & transport, education & eLearning, etc. trust us and hire flutter app developers to get built an effective, highly functional, and seamlessly navigable solution in a stipulated time manner.


Best Industry Practise

As a Flutter app development company, we incorporate the best industry practices and trends. Our proficient professionals follow Agile and DevOps methodology to standardize the development process. We also follow the best coding practices which go through automated testing and analysis regimens to make it security guidelines compliant and unsusceptible to cyber attacks.


Width of Offering

We provide the most comprehensive Flutter development services. From personalized consultation to native/cross-platform development to app maintenance & support, the clients get all-around top-notch quality services when they hire dedicated flutter developers from us.


Cost-effective Solution

Our development team leverage cutting-edge technologies, advanced project-management tools & techniques, and automated testing which drastically reduces the development costs, and time to market. Also, we offer a flexible hiring model to clients to hire flutter developers as per the business's requirements.


On-demand Scalable

As per the demand of the project, the clients can scale up/down accordingly and hire dedicated Flutter developers within a reduced turn-around time for the development process, real-time emergency support, and post-launch support & maintenance.


Our Hiring

Hourly Hiring

Hourly hiring is a suitable option to hire WordPress developer if your project demands specific and short-term services.

  • Duration:

    5 Days/Week (Starting with 25hrs)
  • Communication Mode:

    Email, Skype
  • Timeline:

    Based on Project

Part-time Hiring

If you require a few hours of work every day, part-time hiring can be an ideal model.

  • Duration:

    4 Hrs/Day
    5 Days/Week (80 Hrs/ Month)
  • Communication Mode:

    Email, Skype
  • Timeline:

    Based on Project

Full-time Hiring

If you have a vast list of requirements and want to fulfill these requirements in a timely manner, pick full-time hiring model.

  • Duration:

    Duration: 8 Hrs/Day
    5 Days/Week (160 Hrs/ Month)
  • Communication Mode:

    Email, Skype
  • Timeline:

    Based on Project
Choose Your ModelChoose Your Model

Our Flutter App Developer
Hiring Process

  • Connect With Us

    You can share your project requirements at

    How to Hire Flutter Developers? Connect with us to know the in-details of how should you hire Flutter app developers.

  • Assessment & Interview

    Before the client finalizes to hire Flutter developer, we carry out in-depth discussions with the client and perform requirement analysis and projects feasibility checks to enable effective communication and to establish consonance with the client.

    The next step involves screening the professional resource who is going to be a part of the clients’ dream project. Here, the client evaluates the workforce on various parameters and hire Flutter developers that suit the requirement of the project.

  • Final Approval

    At this stage, after the client decides to hire Flutter app developer, we assess and suggest the preferred engagement model to the client for validation. Afterward, we sign a contract stating the rightful beholder of the proprietary rights, and intellectual property rights. Also, we sign the security clause i.e., Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client to ensure parity and transparency.

  • It’s Go Time

    We arrive at this stage after receiving the final seal of approval from the client. We assign a dependable and dedicated Project Manager -after receiving the validation for the same-, who leverages advanced Project Management tools to set viable milestones, update the client about the development, and manage the project development. While the development team begins cooking the banger.



  • Why hire dedicated Flutter developers from IndyLogix Solutions?

    At times it can be difficult choosing to hire Flutter developers for the project. As a leading Flutter app development company, IndyLogix Solutions provides effective end-to-end solutions at a cost-effective price.

    After carrying out the initial discussion & consultation and later getting the seal of approval, we appoint a dedicated Project Manager/Account Manager, Quality Analyst, and Business Analyst to ensure smooth workflow and dealing with the client. Our development team develops top-grade products while ensuring round-the-clock support and real-time emergency support to the client. Also, we scale resources according to the requirement of the project. Adding to this, we also offer a flexible engagement model to the client as per the budget constraints of the client.

    Hire dedicated Flutter developer from the top-ranked Flutter app development company in USA & India, and get developed the best all-inclusive solution at a competitive price.

  • Do you analyze the project before we decide to hire dedicated Flutter app developers?

    Indeed. Before the clients hire dedicated flutter app developers to commence the project, we undertake project analysis to check the projects’ feasibility and to capture & understand the vision of the stakeholders which helps to know the project development cost, project development time, and the scope of the project.

    Got an idea? or having an unfinished project? We’ve got you. As a Flutter app development company, we provide both end-to-end solutions as well as stand-alone services. Hire dedicated Flutter app developers to avail the service now.

  • Do you sign NDA before we hire Flutter developers?

    Yes. We sign a confidential Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the client before they hire Flutter developers to assure data security and ensure mutual trust.

    The project should be handled by safe hands as lacunae in the development process can lead to appalling consequences. Hire dedicated Flutter app developer to develop robust, scalable, and secured solutions.

  • What steps to follow to hire Flutter app developers?

    It’s a very straightforward process to hire Flutter developer. You have to follow only four steps to hire dedicated Flutter app developer.

    • You drop a requirement list or contact us to hire Flutter developers.
    • Before you hire dedicated Flutter developer, we carry out project analysis to understand the needs and vision of the clients. After that, the clients get to decide the team and carry out an interview to finalize the team.
    • At this stage, we sign NDA and SLA to install mutual trust and security. Also, the clients get to decide the engagement model i.e. the client can decide whether to hire dedicated Flutter developer on an hourly/part-time/full-time basis. The clients can also hire dedicated Flutter developers on a determined/un-determined price basis.
    • After receiving the validation from the client the project development process commences.

    That’s it! Just by following these steps, you can hire dedicated Flutter developers in no time.

    Can we help you? If yes, hire dedicated flutter developers to help you out from ideation to implementation process.

  • How will I get updates on my project when I hire Flutter app developers?

    When clients hire Flutter app developers, we appoint dependable and dedicated Project Managers/Account Managers who leverage versatile and robust project management tools and technologies such as Basecamp, Jira, Trello, Slack, etc. to plan the project, track & manage the project, and align the development process by the development team with the businesses’ requirement.

    If you’re looking to hire Flutter developer for dependable service and a reliable solution, you won’t find a better option than us.

  • Can we hire dedicated Flutter app developers on a non-fixed price/project basis?

    As a top-ranked Flutter app development company in the USA & India, clients can hire dedicated Flutter app developers from us through a flexible engagement model. The clients can hire Flutter developers on an hourly/part-time/full-time basis. Also, we provide up-front flexibility to the client to hire Flutter developers either on a project basis or on a one-off basis.

    Hire Flutter app developer and get delivered a superlative solution at your own ease.

  • How much does it cost to hire dedicated Flutter developer?

    Flutter app development costs depend on a plethora of reasons including application complexity, applications’ features, development platform, server parking costs, APIs/Third-party library integration, maintenance & support costs, and many more.

    As a Flutter app development company, we provide impeccable Flutter development services at a budget-sensitive price. Clients hire dedicated Flutter app developers to get built a top-of-the-range solution without burning a hole in their pockets.

Looking for other Services ?

IndyLogix Solutions provides a plethora of services and we pull it off exceptionally, no lies. You can hire Flutter developers in the first place while exploring other services we offer. Want to have an in-depth discussion about the “know-how” of our services? Connect with us now.

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