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Why not get your website to appear in a good position on Google? We incorporate our SEO skills to make this happen. Our dedicated and knowledgeable SEO experts take responsibility to help you gain a strong presence in a competitive marketplace. Hire SEO experts to attract individuals that are valuable to you and your company. With the help of our professional SEO consultants, you will reach the right audience and generate more leads.

Indylogix holds a fantastic team of SEO specialists who can enable you to attain your business objectives swiftly and conveniently. By providing you with the best SEO services, we assist your website in achieving a substantial presence in the competitive era. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we've established ourselves as among the top SEO companies to hire SEO specialist. We are here for both small companies and enterprises, offering a powerful array of SEO services and bringing high levels of worthful results for our customers.

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How Does
SEO Expert Can Help Your Business?

Increase Credibility

A site that tops the list on search engine results pages is generally deemed good quality and credible by search engines, which in turn lifts up your brand's reputation. SEO experts put efforts to improve and add valuable content to your site, enhance site speed, and explore search terms that help your website rank better.

Enrich Brand Awareness

SEO experts help you to improve your company's recognition in the market. The team puts the emphasis on building a meaningful and good quality site, making your site smoother and able to respond quickly which allows you to have a brilliant customer base.

Boost Sales

By bringing ultimate traffic towards the site, SEO experts contribute to boosting the sales and revenues of the company.

Better SERP Ranking

SEO experts optimize websites for search engine result pages and tend to make the ranking of your website on SERP pages better.

Best Outcomes

SEO experts enable you to monitor alterations in your website ranking, traffic, and click-through rates. With the help of advanced SEO tools and tactics, they help you with all the important information you require to make your online presence stronger and powerful.

Competitive Advantage

SEO experts ensure that your site loads quickly and runs perfectly on different devices. Also, they make sure that the site presents the best content imperative to supply the finest customer experience. This can give you a significant competitive advantage in the long run.

Better User Engagement

A well-optimized website draws good traffic. If your site presents proper content that fits with the searcher's fascination, people will probably navigate your site more. This can give rise to better conversions and ROI. Shoppers who explore a website more are likely to associate with the brand easily. SEO experts take good care of the mentioned aspects and optimize your website accordingly.


Traditional marketing methods can be expensive and increase costs. If you hire SEO specialist, you can promote your brand in a cost-effective manner. Of course, you have to spend initially but the long-term results will be pleasing and money-saving.

Get a free SEO Audit Report!

Your website doesn’t fetch the desired traffic? Mingle with us to disclose the reasons!

Get A Free SEO Audit ReportGet A Free SEO Audit Report
What We Do?


01 Local SEO

Having located in your area is pivotal for the success of your business. Hire dedicated SEO expert to perform result-oriented local SEO and reach a large number of clients questing for your offered products/services in your area.

02 Link Building

Our SEO experts understand the value of link building and create significant inbound links that power traffic. By using a winning combination of effective SEO methodologies and link building, we augment results on top search engines.

03Keyword Research

To lend a hand to swift outcomes, our talented SEO experts carry out extensive keyword research. Also, we examine the most useful keywords to confirm that our employed SEO strategies are on the right path.

04 Competitor Analysis

In strategy development, competitor analysis has a crucial role to play. Our team utilizes the most advanced tools to assess the buzzwords as well as tactics critical to help you beat the competition.

05 On-Page SEO

We conduct best-in-class on-page site optimization. Our SEO team has expertise in fixing problems that may be negatively impacting your brand’s visibility and streamlining elements that make your site perform well.

06Content Marketing

Enhancement of your website's content is vital to guarantee your discovery for search terms pertaining to your industry. We help you to create immaculate, SEO-optimized content that will catch the eye of viewers.

07 eCommerce SEO

Our eCommerce SEO services are compelling to increase sales, traffic, and click-throughs. We offer eCommerce SEO services that are designed to assist businesses in attracting potential customers and preparing the grounds for steadily growing conversions.

08 SEO Audit

Authentic SEO audits help you to identify SEO flaws in your website and improve it for higher ROI. Opting to hire SEO consultant is a smart move to leverage SEO audit at its best.

09 Off-Page SEO

Our professional SEO specialists keep their off-page optimization skills abreast. We implement a variety of off-page optimization techniques to improve the brand image and bring better visibility for you.

10 Website Optimization

Our SEO experts know how to assess your website and establish a stronger work plan to attract relevant traffic and enhance ranking. Hire dedicated SEO expert to facilitate your website with the perks of top SEO approaches.

10 Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is of extreme importance at the present date. You can ensure optimized visibility of your website across a range of mobile devices if you hire SEO consultant from us.


Why Choose Us for
SEO Services?

Qualified SEO Professionals

Our authentic SEO experts possess industry-leading skills and are constantly trying to grasp new abilities. Our experts are well-versed in cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Assurance of Quality Work

We are self-assured to provide the highest quality results for all your requirements. With the latest SEO trends, our team promises the best SEO services and tries very hard for enhanced website performance.

Reasonable Pricing

We provide services that are centered around the needs of the customers. Our offerings are reasonable and adjustable to meet your needs, irrespective of the business or industry vertical you belong to.

Trustworthy Services

Our deeply committed team of SEO experts creates suitable solutions for different sorts of SEO projects. When you hire SEO consultant from us, we make every effort to provide you with the aspired results.

Amiable Team

Communication is the foundation of any successful partnership. We always opt for a passive approach towards our clientele and work in close collaboration with them.

Wide Array of Solutions

Our SEO experts have optimum solutions for all types of businesses and domains and are an ideal pick to leverage a comprehensive array of SEO services at one place.

Comprehensive Reporting

If you hire SEO expert from us, you receive a thorough and precise explanation of all activities, strategies, and tasks that we perform to enrich the performance of your website as well as boost its ranking on SERPs.

Ensured Data Security

Your confidential data is safe and secure with us. We understand the importance of our client's data and sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that the data is strictly private.

Pricing Clarity

Our hiring models are intended to be useful for a variety of clients. No matter you need SEO services for a startup or help for a successfully running business, our services will prove to be affordable.


SEO Engagement Models


Hourly hiring is a suitable option to hire SEO expert if your project demands specific and short-term services.

  • Duration:

    5 Days/Week (Starting with 25hrs)
  • Communication Mode:

    Email, Skype
  • Timeline:

    Based on Project


If you require a few hours of work every day, part-time hiring can be an ideal model.

  • Duration:

    4 Hrs/Day , 5 Days/Week (80 Hrs/ Month)
  • Communication Mode:

    Email, Skype
  • Timeline:

    Based on Project


If you have a vast list of requirements and want to fulfill these requirements in a timely manner, pick full-time hiring model.

  • Duration:

    Duration: 8 Hrs/Day
    5 Days/Week (160 Hrs/ Month)
  • Communication Mode:

    Email, Skype
  • Timeline:

    Based on Project
Choose Your ModelChoose Your Model
What We Do?

Hiring SEO Expert is not
something you are looking for?

Try Project-based Model - Fits Best for Agencies

  • With short-term project requirements
  • Do not have continuous business predictivity
  • Want to be less involved in project management tasks
  • Planning to opt for the fixed-price model due to budget-constraints (shared resources)

Hiring Process of
Our SEO Professionals

  • Share your project requirements

    You can share your project requirements RIGHT HERE

  • Consult with one of our technical analysts about the specifics of your project.

    Our team is eager to talk about the specifics of your SEO requirements and point you towards the talents with the necessary skill set. Before making the final decision, you can interview or have a chat with the team to determine their level of mastery.

  • Choose an engagement model

    We provide various hiring models to facilitate you to hire SEO expert based on your requirements, hence, identifying the appropriate model is critical. You can speak with our team to better understand the accessible models and find the one that’s convenient.

  • And then we begin the project

    Once you have completed the preceding steps, you can initiate your project with your chosen experts having admirable SEO skills.

Combine Hand With Us!

Questing for the best SEO team to live your dream of taking your business to greater levels? Don't look anything more. Unite with us to hire SEO specialist!

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Skillset of Our
SEO Experts

Technical Skills

To improve the visibility of websites and resolve technical issues, knowledge of HTML and CSS is required. In addition, an SEO specialist must have a thorough understanding of Google tools ( like GA and GSC ) in order to stay abreast of the latest SEO trends.

Analytic Thinking

Two SEO projects cannot be identical. All websites are different so are the facets that impact their ranking. A good SEO expert is one who is able to detect possible issues on a website and discover strategies accordingly.

Administration of Projects

SEO doesn't end on establishing links, boosting speed, and tracking down the relevant keywords. Projects must also be adequately planned and executed. Hence, it’s imperative to hire SEO expert who can systematize your work, stick to deadlines, and be a strong team player.


SEO professionals are required to have a good grasp on figuring out the priority of the tasks to be performed. Also, the steps should be chosen based on their intricacy and preference to assure the success of incorporated efforts.


An SEO campaign relies heavily on research. A talented SEO professional must recognize the significance of research and must be able to decide the keywords that are appropriate for the underlying products or services.


Avail Benefits of Our Proven
SEO Strategies


Reaching more people is the main intent behind establishing a website. Sound SEO strategies are meant to boost your ranking and present your website in front of potential customers. Search terms, meta descriptions, and tags, all are important to upgrade ranking which can be explicitly understood and optimized if you hire dedicated SEO expert.

Brand Visibility

Higher Click-Through Rate

Increased presence and rightness from search engine results direct to higher click-through rates. Not just desktop but on other devices lookups, the top ranks receive a markedly increased number of clicks.

Connect Better with End-user

Uphold Your Competitive Edge

To surpass the competition, you must fetch the proper traffic, which can only be obtained by optimizing your SEO use. Risking to avoid SEO may lead to the loss of a large number of possible buyers, who will ultimately reach the website of your rivals.

Better User Experience

User Friendliness

A well-structured website makes it easier for users to explore what they're digging for. The quicker your website responds, the stronger it will be able to sustain users. Our SEO experts ensure that the structure of your website is reasonable and convenient.

Personalized Experience/ Personalization

Boost Sales and Leads

A significant benefit of SEO is that it directs relevant traffic to the site. When the traffic you attract is comprised of users who are searching for the products or services you provide, your likelihood of converting them and generating sales through them leads to increasing.

Outperform Competition

Mobile Friendliness

For online businesses nowadays, mobile is the way to go. A big percentage of internet users use mobile devices in the latest times and this pattern is likely to persist for many more years. You are leading towards better marketing and results if you optimize your website for mobile devices.

Effective Branding Tool

Relevant Traffic

SEO is indeed not merely to increase traffic. In fact, the traffic you obtain should be pertinent to your market segment and interested in your offerings. Cos of powerful SEO attempts of experienced SEO professionals, the possibility that the users will discover what they're searching for on your website raises.

Better Customer Service

Better Internet Presence

Your company's internet presence is critical to its success. The sounder will be your internet presence, the more viewers you will draw. Cogent SEO strategies give you a stronger online footprint, which is vital for surviving in increasingly competitive markets.

Better Customer Service

Hiring an Agency to Handle Your SEO Needs
SEO Experts

Save Time & Money

Tackling your SEO needs on your own demands you invest your precious time and resources that can benefit your real business. When you hire SEO expert, you only have to spend for the services you receive, without the need to bother about time, resources, or the availability of expertise.

Better Customer Service

Knowledge and Experience

Experienced SEO companies are loaded with more understanding and expert knowledge. They are more familiar with the methods and tactics that specifically fit your business.

Better Customer Service

Greater Productivity

SEO agencies have dedicated teams capable of designing effective SEO strategies and implementing them at the same time. Because they are regularly striving on your website, adjustments can be introduced a way quicker.

Better Customer Service

Keep Up with the Latest Trends

SEO is always changing. SEO companies invest a lot of their time to investigate, monitor, and learn the latest trends that may be hard for you to devote.

Better Customer Service

Prevention of Mistakes

As SEO is complicated and extensive, the probability of making mistakes is very high. If you choose to hire SEO specialist to fulfill your SEO needs, with their experience, you not only can fix major errors easily but entirely prevent some of them.

Better Customer Service

Easy Attainment of Business Goals

Collaborating with a professional SEO agency can enable you to make the right decisions regarding your business which eventually helps you to attain your business goals effectively. If you want to swiftly transform your preset objectives into actuality, hire SEO expert from a dependable SEO agency!

Better Customer Service


SEO can be dangerous if you are unsure about your activities and strategies. Intellectual SEO agencies understand the risk factors very well. Their experience keeps the negative consequences away and assure the safety of your website and ranking.

Better Customer Service
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We Serve

We are a reliable source to hire dedicated SEO expert and guarantee the fulfillment of your company goals. Our cost-effective and creative SEO services include the positive modifications and technical evolutions needed to stay ahead of today's competition. We serve a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to

E-commrce Indylogix

When it comes to employment and revenue, healthcare is among the most important industries. Do you require high-quality SEO services to see prompt success in business? Hire SEO expert for a better effect.

Banking & Finance
E-commrce Indylogix

The global economy relies heavily on the financial and banking sectors. Do you work in the banking and finance industry and want to hire SEO consultant to maximize profits and outcomes? Our team can provide you with absolutely superb SEO services.

Retail & eCommerce
E-commrce Indylogix

The percentage of premium online buyers is growing each day. Looking to change India's e-commerce landscape by establishing a flawless eCommerce store? Hire SEO expert to achieve better SERP ranking.

Media & Entertainment
E-commrce Indylogix

From an economic standpoint, the media and entertainment (M&E) industry is a shining star, with massive signs of improvement. Looking to benefit from unbeatable SEO services to increase visitors? Hire SEO consultant to get dedicated SEO services.

Education & elearning
E-commrce Indylogix

eLearning is an impactful educational and training tool that has benefits over traditional methods. Do you require a brilliant team to implement extremely useful SEO approaches to your eLearning app? Our SEO experts can guarantee the intended results.

Travel & tourism
E-commrce Indylogix

The travel and tourism industry is one of the world's most important and powerful. Are you in this industry and want to grow your business with the help of fantastic SEO services? Hire dedicated SEO expert to achieve excellent results.

Logistics & transport
E-commrce Indylogix

Another highly competitive industry with high profits is logistics and transportation. Do you want to generate a large amount of organic traffic for your logistics and transportation company? Team up with us to enjoy unparalleled support.





  • Why should I hire SEO expert from your company?

    We understand the client apprehension before they hire SEO expert. Let us get you through it.

    When clients hire SEO experts from IndyLogix our dedicated team of SEO experts carries out SEO audit for the webpage, perform extensive keyword research & integration, optimize the webpage & its URL, maintain and fixes the reported/unreported SEO issues, and search engine optimizes the webpage content which reaches the target audience efficiently and cost-effectively which increases the ROI for the client ensuring market growth and success. Looking to hire dedicated SEO expert team to plan and manage your campaign? It’s high time to hire SEO specialist from IndyLogix for your website. Yet not satisfied and still got a question? Hire SEO Consultant from IndyLogix to help you with it.

  • How much does it cost to hire SEO expert?

    The cost to hire SEO expert depends on multiple factors such as:

    • Hire dedicated SEO expert team/Freelancer: whether you hire SEO expert team working on the site or it’s a freelancer.
    • Skills & Specialities: whether the agency/freelancer provide basic service such as SEO Audits, Guest Posting, On-Page On-Site SEO, & Link Building or agency/freelancer carries out other website boosting services like eCommerce SEO, Enterprise SEO, Web Design & Development, & Digital PR as well.
    • Location: location determines the SEO service pricing. For example, an SEO campaign would be costlier that targets New York City in comparison to a campaign that targets New Delhi, when you hire SEO experts.
    • Engagement Model: whether the agency/freelancer is being hired on an hourly basis or monthly basis; and, whether the agency/freelancer is being hired on a one-time basis or for a project.

    When clients hire dedicated SEO experts from IndyLogix, they are assured of an organic, comprehensive, cost-effective SEO campaign that is result-oriented and ensures a better ROI for the clients. Check out the testimonials & review section to see what our clients have to say when they hire SEO specialists from IndyLogix. Have a rough plan for the campaign? No worries, hire SEO consultant to guide you throughout the process.

  • Will you guarantee the top SEO ranking for my website if I hire SEO expert from your company?

    When clients hire SEO experts of IndyLogix they are assured to be worry-free. IndyLogix believes in 100% transparency & authenticity with its clientele and distance itself from making any fictitious claims.

    When an agency/freelancer claims to guarantee the top SEO ranking for the website either they’re making bogus claims or they’re using the black hat technique to generate traffic on the website, but such traffic is for a temporary period.

    According to a study, Google carries out minor search algorithm updation 500 times a year and major algorithm updation almost 7 times a year.

    When clients hire dedicated SEO experts from IndyLogix, the clients are promised dedicated professional resources providing authentic, transparent, and communicative service.

    Want to see the chart going north? Hire SEO expert from IndyLogix and get the ball rolling. Still doubtful? Hire SEO Consultant from IndyLogix to resolve your doubts.

  • How will I track the progress of work if I hire SEO expert?

    Businesses hire SEO specialists from IndyLogix often because our team provides ideation for the implementation of the SEO campaign keeping the stakeholders in the loop.

    When clients hire dedicated SEO experts from IndyLogix, our highly-proficient SEO campaign managers perform and share the SEO Audit report, Link Profile analysis report, optimized Content Analytics report, suggestions for improvement, and give admin access to CMS/Analytics platform to the client for client satisfaction.

    Worried about how your campaign will be handled? Hire SEO Expert from IndyLogix and have a laid-back attitude while we manage the campaign. Got a persistent doubt? Hire SEO Consultant from IndyLogix to help you sail through it.

  • Why should I hire dedicated SEO experts? What are the perks?

    Upon hiring dedicated SEO experts there are multiple perks related to them:

    When clients hire dedicated SEO experts the clients can focus on their business without having to divide their focus as they would have dedicated SEO professionals working on their site.

    When the clients hire SEO specialists, the SEO professionals would monitor the site and manage the campaigns effectively as they have the relevant experience to use analytics in a better way.

    SEO experts have dedicated professional resources at their disposal to develop, manage, & maintain the campaign which ensures better efficiency.

    The client when they hire dedicated SEO experts is relieved from bearing the handsome cost of tools and knowledge required.

    Ready to get started? Contact us now and hire SEO specialists from the best in the industry. Got a question or two? Hire SEO Consultant from IndyLogix to help you with it and get you started.

  • What does an SEO expert do?

    When the client hire SEO expert, the SEO expert improves a website’s elements to guarantee better customer experience, increased website clicks, prospect volume, and improved brand recognition so that desired results can be attained. Hire dedicated SEO experts from IndyLogix and achieve the long-awaited impetus to the business. Still not satisfied? Hire SEO Consultant to consult you with the end-to-end solution.

  • Why SEO is important for my website?

    SEO refers to activities and endeavors we incorporate to secure a higher rank for our website on search engine result pages. The main intent of SEO optimization is to generate a good amount of organic traffic, which in turn directs to increased revenues and profits. SEO is significant since it ensures that search engine searches are appropriate. The better you rank on SERPs, the more visitors, and interactions your website will acquire. Hire SEO Experts from IndyLogix to boost sales and revenue. Got a question? Hire SEO Consultant to decode your queries.

  • Can you name a few tools that you use for SEO?

    Our tech-savvy team utilizes cutting-edge technology and reliable tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdWords, Ahrefs, Moz, Monitor Backlinks, Buzzsumo, SEMRush, etc. to develop, deploy, & manage the SEO campaign.

    Want to hire dedicated SEO experts to manage your campaign? Hire SEO Specialist from IndyLogix to execute the result-delivering campaign. Want to know more? Hire SEO Consultant to help with it.

  • Will I get free SEO consultation before I hire SEO specialist?

    Yes, before the client decides to hire dedicated SEO experts from us, they are provided free SEO consultation from our seasoned SEO specialists. Our team carries out extensive discussions with the client to understand the business requirement, and to solve the queries thereof before developing a tailored campaign for the client.

    Hire SEO Consultant to validate the idea and get the campaign running. Want to level up? Hire SEO Experts from IndyLogix to unlock the next level.

  • For how long have you been working in the industry? How many specialists will be provided when the agency hire SEO Specialist?

    IndyLogix has been in IT Development, Internet Marketing & related services for over a decade. We are a committed team of 20+ SEO specialists with adept technical knowledge & understanding, working dedicatedly to bestow clients with satisfactory services. We have 270+ clients from all over the globe with an over 97% client retention rate who have successfully completed 2400+ projects & campaigns.

    Still got a question? Hire SEO Consultant to answer your questionnaires. Ready to hit the charts? Hire SEO Specialist from IndyLogix to get your numbers to snowball.

  • Which sector is benefitted when they hire SEO experts from IndyLogix?

    We at IndyLogix have 10+ years of SEO experience and have provided end-to-end SEO services such as consultation, research, strategy creation, and auditing to various business & industry verticals such as:

    • Healthcare Industry
    • Banking & Finance Industry
    • Retail & eCommerce Industry
    • Media & Entertainment Industry
    • Education & eLearning Industry
    • Travel & Tourism Industry
    • Logistics & Transport Industry

    From the industry and seeking to hire dedicated SEO experts? Hire SEO Specialist from IndyLogix and get delivered with a result-oriented campaign. You’re not from the above industry vertical? Don’t Worry! Hire SEO Consultant from IndyLogix and discuss the project with them, our team will surely help out with the idea.

  • Can you give a summary of your SEO process when we hire SEO experts?

    When clients hire SEO specialists from IndyLogix they are assured of a solid campaign that adheres to a streamlined campaign process. Our SEO campaign looks like this:

    • Consultation: At this stage, our SEO Experts discuss extensively with the client and understand the business idea to craft a customized campaign.
    • Consultation: After consultation, our proficient team perform strategy creation of the campaign goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) of the campaign.
    • Consultation: Here, our team carries out in-depth keyword research and performs competition analysis before integrating the keyword in the content to construct a full-proof campaign instead of a trial-and-error campaign.
    • Consultation: Our team at this stage analyzes and audits the content and analytics. Also, our team in a synchronizing manner work on the backlinks and related operations.
    • Consultation: Here our team carries out optimization and works on creating backlinks, local SEO, eCommerce SEO, etc.

    Not sure about the campaign? Hire SEO Consultants from IndyLogix to validate the idea and see the campaign going north. Want to hire dedicated SEO experts to execute an SEO Campaign? Hire SEO experts to fabricate the campaign and get started.

  • What other marketing techniques our organization will be provided when we hire dedicated SEO experts?

    When clients hire dedicated SEO experts from IndyLogix they are served with a spectrum of services even if it means going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure client satisfaction. Our SEO team apart from the campaign provide worthwhile services such as Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Backlink Outreach, Google My Business Management, and LinkedIn Lead Generation, and more such services. Hire dedicated SEO experts to enjoy a multitude of services and be success ensured. Feeling confused about what service to opt for? Hire SEO Consultant from IndyLogix and let them guide you through it.

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Looking for other Services ?

Other services that enhance the efficiency of your digital product are attainable from us.

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