Is your website broken after updating WordPress 5.5? Let’s discuss the jQuery issue in details and how to fix it.

What changes made?

WordPress 5.5 killed jQuery Migrate, a device that WordPress has included for a long time to help theme & plugins with obsolete code despite everything run appropriately. By turning jQuery Migrate off, numerous theme & plugins no longer work appropriately, which can bring about broken sites. Also, you can set Auto-Update Feature for Themes and Plugins – WordPress 5.5 to avoid manual updates or broken site issues.

Why WordPress remove jQuery migrate?

More established forms of jQuery are not, at this point upheld, so WordPress needs to refresh coding norms. As WordPress gets ready to make the progress to refreshing to the most recent bolstered variant of jQuery, evacuating jQuery Migrate was a necessary initial step to ensure theme & plugins are updated and done utilizing belittled code.

How to fix it a jQuery issue?

  • jQuery Migrate Helper Plugin

Enable JQuery Migrate helper plugin will re-empower the jQuery Migrate tool that was evacuated in WordPress 5.5, and give you data about what theme & plugins may be acting mischievously.

  • Use Brower Console

The jQuery Migrate Helper module will likewise yield blunder messages in your program comfort to assist you with distinguishing which theme or plugins have broken your site. Just note that investigating along these lines is more specialized.