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    Blog creation is one of the most important components of SEO that aids in the enhancement of traffic your website is getting from Google. However, only blog creation is not enough, in fact, keeping a track of your audience and traffic is equally important to perform a successful SEO activity. This is where Google Search Console comes into existence. 

    Google Search Console has become a necessity for any firm looking to gain enhanced website traffic from their favorite search engines. 

    Although this article is aiming to show how you can set up Google Search Console for your blog, if you are not sure about what exactly Google Search Console is and what are the reasons to adopt it, read our article from top to bottom to get the most out of it.

    What is Google Search Console

    Google Search Console is a free tool offered by Google that aids you to determine many important things regarding your website such as

    1. The amount of traffic your website is gaining from Google.
    2. Your top ranking keywords.
    3. The errors detected by Google on your site as well as their severity.
    4. The keyword queries people are using to find your site on Google and so on.

    How to Set Up Google Search Console for Your Blog

    To accomplish this, you can simply create an account to the search console and link your blog with the same. Let us begin with the details

    Create a free Google Search Console Account

    Go to Google webmaster tools. Create a free account. Now, add your website property. Ensure to add the correct version of your website to the console. Click ‘Add’

    Verify ownership

    You must have navigated to the verification page where you will get a few points to verify.

    As given in the picture, a recommended method is given for you in which you can upload an HTML file to the server. This means that you are required to upload the HTML verification file in the root folder of the website. You will get this in the Cpanel of the web hosting account. This method can be a bit difficult for those having less familiarity with the code. However, other verification methods are also available for you to ease the task which we will see as under

    Alternative Methods to Verify Your Google Search Console Property

    Go to ‘Alternate methods’

    As shown in the picture, you can see a number of available options on the screen in which the first one is the easiest one. Just copying and pasting the meta tag in the <head> section of your site is all that you need to do. 

    Add the meta tag to your website and verify Google Search Console

    You are required to simply copy the complete line of code shown in the picture and paste it to the <head> section of your website.

    If you have created your site using WordPress then you can make use of ‘Insert headers and footers’ plugin to accomplish the task. If you are using the  ‘Yoast SEO’ plugin then the meta tag can be pasted in the ‘Webmaster Tools’ tab as shown in the picture. This is the simplest and the clearest method of doing the job if you are on WordPress.

    I hope the above steps will make you set up and verify your ‘Google Search Console’ account. Now you have to wait for a few weeks to allow the tool to collect sufficient data for you.

    Now, let’s have a look at the most important reasons that will encourage you to set up Google Search Console for your blog.

    Reasons to set up Google Search Console for your blog

    Setting up a Search Console for your blog aids you with a number of benefits. These benefits can be seen as under

    Your blog can be found by submitting the sitemap to Google

    The tool enables you to present the sitemap of your blog to Google. A Sitemap is nothing but a systematic listing of all the pages present on your site. It is used by web crawlers such as Google to list your site as well as learn what it is all about.

    Enhanced search appearance

    Google Search Console provides a tool called Data Highlighter, which permits you to provide more insight to Google about the setup of your website. The more knowledge Google will be having about your website, the better will be the search appearance. 

    You can get to know about the search terms people are utilizing to search your blog

    Google Search Console enables you to obtain valuable information such as the search terms people utilized to get your website. You can utilize this information to plan your upcoming content surrounding these search terms.

    Final Words

    Google Search Console has been constructed to efficiently track the performance of your website. You can get a variety of important information with the help of your Google Search Console account. You can easily come across the growing numbers of crawl mistakes that are required to be fixed immediately. You can also track the particular keyword that needs extra attention due to the falling rankings. In addition to getting this type of data, Google Search Console also provides you mail notifications about the new errors observed in the same. This way you can easily track what portions of your website require improvements.

    Hence, it is recommended for one and all having a website/websites to learn how to make use of it.

    Meanwhile, if you need more assistance or looking to hire experienced SEO experts to drive adequate traffic towards your website as well as improve its overall performance with the help of the latest tools, you can get in touch with our team right away!