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    The evolvement of smartphones has completely altered the view of application development. Today, everyone is looking for such kinds of apps that not just serve the purpose greatly but are mobile-friendly as well. This is due to the fact that the number of individuals utilizing mobile devices to access the internet is more than double the number of individuals utilizing desktop devices for the same. Hence, the demand for Mobile Applications Development is also raised significantly as a result.

    Looking at the scenario, businesses are constantly looking for innovative technologies that can aid them in creating mobile applications in a more productive and enhanced way. One of the most popular names that has gained too much attraction in this respect is Angular JS.

    Angular JS is a framework that is serving as one of the excellent platforms for developing web, as well as, mobile applications at the present date due to which the demand for Angular JS developers is seen rising day by day.

    In this article, we are aiming to introduce you with the main features of Angular JS that can bound you to choose the amazing framework for developing your next mobile app but before this let’s have a brief introduction of Angular JS.

    Angular JS – A Brief Introduction

    Angular JS is a javascript MVC framework that has stretched traditional HTML to a great extent by incorporating a number of new attributes. The framework is an innovation of the highly reputable brand in the field of IT ‘Google’ and is already adopted by a number of organizations. The introduction of Angular JS has simplified the entire process of development and testing to a great extent. 

    Main Reasons To Choose Angular JS For Your Next Mobile Application

    The framework is comprised of a number of unique features because of which it has become one of the top choices among the developer community for developing web as well as mobile applications. Let us discuss these features in detail

    1. Angular JS permits the utilization of existing data

    One of the most prominent features of the framework is that it permits the application developers to utilize their existing databases without any boundations. 

    2. Angular JS helps to develop an expressive user interface

    Angular JS encourages the use of HTML which is an extremely clear and spontaneous markup language that does not introduce much complexities to the codes. Hence, the applications developed using Angular JS are extremely interactive and prone to better user-friendliness. 

    3. Angular JS makes the development faster

    The framework lets developers to accomplish the development task by drafting only a few lines of code. The framework also provides a code reusability feature that enables developers to reuse the same lines of code drafted before. This ultimately aids in saving a hell lot of development time and making the application development much faster. 

    4. Angular JS supports modularity of the code

    Modularity, in software engineering, to the idea of creating various modules and then connecting them to develop the whole system. Modularity facilitates the reusability of code and lessen duplication. Angular JS encourages the idea of modularity and moreover, it has the capability of identifying when an additional module is required and joins it with the application automatically.

    5. Angular JS is open source

    As AngularJS is an open-source, it is simpler to modify the source code for meeting the customer needs. Also, it allows the creation of custom applications in a cost-effective manner. 

    6. The simple MVC architecture

    AngularJS’s Model View Controller (MVC) architecture is simplistic enough to create dynamic  applications having a lot of components and complex requirements.  The MVC divides the logic, process, and user interface associated with the application into several distinct modules hence making the development of apps simple and smooth as well as improving the code quality at the same time. Hire AngularJS Developer to build a strong and scalable MVC architecture.

    7. Angular JS eases the testing overhead

    The framework proffers a very healthy testing compatibility for both unit as well as end-to-end testing that incorporates a great ease and flexibility to the testing chore associated with any stage of the development. 

    8. Angular JS provides enhanced support for application security

    Looking at the constant rise appearing in cyberattacks, the application security has become one of the top concerns of the organizations at the present date. AngularJS has reduced these anxieties to a great extent by incorporating the  HTTP interface. Moreover, the framework too allows developers to blend external security systems with their Angular applications.

    9. Angular JS provides two-way data binding

    Angular JS provides a two-way data binding feature which means that any modifications introduced to the objects of the application are instantly reflected to the user-interface and any modifications introduced to the user interface are instantly reflected to the objects. 

    10. Angular JS provides an enhanced user experience and functionality

    The outstanding features provided by Angular JS remarkably enhances the functionality of the app. The features also contribute to significantly improving the end-user experience thus making the application more reliable. Moreover, the framework also permits the developers to obtain the required results just by performing a few manipulations over HTML and Java codes.

    11. Angular JS facilitates easy collaboration

    The success of any given project does not only depend on a particular developer/developers, in fact, it is the entire team who is responsible for the success/failures of a project. Hence, easy collaboration among the team members is crucial to guarantee a steady development process. The framework has a feature known as Dependency Injection that facilitates easy collaboration among the members associated with the project. 


    Angular JS has traveled a long distance since its first launch in 2009. The framework is already serving as a great tool to develop amazing web applications in a variety of domains such as eCommerce, mCommerce, Whether apps, Travel apps, Social apps and so on and now, slowly and gradually, it is grabbing the market of Mobile App Development as well and all the credit goes to the endless number of features it has to serve. The Mobile Application Development in Angular JS has eased the life of Mobile Application Developers by making them free from observing the codes required to fulfill the desired goals. 

    So, if you are planning to develop your next application and still not considered this amazing framework, do think about it before proceeding and get in touch with our team of experts to get the flawless application!