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Your Diligent Instagram
Marketing Agency

IndyLogix Solutions is the leading Instagram marketing agency that has helped startups become global brands with its Instagram marketing services. From the healthcare sector to the media and entertainment industry to the travel and tourism domain, we have helped a number of businesses and enterprises from distinct industry verticals across the world.

The reason why clients opt us for Instagram marketing services is a team of 50+ professionals, dab hand in various processes of the service who utilize their years of domain understanding and technical knowledge to ace the task. Simply put, if you're looking for an Instagram marketing agency, then IndyLogix Solutions is the agency to place the bet at.

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Perks of Investing
Instagram Marketing Services in india?

01Great for Brand Building

One of the significant perks of making a marketing investment on Instagram marketing services is quality brand building. Unlike other social media platforms, every brand can tap into communities and create specific activation with Instagram, which helps with organic brand building.

Great for Brand Building

02Extra Features for Business Account

Instagram introduced business profile features in 2016, and since then, many businesses and corporations have made a switch over to it owing to the benefits, including access to Instagram insights, the ability to add a contact button, give some profile gravitas and much more.

Extra Features for Business Account

03Targeted Advertising Option

Instagram ads utilize the Facebook advertising system, which provides the most advanced targeted advertising option to brands and businesses. Brands can specify their target audience on location, demographic, behavior, previous interactions, and more, enabling brand awareness and augmenting brand perception while streamlining brand marketing efforts.

Targeted Advertising Option


With Instagram marketing services, brands can keep an eye on the right Instagram metrics and track the performance on Instagram to check what is working and what is not according to the marketing objective.


Instagram SEO Facts?


1 Billion

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users (MAUs).


Gen X

not Gen Z is the fastest growing Instagram audience. In 2021, it recorded a 63.6% increase in audience base.



higher engagement rate for posts on Instagram in comparison to tweets on Twitter. It's 13.5X for posts on Facebook.



hashtags on a post can actually hamper engagement rate.



Instagram story ads are predicted to bring in $16 billion in annual revenue for Instagram.



more like for posts on Instagram that include a face compared to posts without it.

Myth 101: Instagram Marketing Services Would Be Costly

It can be cheaper than the Starbucks Café Americano 😜

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Comprehensive Instagram
Marketing Services


What Makes Us TOP Instagram Marketing
Company in USA?

Great Professional Resource

Owing to our innovative and talented workforce, IndyLogix Solutions is regarded as the best Instagram advertising agency in the USA and India. We attract the top talent and train them to understand their individual role and work well together with others to meet the client's varied requirements in a quick turnaround time.

Good Communication

One thing our client's experience when working with us: is effective communication. As an Instagram marketing agency, we employ multiple lines of communication to keep the client in the loop about the campaign. Also, we provide monthly briefings and reporting about metrics and KPIs to allow for data-driven decision making.

Keep Up with The Trends

Social media trends and especially Instagram trends, constantly keep changing. Therefore, as an Instagram marketing agency, we identify relevant social media trends and keep up with them to ensure our clients stay ahead of their competition and avail novel opportunities to advertise the brand and capture more attention.


Another important aspect of our Instagram marketing services is accessibility. So, when the client signs up for Instagram marketing services, we are readily available round-the-clock to discuss the idea/project further, solve any pertaining query, or discuss project associated metrics to mitigate any discrepancy in the services and ensure the best ROI.

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SEO Approach


How Will Instagram Marketing Services Experts Help
You Grow Business?

  • Research Industry

    Our Instagram marketing services team carries out research on broad categories such as brand research, competitor research, consumer segmentation research, etc., including many more to procure data and explore it for the client's benefit.

  • Determine Target Audience

    At this stage, our digital marketing team performs a lined up step-by-step process to identify and determine the target audience and aim to turn them into customers.

  • Create Engaging Content

    Here, our team curates and creates content that appeals to the audience's eyes and grabs their attention and connects with them emotionally, which encourages them to reach out and learn more about the brand.

  • Monitoring Analytics

    In order to streamline the marketing objective and get more engagement and followers, our Instagram marketing services team will track the results of the campaign and utilize the numbers for marketing strategy.

Get Your Website Health Report

We provide your website health report within 24 hours. Just drop your email and website urls. Sit back and Relax!


What to Expect
When Working With Us?

Offer Set Services

01. Offer Set Services

Instagram marketing services is a big field, so to make it easy for the client to avail services, as an Instagram marketing agency, we offer an array of different services. Clients can choose the services and scale of work for a flat rate. Also, we sign contracts and retainer agreements (optional) for long-term connection with the client.

Clear KPIs

02. Clear KPIs

Once we get to know about the brand, marketing objective, and pain points, we define and determine KPIs to help with decision-making and get an integrated overview of the flow of processes.


03. Transparency

Transparency makes trust possible, and as a trustworthy Instagram marketing company, we install transparency as an essential foundation for future prospects with clients. We strategically provide behind-the-scenes information to enable our clients to trust our product and our approach.


04. Availability

At IndyLogix Solutions, it's our policy to be available round-the-clock and respond as timely as possible according to the situation to fulfill the client’s needs and keep the service available.

Regular Reporting

05. Regular Reporting

As an Instagram advertising agency team, we regard the aspect of reporting as incredibly important. Subsequently, we provide quantified monthly reporting and briefing to evaluate the campaign and help develop future forecasts, marketing plans, and more to improve the ROI further.

We Work With

We Serve

Owing to the changing needs and rising competition in the digital realm, businesses & enterprises need to outperform their competition innovatively to sustain in the sector. As a professional SEO services company, we serve clients of varying types, sizes, and sectors, and we take pride in helping our clients beat the competition. We render our domain proficiency to clients from a multitude of sectors but are not limited to:

Health Care Industry web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

There is a booming demand for online healthcare services. Want health enthusiasts able to find your website online? Let a professional SEO services company do it for you.

Banking and Finance
Banking and Finance Industry web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Websites that rank top on the result page assures websites’ reliability & credibility, and the banking & finance sector can be no extra-terrestrial to it. The online visitor should come to know about the plans, services, offers the banking & finance sector has to offer, to avail benefits and help the client be ahead of the curvature. Employ a professional SEO services company to help you with it.

Retail & eCommerce
Retail and E-commerce Business web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

The shopping realm is getting digitized and online retail & eCommerce websites are to gain the advantage. We can help boost the retail & eCommerce stores’ ranking on the SERPs, which helps in delivering much-awaited sales figures. Connect with the top-ranked SEO company in USA & India to bask in amped-up sales statistics.

Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Online presence is intrinsic for the recreation & entertainment industry to stay relevant in the sector, as an inconspicuous presence can cause loss of opportunities. As a professional SEO services company, trust us to yield an unerring digital demeanor.

Education & elearning
Education & ELearning web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

There is a growing demand for online education and the search for it begins online. Our customized SEO strategy enables the education platform to rank higher on search engine result pages. Knowledge knows no boundaries, so why your knowledge-parting platform should?

Travel & tourism
Travel & Tourism web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Traveling plans begin online and it is vital to be present where the targeted audience is. To do that, the website should be optimized to help deliver a memorable trip. Let the most renowned SEO company in USA & India build an SEO strategy, because “revenge travel” do exist.

Logistics & transport
Logistic & Transport web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Logistics & Transport sector serves globally, so should be their online presence. Logistics & Transport sector is getting competitive, so a tailored SEO marketing strategy will put you a step ahead of the competition. Let the technical resource from a professional SEO services company enable your reach to expand exponentially.





  • What is Instagram marketing?

    Instagram marketing is a kind of social media marketing involving Instagram as a platform to target the core customer/potential customer base and showcase the brand's products/services.

  • Why choose IndyLogix Solutions for Instagram marketing services?

    IndyLogix Solutions have come a long way to establish itself as the top Instagram marketing agency owing to the factors, including

    • Relevant Experience - From our inception in 2011, IndyLogix Solutions has been into Instagram marketing services and has provided comprehensive services to our clients, resulting in over 97% client retention rate.
    • Distinct Business Verticals - We have successfully collaborated with multiple brands and businesses from distinct industrial domains to deliver mutually satisfying results. Our valuable clients hail from:
      • Healthcare Sector
      • Banking and Finance Sector
      • Retail and eCommerce Sector
      • Media and Entertainment Sector
      • Education and eLearning Sector
      • Travel and Tourism Sector
      • Logistics and Transport Sector
    • Professional Resource - We have an in-house team of 50+ professionals proficient in various services.
    • All-In-One Services - At IndyLogix Solutions, we provide end-to-end Instagram marketing services. No aspect of the project ever leaves the house to be outsourced.
    • Flexible Engagement Model - We offer a flexible collaboration model to our clients. They can hire dedicated resources on an hourly/monthly/per-project basis or on a fixed/non-fixed price quote model.
    • Line of Communication - As a credible Instagram marketing company, we leverage various lines of communication, including Skype, Email, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • How can we get started with Instagram marketing services?

    To get started with Instagram marketing-

    • Switch to a business profile.
    • Set marketing goals.
    • Determine target audience.
    • Perform market competitor analysis.
    • Configure the editorial calendar.
    • Consistent content posting.
    • Check Instagram insights and analytics.
    • Tweak the campaign.

    Or else, one can hire an Instagram marketing agency like IndyLogix Solutions to perform Instagram marketing services for them and let them focus on other aspects of the business.

  • Why is Instagram marketing important for businesses?

    Undeniably, Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms globally. According to Hootsuite, there are 1.22 billion monthly active users (MAUs) on Instagram, which apparently presents a business opportunity to global brands. Other reasons include:

    • It boosts brand awareness and visibility.
    • It offers a chance to engage with your community.
    • Provide valuable insights and feedback.
    • It's a form of visual marketing.
    • Lastly, competitors are already there.
  • How much do Instagram marketing services cost?

    Instagram marketing services can cost anywhere between $3000 to $2 million depending on factors, including:

    • In-house marketing team or outsourcing it to an Instagram marketing company
    • Engagement model
    • Frequency of posting
    • Quality of posting
    • Degree of difficulty
    • Client's sector and many more.
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