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    An Introduction To Vue.js

    Vue.js is an advanced javascript framework that was designed for creating user interfaces and single-page web applications. It is an open-source Javascript framework that possesses a versatile architecture. Vue.js holds higher than 148k stars on Github at the current date that tells the entire story about its popularity. It can be combined very easily with large projects to make the web development process an ease. 

    For creating a single page application Vue js is excessively powerful to couple with advanced tools and provided libraries. It primarily concentrates on the outermost layer of the application called ‘view layer ‘where the user info is saved by the application. Vue js is a  framework by java that is easy and simple to use. It is suitable to mingle with other libraries and frameworks as well. Vue.js is a completely unique and lightweight framework with fewer complications to understand.

    The Most Important Features Of Vue.js

    Vue.js holds a number of specific features that can bound you to choose it as your next framework. These features can be seen as under

    Virtual Dom

    Any changes made in the Vue are not immediately shown in the DOM, in fact, a replica of DOM is generated in the form of the javascript data structure. Whenever the modifications are required to be performed, they are performed in the javascript of the data structure. This is then compared with the foremost data structure that eventually aids in preserving a lot of time. 

    Easily Adoptable

    It is simple to combine Vue js with other available frameworks as the Vue.js central library is largely concentrates on the data part of the display layer. Hence, users can combine the Vue.js library with the other framework libraries in an on-going project effortlessly.


    One of the major features of Vue.js is its strength to reuse the elements. These elements aid you to expand the basic HTML to encapsulate the reusable code. 

    Two-way binding

    Vue proffers both input and output data binding with the v-model directive to make quality elements and inputs. Vue can recreate the elements in a conventional way as the input types require.

    Lower learning curves

    Vue.js can be easily adopted by the developers working with HTML. Hence, it is becoming highly popular among the beginners as well as the individuals who are new to the application development.

    An Introduction To Laravel

    Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that has appeared as one of the most favorite framework amongst the developers in the recent times. This framework includes a rich and strong syntax that ultimately contributes to developing efficient web applications very swiftly and easily. It eases the basic tasks such as routing, caching, authentication, and sessions to a great extent hence making the job of the developers easy. This framework possesses a very strong set of features that eventually contributes towards converting the development process to ease.

    The Most Important Features Of Laravel

    The list of the most important and powerful features of Laravel that contributes towards making it one of the highly adopted frameworks among the developers is as below

    Template Engine

    Laravel framework contributes numerous built-in lightweight templates that support in making beautiful designs by joining unique and powerful content. It also presents many widgets containing CSS and JS code with sound structures. These templates support in forming elegant designs for both simplistic as well as complex pages.


    Laravel framework offers a great command-line tool called Artisan. This tool allows developers to automate a huge amount of monotonous programming chores. Artisans can also be used to make the structure of a database, composing a code, and control migration. Furthermore, it can also generate significant MVC files by the command-line and helps in managing them as well as their respective configurations. Furthermore, Artisan permits developers to create their private commands and employ them whenever required.

    Automatic Package Delivery

    Adding packaged was not that easy in Laravel prior to the inauguration of its 5.5 version which appeared with an added feature called Automatic Package Discovery. This feature of the Laravel framework is smart to automatically identify the packaged that is required to be installed. This aids in increasing the comfort for the developers to install the required packages. However, it is also permissible to turn-off the Automatic Package Discovery feature if not needed.

    Database Migration

    The Laravel database migration system can expand the database structure of a web application without the necessity to recreate it whenever the alterations are injected into the code. This feature significantly diminishes the possibility of losing valuable data. Moreover, it permits the developer to alter the database structure by manipulating the PHP code rather than practicing SQL. The structure builder of Laravel assists in creating the database tables and attaching columns to them without any trouble.

    Easy to get started

    Often, people start using Laravel due to the fact that it is simple and comfortable to get started with. Even a website consist of five or more pages can be quickly created in a few hours by using this framework. Moreover, the developer can work with this framework even if it is not too good in PHP basics. 

    Reasons To Use Vue With Laravel

    Although Vue.js and Laravel, both originate from distinct programming languages and appear irrelevant but still Vue.js grants support to Laravel in a number of ways. 

    Modern web applications are event-driven. They are designed in such a way that users enjoy a seamless experience as if they are working on an application installed on their computer. All the modifications can occur on the frontend now and users are not required to reload a page again.

    When an application is created with Vue components, every component’s dependencies are automatically chased during its render, so the system understands perfectly which component is actually required to be renewed when there is a modification in the data. This allows all the modifications to the DOM to utilize minimum resources, thereby enhancing the overall application performance.

    Vue js is a growing JavaScript framework that can contribute a more comfortable and interactive experience and Laravel can take very good care of the development process, by making usual chores such as the authentication, routing, sessions, and caching an ease.

    Vue gives you the ability to break a webpage into segments, containing its own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript needed to execute that portion of the page and Laravel’s important features comprise an awesome ORM, comfortable routing, robust library, easy authentication and so on.

    To join these two dominant frameworks into a single project is not a simplistic job. It requires a combination of exceptional skill and experience to connect the two and develop an outstanding web application. 

    Contact us now and find the most brilliant minds in the area to establish a team of Laravel developers who can create a swift functional base for your web application and the Vue js developers who can build a stronger and attractive user interface for your web application!