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    Planning to develop an online store? You must be thinking whether you should hire a laravel developer or opt for a ready-made CMS like WordPress to achieve the goal.

    Whenever you plan to develop a new eCommerce platform or want to improve the existing one, the biggest question you always come across is which framework or language should be used due to the availability of a number of options. Whatever choice you make, it should guarantee a well-protected and appealing app as it is the primary demand of today. 

    Read our full article to ease your confusion as this article is aimed at providing you all the necessary details that will ultimately help you to make the right decision. Let us start.

    The Optimal Choice Between Laravel And A Ready-Made CMS

    Though Laravel is a framework that possesses a number of unique features including scalability, performance optimization, clean code, and so on that aid you in creating online stores, price comparison websites, marketplaces, and so on in a better way still some businesses opt for ready-made CMS such as Drupal, WordPress, and Laravel based October with an aim to ease the content management as well as compress the development duration. As a result, they end up wasting a large amount of money on the customization and maintenance of the website. Hence, going for Laravel Web Development rather than adopting ready-made CMSs that demand more effort and expertise looks like a better option.

    Main Reasons Behind Using Ready-Made CMS

    Readymade CMSs are popular among the business owners for a number of reasons.

    First of all, the presence of WooCommerce, a powerful WordPress plugin proffers all the important features required to convert a website into a fully functional online store or Magento, a complete-fledged content management system enables companies to automate a vast number of functionalities. They even permit users to manage several online stores in just one admin panel.

    Second, CMS solutions like WordPress, Drupal, and Magneto offer a large number of free and paid plugins that preserve you from the pain of creating the sections like contact forms and invoice generation modules from the beginning. They also offer numerous design themes that can be easily utilized by the developers without thinking much about the designing part.

    Third, these systems allow business owners to perform tasks such as adding products to the site, posting the blogs, modifying SEO data, and other tasks without taking much support from the developers. Hence, business owners can concentrate more on the business and less on web management.

    The Most Important Reasons To Use Laravel Framework for eCommerce Development

    Though the selection between the Laravel and a ready-made CMS purely depends on the individualistic choice of developers as there is no exact answer available till date but the use of the Laravel framework offers a number of advantages that are not given by any ready-made CMS particularly when you are looking to develop an eCommerce site. Few of these advantages can be seen as under:


    Laravel is a platform that offers excellent eCommerce solutions to assist different customer tasks and online payments to improve the shopping experience. Although none of the available options to develop eCommerce sites is 100% protected against online dangers but the level of security parameters that Laravel offers is not provided by any other platform.

    Nevertheless, the application’s security totally relies on the formulation of the application code composed by the developer. Hire Laravel Developer and improve your website security.


    Scalability is one of the extremely appreciated features in the development of an eCommerce site. Business owners are expected to add on products, suppliers & associated records to their online stores on a regular basis and they need a scalable app solution to achieve this.

    Moreover, the app is required to manage a tremendous number of users concurrently being an online store. Laravel eCommerce presents you with excellent scalable solutions that you can customize at any point as per your desires.

    Third-Party System Integration

    The framework presents modernized APIs that support the integration with a number of payment solutions like Stripe, PayPal, and Blockchain Wallet API. It also offers the facilities to integrate with back-office applications, mailing services, and analytics tools.

    Independent Operations

    The updations associated with the ready-made CMS often introduce undesired expenses and perform unnecessary changes in the website. However, the development of an independent eCommerce site erases all such issues and keeps you away from the stress associated with the updates of the site.

    Seamless Performance

    The framework employs a variety of tools such as Redis and Eloquent ORM that support developers to perform in-code caching, index databases, and decline storage utilization. Moreover, Laravel’s 5.5 supports the most advanced version of PHP i.e. PHP 7 that makes use of algorithmic programming and enables developers to acquire the functionality from the different PHP frameworks to enhance the website performance up to 70%.

    Why To Go For eCommerce Packages Provided By Laravel?

    The utilization of eCommerce packages for Laravel diminish the coding time and endeavors required to develop a basic online store. This feature adds a significant ease to your developmental jobs, gives it an immense hike, as well as assist you to accomplish the task in a better way. Coding in Laravel is not an easy chore and needs great technical expertise to built an effective eCommerce shop.

    Hence, choosing an eCommerce package for Laravel reduces your development time significantly and enables you to concentrate on other responsibilities at the same time. To summarise, eCommerce packages for Laravel provides a ready-made baseline for the developers to develop a modernized eCommerce platform.


    Although choosing the Laravel development or ready-made CMS for creating an eCommerce site is still a debate, many business owners are realizing the advantages of utilizing the Laravel framework to fulfill the purpose and opting for the same at a very high scale. 

    If you are also the one who wants to try the Laravel framework to enjoy the advantages and looking to hire Laravel Developer to develop an effective and fully-functional online store for your business, hire our Laravel developers today and ensure to create the best one!