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    Modern technology has permitted every one of us to conduct online training as and when we want. This not only serves the advantage of getting knowledge from or distributing knowledge to any part of the world without any geographical foundations but enables people to earn a good income as well while sitting at home. 

    The task is accomplished with the help of Learning Management Systems that allow the offering and management of online courses from anywhere, anytime. Although, several different learning management systems are available in the market at the present date the one that grabs swift attention is – Learn Dash.

    What is LearnDash?

    LearnDash is a leading learning management system created on top of WordPress. It is nothing but a WordPress plugin that enables you to generate online training programs that you can control in your own way. The plugin is packed with exceptional functionality required to create an outstanding e-learning program. 

    Learn Dash is not an individualistic LMS, in fact, it is an extension of WordPress. This means you need WordPress as a prerequisite if you want to establish an online course using Learn Dash.

    Prominent Features of LearnDash

    Learn Dash is packed with a hell lot of features required to create an efficient e-learning program. Few of them can be seen as under

    1. Learn dash enables you to track the progress of your trainees by providing access to various reports and statics.
    2. It can easily be integrated with WooCommerce, digital downloads, Paypal, Stripe, GravityForms, and other significant tools.
    3. It facilitates the breakdown of courses into different lessons, categories, quizzes, and so on. 
    4. It enables you to predefine the time for a particular lesson. This restricts the students from jumping to other lessons without completing the former.
    5. It enables the participants of a course to interact and talk with each other. This can aid them to find the solutions to their problems whenever they stuck at any point.
    6. It enables you to set distinct prices for distinct courses.
    7. You can restrict the users to view only those courses for which they are enrolled.

    Above are only a few however there is a lot more than you can experience while using Learn Dash.

    Advantages of using LearnDash/E-Learning

    Reduced costs

    The training sessions conducted with the help of the e-learning program such as learn dash allow trainers/trainees to save the costs associated with transportation etc. which is generally not possible in the case of traditional/physical classrooms.

    Effective utilization of the trainer’s time

     It frees the trainers from the overhead of taking redundant lectures again and again. With online training software like learn dash, a lesson can be created and stored at once, and then it can be utilized any number of times as required. This ultimately helps in saving a lot of time of the trainers.


    Trainees have the flexibility to learn as per their convenience without any strict rules and regulations that they have to follow while going with traditional classrooms.

    No more need for hardcopies and printing papers

    With online training, all the training materials are available and can be used in digital forms. This reduces or sometimes completely eliminates the need for hard copies or printing papers which are generally the most essential element of traditional classrooms. 

    Ease of tracking learner’s progress

    With an e-learning software such as learn dash, the determination and analysis of learner’s progress become very easy as the software provides access to several different reports and statics that can significantly aid you to better accomplish the task.

    No limitation on the number of trainees

    Traditional classrooms are prone to have a limitation on the number of students that can attend the class at one time. E-learning programs constructed with software such as learn dash have no such limitations on the other hand. 

    Prerequisites to create a successful online course

    Undoubtedly, learn dash is an excellent learning management system that can enable you to create an outstanding online course, however, the success of an online course does not only depend on the LMS you choose but it also depends on a number of factors that I am discussing below

    Think about the size of your target audience

    Before planning or launching any kind of e-learning program, it is mandatory to do proper research on the size of your target audience. No matter how good your course content is, how well it is presented, and how good the LMS is that you are using to generate the course if you do not have an adequate number of audience interested in the subject, it is not going to be successful for sure. Also, you have to be very clear about the age group and education level of your target audience before planning anything. 

    Think about the budget of your audience

    Suppose you have planned a very good course, you have an adequate number of audiences as well, but if the cost of your course is too high, the possibilities of people buying your course will become very less. Hence, before setting any prices for your course, thinking about the budgets of your students is highly crucial. 

    Providing adequate support to the trainees

    After getting enough audience on your course, you are required to be very responsible in providing demanded help to your trainees. Try to fulfil the expectations of your students as much as you can by facilitating them with the solutions to their problems. This is something that will help you to gain the trust of your students and encourage them to buy more and more from you.


    The concept of e-learning has exceptionally grown in recent years. 

    In fact, in the situation like COVID 19, when we are always bound with health concerns before stepping out of home, we are left with only one safe option of learning and that is e-learning.

    If you are also the one who wants to create an e-learning program and earn handsome money in the absence of physical classrooms, Learn dash is something that you should definitely try out once. 

    We, at Indylogix, are always committed to providing excellent services to our clients at affordable prices. Feel free to get in touch with our expert team of WordPress developers immediately whenever you need assistance!