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    A logo comprises the corporate identity for a company. It aids in enhancing the brand recognition among present and future clients. For an online business industry, a logo is a critical design element that indicates the ideas and values of any corporate website.

    Logo – The Introduction and Importance

    A logo is nothing but a graphic representation used to symbolize a company, product, service, or even a specific person (celebrity or professional). A different and unforgettable logo can aid a brand to stand separately from the masses and leave a unique impression in the minds of the audience.

    A logo can act as a seed for your entire blog or website design. It contributes towards making your blog or website look more professional and attractive.

    The Most Important Benefits Of A Logo

    A properly designed logo benefits a business in a number of ways. Few of them can be seen as under

    1. A logo facilitates a business to establish its corporate identity.
    2. It aids in increasing the brand awareness and making a company more famous among the audience.
    3. It enables a company to stand separately among the enormous crowd.

    Types Of Logos

    Logos are basically of three types which include icon, logotype/ wordmark, and combination marks. 

    1. Combination marks 

    Combination marks are the most common types of logos that involve an icon, a wordmark, and a company’s slogan(if available). These logos not only display the graphic symbol but the name of the brand as well. These logos are the most appropriate types of logos for WordPress websites as well as other options. However, it is more difficult to create such types of logos as making a picture look good along with the text requires more endeavors.

    2. Icon

    These logos represent only images without the involvement of any text. A number of leading brands like Apple and Shell have made themselves recognizable across the world by making use of iconic logos. The creation of these logos requires extraordinary designing skills as the designer is required to reveal the nature of the brand perfectly in a single picture without making use of any name or slogans of the brand.

    3. WordMark

    These types of logos give a unique style to the company or brand name without making use of any additional symbols or text. WordMark logos either make use of the full name of the company or its short forms. Proper selection of colors plays an important role in the creation of such types of logos.

    Characteristics Of A Quality Logo

    A quality logo is the one that fits in the following criteria

    1. Readability

     The fonts picked for creating the logo should be easy to read on all surfaces including websites, business cards, and billboards. Fancy and complex typography should be strictly avoided while creating the logos.

    2. Uniqueness

    The logo should be unique enough to easily draw the attention of viewers and capable to introduce itself distinctly among the crowds.

    3. Scalability

    The logo should look good across different screen sizes and platforms. 

    4. Simplicity

    The logo should be uncomplicated and simple to understand. It should be capable of clearly showing the key concept of your business.

    5. Longevity

    The logo should be made in such a way that it looks fresh and relevant over the decades.

    Selection Of Colors And Shapes While Creating A Logo

    The choice of colors is an important factor to consider while creating the logos as it defines how the public will observe it. The logos should not be made too colorful and it is good to create them with one or two shades as such logos look simple yet appealing. A white background is suitable to be chosen because of its versatility. Choosing a proper shape while creating a logo also holds its own importance. Circles and polygons are the most commonly used shapes however you can opt for triangles and squares as well.

    Selection Of Fonts While Creating A Logo

    A font is an indispensable part of a wordmark or combination mark type of logo. Hence, choosing the right font while creating these types of logos becomes extremely important. The choice of font should be such that it is easily readable across the screens of varied sizes. 

    Making use of too many fonts should be avoided as it may impact the readability. Testing the logo on different screen sizes after creation is highly suggested to ignore future problems.

    Steps For Creating A Logo For Your WordPress Website

    In order to create a logo, you can either make use of a logo creating service or design it by yourself.

    If you are opting to create a logo by yourself then you need fundamental designing skills and knowledge as well as a good graphic editor such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

    A more comfortable and quicker way of creating good quality logos for WordPress websites is making use of online logo generators such as Logaster.

    The steps for the same are as under

    • Provide your company’s name or brand, slogan (if you have), and your specialization.
    • Select the fonts as well as icons as per your choice.
    • Now you can modify the logo by adjusting fonts, colors, text size, and element arrangements to give it a better look. 
    • You can download a small-sized logo in your desired format free of cost or you can opt for purchasing a full-size logo.

    Steps For Adding A Logo To Your WordPress Website

    • Sign in to your WordPress dashboard.
    • Click on the Appearance option given on the left side.
    • Choose Customize.
    • Click on Site Identity option given in the left sidebar. The Site Identity panel will appear.
    • Click Select logo on the Site Identity panel.
    • Click on the Upload Files tab given in the Select Logo dialog box to upload the logo file.
    • You can either drag and drop a file or you can select a file from any location on your computer.
    • After the file is uploaded successfully, the media library tab with the uploaded file will be shown.
    • Fill in the required fields like title, caption, alt text and description, and click Select option
    • You can also crop the logo image as per your choice.
    • Click Save and Publish provided at the head of the Site Identity panel.

    If you want to go with a logo creating service and looking for expert designers to create unique and beautiful logos for your website, contact us for the best services as we have a very talented and experienced team of graphic designers to help you in the same!