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    The coronavirus is a disaster for the entire globe. It has drastically changed the entire world. There is a genuine health hazard in the world today in the name of COVID 19. Nearly 2.1 million confirmed cases are already reported with around 144, 000 deaths all over the world and the numbers are still rising. This deadly virus is affecting almost all the nations on earth. Although this virus is impacting nearly all constituents of life, the world is undergoing the most severe challenge after world war second from an economic point of view.

    COVID-19 has impacted the global, national, and regional marketing and advertisements at a very large scale. Marketers and customers are facing the same risk comprising wellness, social, and economic security which is not going to end too soon. Marketers are divided between the necessity to maintain their brands and remaining fully conscious about the actions to be taken during this unpleasant time. Factors such as working from home, staying indoors, looking for real-time news, managing kids at home, adjusting to homeschooling, neglecting congested areas, and concentrating on wellness first all have crucial effects on promotional and marketing efforts.

    The current situation is bounding the brands and their associates to think out of box and action instantly. The behavior transformations linked with the situation have provided solid opportunities for businesses to digitally interact with their customers higher than ever before. However, this incorporates the heightened responsibility of being both professionally as well as ethically responsible while employing digital marketing strategies.

    Although COVID 19 outbreak is extensively hitting businesses, jobs as well as health, it can make digital marketing to take a high jump ahead as an effect. With the effect of COVID 19, people are bound to stay indoors, use online resources, search for entertainment options, and so on. These factors are impacting Digital Marketing Trends to a great extent.

    Major Impacts of COVID 19 on Digital Marketing World

    The COVID 19 outbreak has impacted the digital world in several ways. Some of the significant effects of the outbreak of this life-threatening virus on the digital world are as under

    Alteration in Search Patterns

    Coronavirus has already been proved to be the most influential trend in the search history of Google. It has brought a lot of significant changes in the search patterns of users. Looking at the current scenario, people are directing more towards the information linked with this deadly virus.

    They are also focusing more on the economy and stock market-related information instead of focusing on other search items. Although other searches still exist, the searches linked with the coronavirus are on the top. This is a challenging situation for marketers as they are overloaded with the stress of creating a sensible and compassionate search strategy while targeting the correct keywords.

    Increment in Online Shopping of Basic Items

    Due to the lack of earnings and availability, people are concentrating more on the purchase of basic items like groceries, milk, vegetables, etc. instead of going for furniture, clothing, toys, and other non-essential items. However, it does not mean that the shopping of non-essential items has vanished completely. Consequently, the top online shopping companies like Amazon and others have moved their focus towards providing basic items first. But, it is expected that this situation will become normal soon despite the presence of COVID-19.

    The Rise in Content Consumption

    As people are sitting idle at home and looking for entertainment options, the use of streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix has increased tremendously. They are asked to lower the quality of their content recently to lessen the burden on web services which is a proof of their constant and excessive usage. An enormous increase in the usage of television, Whatsapp, and other video-heavy platforms is also observed in recent times. This kind of massive consumption of content is only going to rise as long as people are self-quarantined and they have no other work to do.

    Increased Usage of Social Media

    Looking at the current circumstances, social distancing is mandatory to save ourselves as well as our near and dear ones. Hence, people are left with only one way to keep them socialized and that is with the help of social media. As employees are working from home, they are also making extensive use of social media while taking breaks from work. Hence, the usage of social media has touched a new height in the latest time. The usage of social media will keep on rising as long as the governments will continue to put the cities in lockdown.

    Change in Channel Preference

    Smartphone, computer, and then TV is the sequence of preferences people are using to keep themselves informed of the situation as well as look for entertainment options. Hence, search engines, social media, and media websites will be the central point of marketing operations as long as the same situation persists.


    The current situation is in the support of digital marketers. It has provided a big chance for digital marketing to come forefront. The possibilities of viewing ads on social media or associating with Content Marketing blogs are much higher in the current situation with a large number of people online for a more prolonged time.

    There are some definite targets digital marketers can concentrate on based on the current situation that includes the goods in great demand, social media, websites having content related to sports which are likely to be popular in the absence of sports, and so on. However, the marketers are required not to panic, understand the trends, and then take small actions.

    Working in the digital industry is profitable because most of the resources required for the actions are obtainable on the internet. That is why several companies, including our team, have chosen to work remotely looking at the current scenario. Hence, if you are looking for a Digital Marketing Agency for any kind of assistance, please Contact Us. We are happy to help!