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IndyLogix is a top mobile app development company in the USA & India with decade-long experience in providing businesses with advanced yet affordable mobile app development services in an agile manner. Our in-house certified experts are proficient to perform mobile application development for platforms like Android, iOS, etc. Our development team is adept to perform native app development on Android, iOS, Swift as well as cross-platform app development on Flutter, React Native, Ionic, etc. integrated with multiple next-gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Chatbots, IoT, etc.

Our 50+ professionals carry out tailored mobile application development for clients with their versatile planning, evolutionary app development, time-adherence delivery of the app for deployment, to responsive service with continual improvement -required for further changes, update, or, the requirement of the app-. When businesses choose the top-rated custom mobile app development company, they get delivered with authentic, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective product which makes IndyLogix the most promising mobile app development services provider in the USA & India.

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We Excel at:

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Brisk Potential

Why Does Your
Business Need Mobile App?

Mobile App

Brand Visibility

In a fast-paced online marketplace where it matters to grab and attach the customers' attention to the product, a mobile application can be a deal-breaker. Having the brand's logo on the end-users phone will ensure better brand visibility to the consumer. If the business does not have a mobile app, it is high time to hire a custom mobile app development company to develop a mobile app.

Brand Visibility
Mobile App

Connect Better with End-user

The world is shifting from being web-dependant to being app-dependant, it is imperative to establish a connection with the potential customer. A mobile app that provides better-personalized service, engagement, and cross-platform compatibility to its end-user, connects better with them. If the mobile app lacks any of the requisites, the businesses may miss out on potential customers.

Connect Better with End-user
Mobile App

Better User Experience

According to Tokopedia, 60% of app users uninstall the mobile app within one month and 25% of apps are used only once. An interesting interactive experience, minimal navigation, smooth accessibility, and a glitch-free app form a better user experience for a customer. An enticing UI/UX design mobile app will set up a loyal audience for the business.

Better User Experience
Mobile App

Personalized Experience

There are millions of apps available on Google Play Store and App Store, but people choose a few apps over others. End-user prefers a dynamic app over a static app. When an app provides service beyond customization it proves to be more engaging which in return results in more sales. It’s crucial to provide a personalized experience to end-users.

Personalized Experience/ Personalization
Mobile App

Outperform Competition

A mobile app proves to have an advantage over competitors. Potential customers trust a brand more with an app than a brand without an app. A mobile app provides service remotely 24*7*365. Also, a mobile app provides analytics regarding potential customers which can be used for better personalization. A comprehensive mobile app with brilliant features and amazing utilities will give an edge to the business over competitors.

Outperform Competition
Mobile App

Effective Branding Tool

With the advent of Digital Marketing creating marketing avenues for brands, a mobile app has proved to be multi-purposeful. A mobile app not only reaches the audience anytime, anywhere, it also holds consumer data which can be used to increase brands visibility which in turn increases more sales conversions.

Effective Branding Tool
Mobile App

Sales Growth

A mobile app increases potential customer brand awareness and a better connection with them, but more importantly, it’s a revenue generation source. With the development of features such as in-app payment, in-app ad (by the third party), to freemium apps deployment, having a mobile app has boosted sales growth for brands.

Sales Growth
Mobile App

Better Customer Service

Mobile app has become a prominent tool of business marketing. It helps businesses provide efficient and time-effective customer service by expediting responses to queries and quick service related to them. It also reduces customer service response time exponentially which will create a better user experience.

Better Customer Service
Our Know-How

Mobile Application Development

01Application Consultation

We at IndyLogix believe in delivering the ideal solutions, and so, our mobile application development team offers tailored practical solutions for businesses. If there is a new project, we assess the feasibility, technological complexity, platform compatibility, business potential, and budget constraints of the project and offer a solution. If there is an already developed project, our team of adept business analysts and mobile application development team do the research, suggest changes, and implement them for the profitability of the business.

02Android App Development

IndyLogix provides superlative mobile app development services to new start-ups, business enterprises, eCommerce & Retail firms, & many others. Our honed mobile application development team has relevant experience and expertise to architect efficient, feature-rich, out-of-the-box solutions using cutting-edge technologies at our bay.

03iOS App Development

At IndyLogix, we follow a definite approach to developing an iOS mobile app. From planning to development to deployment to support, we provide end-to-end mobile app development services. Our developers offer a range of services that are known to be robust, scalable, secured, and innovative for our clients. We deliver superior products with spurring innovation that is compatible across iOS-driven devices.

04Native App Development

We as a custom mobile app development company provide a full mobile application development cycle as well as stand-alone service for operating system-specific native mobile applications. Our versatile development team helps businesses with crafting high-quality, glitch-free, user-friendly applications with impeccable navigation for Android and iOS platform.

05Cross-Platform App Development

IndyLogix being the top mobile app development company provides cross-platform mobile application development for various business and industry verticals. Our highly-proficient developers can engineer a high-end, comprehensive, and, a multi-platform compatible solution that will reduce time to market growth and development cost of the mobile app.

06Automated QA & Testing

We here at IndyLogix adhere to high-standard of testing. Our seasoned specialist undertakes rigorous functional tests, load & performance tests, security tests, usability tests, accessibility tests, and compliance test which is being run simultaneously to reduce the time-to-market and development costs.

07Upgradation & Portability

We at IndyLogix inculcate up-gradation, portability, and maintenance service to the mobile application development cycle. Our genius minds carry out research and suggest up-gradation which is up to date with the latest features and functionality with zero defects and are standards-compliant. Our team can port the mobile app to other operating systems and platforms.

08App Maintenance

IndyLogix being the top mobile app development company in the USA & India believes in end-to-end solution by achieving performance and keeping the app's functionality updated. Our skilled experts perform application maintenance which will increase uptime, increase audience reach, optimize server response, protect from cyberattacks, and have a better user adoption.


We Deliver
Mobile App Solutions that are:


End-users prefer an intuitive, easy-to-use, simple, reliable, and foremostly a user-friendly mobile app. A user-friendly app is a better alternative over competitor, promotes sales, and transforms a business into a brand. We as a top mobile app development company offer mobile app development services for developing a user-friendly mobile app.

Offer Personalization

Potential customers prefer a less generic and more personalized experience that sends out a relevant notification, recommendation, and, suggestion surrounding them. As one of the best mobile app development services providers, our experienced experts can build a personalized mobile app that increases user retention, engagement, and, brand loyalty for the client.

Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy is a big-scale impending issue with mobile application development. We as a custom mobile app development company develop an app that provides maximum security, more privacy, and is breach-free. We generate source code, audit and evaluate the possible risk, review the code, integrate authorized APIs to provide a safe & secure solution.

Intuitive UX

We as a custom mobile app development company emphasize end-user satisfaction using a mobile app. Our creative UX development team can develop a flawless UX which is simple, accessible, engaging, and compel end-user to complete the transaction.

Impressive UI

Impressive UI is critical to user engagement in a mobile app. Our out-of-the-box thinking ingenious UI development team can deliver an attractive, responsive, and consistent UI which will result in successful mutual satisfaction.

Platform Compatible

Native platform app is operating system specific and reaches a limited audience. Our certified experts help businesses develop a cross-platform compatible mobile app that is fast to develop, easier to deploy & maintain, has faster time-to-market, and maximum exposure to the audience to ensure higher profits for the client.


Seamless Navigation is an important element of User Experience (UX). As a top mobile app development company, we offer to develop an app that has intuitive, legible, clutter-free mobile app navigation, and better user engagement.


Responsive mobile app design forms a continuum of user experience. Our mobile design team can develop a highly responsive mobile app design with apt plugins and widgets which are scalable, have an adaptive design, and have dynamic adjustment feature.

Success Prophecy

Why Choose Us for
Mobile Application Development?

Mobile App

Defined Process

IndyLogix being the best custom mobile app development company in the USA & India, strategizes clearly defined processes for mobile application development. We perform initial brainstorming around the project, analyze and plan milestones, & allocate professional resources required for the mobile application development.

Skilled Professional Resource

Skilled Professional Resource

When clients hire the top mobile app development company, their project is handled by 50+ in-house well-experienced, and visionary specialists stuck to agile methodologies & scrum management to deliver the project.

Mobile App

Communicative & Transparent

Open & honest communication is highly necessary for the mobile application development process. Our team carries out extensive interaction over the project and uses project management tools like Jira, Trello, AraIS, etc. to ensure accountability and to mitigate any arising mid-project surprises for a successful and mutually satisfying collaboration.

Mobile App

Leveraging Cutting Edge Technologies

Redundant technologies aren’t feasible for the product of the future. Our seasoned certified experts perform mobile application development using cutting-edge technologies like Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, NodeJS, etc. to develop a robust, scalable, and superlative product.

Mobile App

Top-Notch Quality Service/Product

Top-notch quality product is a cynosure of our mobile app development services. Our accomplished experts can develop a highly reliable and potent mobile app with seamless navigation, functional minimalism, visually enticing, and a safety-critical standard in place to enhance user experience and help attain profits for businesses. Check out Our Work.

Mobile App

Cost-Effective ServiceTransparency

Customized mobile application development can be an expensive process. In-house app development, fixed price model, native platform app development, complex features, and targeting market scope drive the cost of mobile application development. As we are the top mobile app development company in the USA & India offering client-centric service, our developers diminish the mobile application development cost by opting open-source framework, regular automated testing & QA, and prioritizing features to bring down the overall cost of development.

Mobile App

On-Time Module Delivery

It is imperative to develop a high-end, feature-packed mobile app for deeper market penetration. Our skilled developers go above and beyond the call of duty to provide an end-to-end solution from ideation to implementation in a time-bound manner to reduce the time-to-market for clients to ensure profitability.

Post Deployment Support

Post Deployment Support

Maintenance, Testing, Upgradation & Support is essential for the reliable and robust performance of the mobile app. Post-deployment our honed mobile application development analyzes available data and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure success, provide major up-gradation, release patch notes, provide maintenance & customer support for smooth functionality, and even app migration to a new platform. Our QA team, run a major scan to detect reported/unreported issues.

Mobile App

Engagement Model

IndyLogix being the top mobile app development company adheres to a customer-centric approach and provides up-front flexibility to choose engagement model based on project feasibility, degree of change, size of the project, long/short term cooperation, resource allocation. We offer both, fixed and non-fixed price models for engagement.

Our Rule Set

Coding Standards
for Mobile Application Development

  • Smart
  • Safe & Secure
  • Reliable
  • Testable
  • Maintainable


We at IndyLogix prefer to go smart. We perform mobile application development which results in reduced development costs and accelerated time to market penetration. If coding standard procedure is not followed by the developer it can lead to safety issues.

Safe & Secure

We develop an application that functions as it should function, every time. We adhere to application development standard which is industry compliant, & which ensure bipartite satisfaction.


We develop an application that functions as it should function, every time. We adhere to application development standard which is industry compliant, & which ensure bipartite satisfaction.


We perform mobile application development which can be tested even at the code level. We prefer automating testing methods from the early mobile application development phase which ensures validating requirements and reducing the costs of testing through automated case generation.


Being one of the top mobile app development services provider we consider maintainability a very important attribute. We deploy hybrid maintainable architecture into our mobile application development projects which would reduce the cost of the application exponentially while reducing demand to engage specialist mobile application development resources.

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We are a trustworthy stop to grab the best web development services and ensure the attainment of your business objectives. Our budget-friendly and innovative web development services come with improvements and technical transformations that are required to lead today’s competition. We serve a distinct spectrum of industries that include but are not limited to

E-commrce Indylogix

Healthcare is getting digitalized. Need a team to develop a high-quality, bug-free solution for fitness freaks? Hire our certified experts from a top mobile app development company in the USA & India.

Banking and Finance
E-commrce Indylogix

Healthy Banking & Finance sector drives the growth of an economy. Looking for a team to create a next-gen comprehensive digital financial solution that provides loans, manages assets, and financing? Our mobile application development team can deliver you an ideal solution.

Retail & eCommerce
E-commrce Indylogix

Retail & eCommerce is a competitive industry. Planning to get closer to the potential customer through a mobile app that offers flexibility, convenience, and a superlative experience? Grab mobile app development services from skilled experts of the top-rated custom mobile app development company whose solutions provide impetus to businesses.

Media & Entertainment
E-commrce Indylogix

Media & Entertainment is a sunrise sector for the economy. Looking to disrupt the Media & Entertainment industry by offering an engaging, unique experience to the end-user on a mobile app? Get splendid outcomes from the developers of a top mobile app development company in the USA & India.

Education & elearning
E-commrce Indylogix

The education sector is witnessing a transformation from old board-n-chalk to new eLearning methods. Planning to develop an ed-tech mobile app that is user-friendly, interactive, and is a reliable way of learning for the students? IndyLogix being rated as the best custom mobile app development in the USA & India can help build with more personalized and agile learning mobile application development.

Travel & tourism
E-commrce Indylogix

Globalization is turning the travel & tourism industry into one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries. Want to cater to the need for a memorable trip to end-users? IndyLogix as a custom mobile app development company believes in creating a convenient solution.

Logistics & transport
E-commrce Indylogix

Logistics & Transport forms an essential part of supply chain management. Looking for a custom mobile app development company to develop a speedy, glitch-free mobile app? Our proficient professional resource can build a product with spurring innovation which ensures a seamless and efficient operation for the business.

Our Inspiration


Decode Your Queries


  • Why choose IndyLogix over any other custom mobile app development company?

    IndyLogix is a resolute top mobile app development company in the USA & India with 10+ years of experience in providing robust, scalable, secured, engaging, and cost-effective mobile app development services to clients from all over the world. When businesses hire us, they are assured of getting delivered the most authentic, reliable, and comprehensive solution from the stalwarts of the industry which will surely help the client in getting profits and wider market reach. We are hired for our broad capability of delivering complex apps within a designated time limit.

    If you’re having an idea in your mind and looking for a capable custom mobile app development company to develop the raw idea into a functioning model, you are at the right place at the right time.

  • Can you build apps for both iOS and Android?

    Yes, as a top mobile app development company in USA & India we can perform mobile application development for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. With the development of cutting-edge technologies to develop a mobile app, and, with the advent of an audience demanding cross-platform compatible mobile app, it is very necessary to develop apps that can be used over iOS and Android devices. Our in-house 50+ experts in mobile application development, leverage cutting-edge technologies like Android Studio, Swift, Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, etc. to develop a mobile app that can be accessed on both platforms.

  • Can you make an appropriate change to the app after it launched?

    Indeed! As a custom mobile app development company, we offer end-to-end as well as stand-alone service solutions for our clients. If there is a new project to build from scratch, our team of Business Analysts, Project Management Team, and Mobile Application Development Team carry out certain parameter checks, a feasibility check, resource constraints check, decide engagement models, and then carry out the mobile application development and deployment process. If there is an already developed and launched mobile app, we would carry out research, suggest strategic insight and business acumen with clients, and implement required changes after the app launch.

  • What kind of support to expect during the mobile application development?

    As a custom mobile app development company in USA & India, we provide both end-to-end as well as stand-alone mobile app development services for businesses. When businesses approach us, our team of business analysts and related teams carry out extensive discussions over the project idea. We allocate appropriate professional resources for the mobile application development process. We believe in keeping transparency and being communicative and keeping the stakeholders in the developmental loop and reciprocating their questions & requests. We inculcate agile methodology and scrum management into our developmental process with which we have 100% efficiency to deliver modules on time, and, also help businesses with the deployment of the application on the platform.

  • What type of industries you have served?

    IndyLogix as a top mobile app development company with 10+ years of experience, we have successfully collaborated with 270+ clients across the globe to complete and deliver 2400+ projects in a stipulated time frame. We have relevant experience of successful mutual collaboration for mobile application development with various businesses and industry verticals. As a custom mobile app development company, we have provided a superior end-to-end solution to sectors like:

    • Healthcare Industry
    • Banking & Finance Industry
    • Retail & eCommerce Industry
    • Media & Entertainment Industry
    • Education & eLearning Industry
    • Travel & Tourism Industry
    • Logistics & Transport Industry

  • We only want to develop our existing app Can it be done?

    Yes, if there is an already developed app that is yet to be deployed, or, needs up-gradation/migration for the same, our proficient team can help businesses with that. If according to our business acumen the app needs some tweaking, our business analysts along with the mobile application development team carry out a deep research, suggest changes to the client, and implement them. We also continuously monitor the mobile app performance after deployment and scan for reported/unreported issues, making it up-to-date with regular updates and release of patch notes. We can also help with the app migration to another platform if requested. All in all, as a top mobile app development services provider the client is assured of success and growth.

  • What type of solutions do you provide?

    As a custom mobile app development company, we believe in following a tailor-made approach over a one-size-fits-all approach and that reflects in our 100% client satisfaction and over 97% client retention success. Our broad capabilities as a mobile application development team have delivered superlative products which are:

    • User-friendly
    • Offer utmost Personalization
    • Have intuitive UX
    • Carry impressive UI
    • Can be used across platforms
    • Have seamless navigation
    • Are highly responsive
    • And most importantly, are highly secured with safety-critical standard compliance.

  • What technologies do you work upon?

    We are a technophilic team and we always leverage cutting-edge technologies for the mobile application development process. Our team uses technologies like Android Studio, Swift, Flutter, React Native, NodeJS, Xamarin, Ionic, etc. Our team has 50+ in-house certified seasoned experts who have orchestrated their capability to develop high-quality, robust, and complex app using these technologies in multiple projects developed for the clients who have been rated as the best mobile app development services provider in USA & India.

  • What would be the cost of developing the mobile app?

    As a custom mobile app development company, we offer a flexible engagement model to our clients. We offer both fixed and non-fixed price models. The factors which drive the cost of mobile application development are:

    • End-to-End Solution or Stand-alone-Service: whether the app is built from scratch or a particular process is developed.
    • App Development Platform: whether it’s developed for either Native Android/iOS or for cross-platform.
    • Features & Functionality: whether it’s simple and easy-to-use or feature-packed and accessible.
    • Hosting & Security: dedicated server for hosting, multi-layer authentication system, and multiple app protection layers drive the development cost.
    • Maintenance & Support: to provide post-deployment maintenance & support like app up-gradation, app migration, security checks, etc.
    • App Design: whether the UI/UX design is bland and sober or striking and eye-catching.
    • Resource & Time Allocation: no. of developers/development team hired; no. of hours consumed on developing the app.
    • In-house Development or Out-sourcing Development: whether it’s developed by an in-house mobile application development team or out-sourced to mobile app development services provider like us.

    All these points derive the cost of mobile application development. We have 10+ years of experience in providing cost-effective mobile app development services and with 97% client retention, the number speaks for us that why IndyLogix is the top mobile app development company in the USA & India.

  • Still feeling confused about the project!

    We can understand, it’s not easy to select a custom mobile app company to develop your project. IndyLogix is here to lend an ear for the project. Connect with us now so that our certified experts can discuss the idea with you and consult you. After extensive brainstorming, our certified experts will validate your project and carve out a tailored wireframe and mobile application development process for your project, so that you are assured of the authentic, robust, & reliable product to be delivered in a stipulated period.

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