Quality Assurance (QA) - A must factor which you can not avoid
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    The significance of Quality Assurance (QA) is emerging day by day as everyone is becoming cautious about the quality of the delivered product/service. No matter what the field is, QA has gained its own importance. The same is applicable to the software field as well which makes people think about their career in QA. We all know that so many different technologies are used nowadays for building a software/application. No matter what technology is used to build an application, there is always a need for QA. QA is an interesting but challenging field. There was a time when QA used to be the last career option in the software industry but with the involvement of automation and the latest technologies, the scenario has been changed completely. Nowadays, QA is seen as a respectful job and people see a bright career in the same.

    While delivering a product or service to the client, the client’s satisfaction is a top priority. This is where QA comes into the picture. It not only takes care of the client’s requirements but also delivers a bug-free product to the client. QA focuses on the entire process that has been used to develop an application/software. It makes sure that correct procedures are used in building a software/application. 

    While developing a product, it is important to take care of the QA part from the beginning itself. By the time developers get the product ready for testing, the QA team should keep themselves busy in writing test cases which plays a very important role in the entire Software Testing Life Cycle. Test case creation is important to ensure maximum test coverage.

    As the demand for mobile application testing is increasing day by day, mobile application testing is also gaining importance. A variety of automation tools are available in the market to perform mobile application testing in an enhanced manner. Mobile application testing is much more challenging then desktop application testing due to a variety of mobile devices available in the market that vary in screen sizes, operating systems, companies, versions and so on.

    If QA is avoided during the software development process, it not only results in rework but will have an adverse effect on the budget of the project also. Project deadlines can also be missed. No matter whether a product is small or a bigger one, QA has become a must. Even a small website having only a few pages needs QA. So, if you are running a software company, it becomes really important for you to maintain an excellent QA team which will eventually help you to maintain the satisfaction level of your clients as well as to increase the number of satisfied clients.