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What We Do?

Meticulous SEO Services
To Surpass Your Competition

Are your website statistics going south? If yes, join forces with a well-known professional SEO services company. As an acclaimed SEO company in India, we carry years of excellence and a varied portfolio fuelled by our client's success. We have a fair share of success with our ingenious SEO strategies which delivered tangible outcomes and improved websites statistics significantly.

As a consequence, we are the primary preference of businesses and enterprises to get them customized SEO strategies which avails them a boosted SERP ranking, organic traffic, and higher sales & conversions catapulting them to be the market leaders of tomorrow.

Are You There On Internet?

If not, it can commence here. Drop in a line and partner with us to outperform your competition.

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Perks of Investing
in SEO Services India?

01Within Budget Services

Quality comes with a price, but, if you decide to outsource your SEO campaign to an SEO company in India, it comes at a cost-effective price. As per Ahrefs report, SEO services in India charge $60/hour or less, while the global average hourly price stood at more than $108/hour, making India the global hotspot for affordable SEO services.

Within Budget Services

02Technology Stack Equipped

SEO company in India leverage cutting-edge technologies & the latest trends to keep up with the changing dynamics of the industry. As one of the top-rated SEO company in India, we employ the latest technologies in optimization services to make you stay at the top of your game while we become more efficient in our business.

Technology Stack Equipped

03Quality Optimization

According to some reports, Google changes its search algorithm approx. 500-600 times a year, which might significantly affect the SERP ranking. To mitigate such proceedings, the best bet to place is to hire SEO experts from an SEO company in India. They are adroit in optimizing the website as per the algorithm to increase websites’ visibility and to drive organic search traffic.

Quality Optimization

04Flexible Package Choice

SEO services in India are not only budget-sensitive but also offer flexible package models. You can flawlessly hire an SEO company in India, which offers hourly, monthly, per-project price models. As per the survey conducted by Ahrefs, India outdistances other nations to provide result-yielding work at much lower market prices.

Flexible Package Choice

05Resource Scalability

Team scalability is to expand the team without investing resources or interruption in the operations, and when you hire an SEO company in India, team scalability is one of the USPs. Whether you want to ramp up the campaign aggressiveness or want to drive organic search engine results, you must outsource your work to an SEO company in India.

Resource Scalability

06Array of Expertise

Businesses & Enterprises outsource their optimization & marketing requisites to SEO company in India, owing to an array of services at an affordable competitive price. As a professional SEO services company, IndyLogix Solutions is a one-stop solution for the varying demands of distinct industrial sectors.

Array of Expertise

07Latest Trend Updated

Optimization is tasking, and if not done frequently & efficiently it can lower the websites’ SERP ranking. Danny Sullivan also said how Google made more than 3200 changes to their search system. If you opt for an SEO company in India for SEO services, you are assured of updated optimization & marketing service aligned with the latest trends & search engine algorithms.

Latest Trend Updated

08Allows Niche Focus

Do you have time & money resources to establish content strategy, work on on-page/off-page optimization strategy, while keeping tabs open on the latest trends & algorithms? If not, the best option is to hire an SEO company in India for cost-effective comprehensive SEO services. This way, you can focus on your core niche, save -time & money- resources, while getting the desired outcomes.

Allows Niche Focus

SEO Facts?



Users never click past the first page of the result page.



Of online experience begins with a search on search engines.



Times more search engine drives traffic to eCommerce site than Social Media.



SEO-generated leads are converted into sales.



#1 search results Click Through Rate (CTR).



Billion searches on Google per day.

12X - That’s The ROI SEO Can Provide...

….. if you rank on page #1. Pair up with us to be found where your “to-be customers” are.

Unlock Your SEO PotentialUnlock Your SEO Potential

What We Provide -
Professional SEO Services


What Makes Us TOP SEO
Company in India?

Satisfied Clients

Client satisfaction forms the cornerstone of SEO services, and as a top-ranked SEO company in India, it’s the cynosure of our offering. From inception, we have delivered top-notch quality services to clients spanning across the globe to ensure their satisfaction. Check out testimonials to hear what our clients have to say about our service.

Industry Experience

Surely, SEO is a DIY process if you want 50% result, the rest hiring a professional SEO services company can deliver. As a leading SEO company in India, we have more than a decade of industry experience, and knowledge of industry dynamics. We have collaborated with 270+ clients from distinct business and industry verticals to deliver mutually satisfying outcomes.

Professional Team

Having a skilled professional team is an asset that lays the foundation for a strong team & business reputation. At IndyLogix, we have a roster of skilled professionals leveraging the latest technologies & trends to accomplish the goals.

Viable Promises

SEO takes time to deliver quantitative evidence. So, when you partner with us, we don’t make any deceptive or non-viable claims just to prove inept at the end.


Smokes & mirrors don’t form a part of SEO strategy. So, when you opt to engage with us, we give you a glance at what’s going behind the veil to install utmost transparency. Also, we regularly share detailed metrics and reports to help you form an informed decision.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is vital for a successful SEO campaign. And as a professional SEO services company, we communicate every insight of the campaign to enable you to understand the progress made, and map out the informed course of action.


Search engine algorithm constantly updates, so is the need for change in SEO strategy. We constantly embrace the changes and update the strategy to align our efforts with the goal.

Ethical Methodology

If an SEO agency claims “guaranteed #1 rank” or “immediate results”, those are Red Flags for sure! They’re either employing blackhat techniques or using the spamming methodology to guarantee results in a short duration. Being a professional SEO services company, we employ whitehat methodologies & practices to steadily improve the websites’ rank & organic visibility.

Flexible Package Model

Every SEO campaign is unique and there are no “blanket SEO services costs”. It varies campaign-to-campaign. As an SEO agency providing affordable SEO services in India, we provide tailored collaboration schemas as per the campaign's requirement & specification needs.

Strategic Planning

Which SEO Strategy is
Right For You?

SEO Expert - IndyLogix Solutions

1. SEO Strategy For Local Area

If you’re a small business owner or own a brick-and-mortar store that caters to a local area, then you should go for a local marketing strategy that promotes your brand and attract leads & sales. Your SEO strategy must include

  • - Creating Google My Business Account

    Google My Business allows your business to appear on Google Maps and Google Local Pack Listings that helps in enhancing visibility.

  • - Optimizing The Website For Mobile

    Do you know that in 2021, about 55% of all worldwide traffic came from mobile! So, if you want visitors to your website, then you must consider optimizing it for mobile search.

  • - Targeting Local Keywords

    Choosing the right keywords for your business helps in outperforming your local competitors.

SEO Expert - IndyLogix Solutions

2. SEO Strategy For Regional Market

If your area of offering includes various areas, or, a cluster of local areas, then your marketing target should be a regional area. Here’s a gist of “ to do’s” for your regional area marketing strategy

  • - Curbing Doorway Pages

    Though doorway pages might avail you better inbound traffic and ranking, it is well short-lived as search engines like Google penalize such websites/web applications. Instead, your website must have legitimate landing pages.

  • - Creating Regional Campaigns

    Creating a regional marketing campaign might be costlier than the hyperlocal approach, but it orchestrates better sales and revenue statistics.

SEO Expert - IndyLogix Solutions

3. SEO Strategy For International Audience

Want to go beyond the regional market? If you want visitors from different countries, or, want to cater to a global market, your marketing strategy should be for the international audience. Here are some factors to consider to form an SEO marketing strategy for the international market.

  • - Banking On Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews form an initial image of your website/web application, or, the products/services you offer. Provide quality solutions to the audience as positive reviews have a favorable trickle-down effect which helps in targeting your keywords while enabling visibility and sales generation.

  • - Link Building

    Link building can do wonders if done appropriately. Earning quality backlinks -on the subject- from other platforms shows the relevancy & authority of the website to the search engine, and helps the website rank better on SERPs.

Get Your Website Health Report

We provide your website health report within 24 hours. Just drop your email and website urls. Sit back and Relax!


SEO Approach

Adopted Approach

Agile SEO
Strategic Plan

Determine The Purpose

Before we get started with SEO strategy implementation, we determine the purpose. We carry out initial discussions with the client to determine the demand, expectation, & vision and perform a brief website review.

Determine The Purpose

In-depth Analysis

Here, we perform an in-depth analysis of the website. We audit the website, check search engine visibility, and review link quality to help formulate a customized result-oriented SEO strategy.

In-depth Analysis

Strategy Creation

At this stage, we create short-term and long-term plans. We plan out the campaign's course of action and expected outcomes & deliverables.

Strategy Creation

Plan Execution

In this stage, we follow the action plan and execute the pre-established SEO strategy on the determined channels.

Plan Execution

Measure Metrics

Hereon, we thoroughly monitor and measure the campaign's impact. We audit the quantified data & metrics, campaigns analytics to enable derive informed insights and help form a corrective action plan.

Measure Metrics

Reporting Client

From the campaign's inception, we actively involve the client in the process. We proactively communicate the campaign's analytics, metrics, and overall progress -with the client- to measure the campaign and set campaign expectations.

Reporting Client

Project Adjustment

We identify the campaigns' lacunae and rectify them by making the required strategic adjustments, while, we harness the positives from the campaign to achieve the ultimate goal.

Project Adjustment

How Will Our SEO Team Help
You Grow Business?

  • Increase Online Visibility

    Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches every day, and your target audience is likely seeking the same products/services/offerings indistinct to yours. As a professional SEO services company, we have a dexterous SEO team to take the game one notch up.

    Our professionals target your website pages for keywords and structure them for search engine crawlability. This helps in the better ranking of your website on SERPs and increases your website's visibility helping promote your brand awareness.

  • Drive Inbound Traffic

    As reported by Backlinko, the page 2 result in Google gets less than 1% click-through rate (CTR), which means the business growth & market share chances are very bleak. Our SEO team improves your domain authority, performs on-page/off-page optimization, and creates backlinks that drive traffic to your website.

  • Enables Positive User Experience

    SEO & User Experience (UX) goes hand-in-hand. A well-designed interface with seamless navigation and brisk loading time captivates end-users helping in more clicks, organic traffic, and indirectly leads to higher sales.

    Our adept SEO professionals are a dab hand in a spectrum of services including UI/UX designing & SEO services. Our SEO team suggests conducive UI/UX reforms to improve the interface while carrying SEO services to build trust organically.

  • Provide Lead Generation

    High-quality content ranks higher on the SERP, which draws more inbound traffic, and has more chances of conversions. As a professional SEO services company, we employ customized SEO strategy, and white hat techniques to steadily rank the website better on the SERP, which attracts potential customers to the platform and helps in better sales & revenue statistics for your business.

Get Your Website Health Report

We provide your website health report within 24 hours. Just drop your email and website urls. Sit back and Relax!


What to Expect
When Working With Us?


01. Transparency

Transparency is the cynosure of any successful SEO campaign, and as a professional SEO services company, we comply with it at all times. We set realistic & achievable goals, and regularly share campaign reports -via multiple communication channels- with you to help develop informed decisions and build rapport.


02. Communication

A preponderance of communication is essential for campaign success. When clients work with us, we follow our all-time no smokes & mirrors policy, and maintain a clear line of communication to avoid campaign friction.

Monitoring & Reporting

03. Monitoring & Reporting

Our team constantly and meticulously monitors the campaign, and verify what’s working & what’s not. We regularly share comprehensive reports including campaign performance, campaign analytics & metrics, and make an apt recommendation to ramp up the campaign performance.


04. Improvement

A successful SEO strategy is not a one-time campaign, rather, it requires constant ongoing efforts to support businesses’ overall marketing initiative. We adjust the campaign relevant to the algorithm, marketing needs to ensure brisk outcomes.


05. Results

In the end, this is what we are hired for. We outline clear & specific goals and work upon them to deliver tangible outcomes including more traffic, improved clickthrough rate, higher dwell time, and certain desired actions by the end-user.

We Work With

We Serve

Owing to the changing needs and rising competition in the digital realm, businesses & enterprises need to outperform their competition innovatively to sustain in the sector. As a professional SEO services company, we serve clients of varying types, sizes, and sectors, and we take pride in helping our clients beat the competition. We render our domain proficiency to clients from a multitude of sectors but are not limited to:

Health Care Industry web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

There is a booming demand for online healthcare services. Want health enthusiasts able to find your website online? Let a professional SEO services company do it for you.

Banking and Finance
Banking and Finance Industry web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Websites that rank top on the result page assures websites’ reliability & credibility, and the banking & finance sector can be no extra-terrestrial to it. The online visitor should come to know about the plans, services, offers the banking & finance sector has to offer, to avail benefits and help the client be ahead of the curvature. Employ a professional SEO services company to help you with it.

Retail & eCommerce
Retail and E-commerce Business web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

The shopping realm is getting digitized and online retail & eCommerce websites are to gain the advantage. We can help boost the retail & eCommerce stores’ ranking on the SERPs, which helps in delivering much-awaited sales figures. Connect with the top-ranked SEO company in India to bask in amped-up sales statistics.

Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Online presence is intrinsic for the recreation & entertainment industry to stay relevant in the sector, as an inconspicuous presence can cause loss of opportunities. As a professional SEO services company, trust us to yield an unerring digital demeanor.

Education & elearning
Education & ELearning web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

There is a growing demand for online education and the search for it begins online. Our customized SEO strategy enables the education platform to rank higher on search engine result pages. Knowledge knows no boundaries, so why your knowledge-parting platform should?

Travel & tourism
Travel & Tourism web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Traveling plans begin online and it is vital to be present where the targeted audience is. To do that, the website should be optimized to help deliver a memorable trip. Let the most renowned SEO company in India build an SEO strategy, because “revenge travel” do exist.

Logistics & transport
Logistic & Transport web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Logistics & Transport sector serves globally, so should be their online presence. Logistics & Transport sector is getting competitive, so a tailored SEO marketing strategy will put you a step ahead of the competition. Let the technical resource from a professional SEO services company enable your reach to expand exponentially.





  • What are SEO services?

    SEO services are services that are provided either by a professional SEO services company or by hired freelancers, that intends to optimize the website to increase the websites’ visibility to the target audience enabling driving organic traffic to the website, and, delivering an enhanced user experience helping in more sales while synchronizing generating leads.

    As a leading SEO company in India, we offer several SEO services including but not limited to

    • SEO Strategic Plan Creation
    • Local SEO
    • eCommerce SEO
    • Shopify SEO
    • Technical SEO
    • Google Ads Management Services
    • Content Optimization
    • Startup SEO
    • Reputation Management & many more.
  • How much do professional SEO services company charges for their services?

    So, the only constant thing about SEO is that it is not constant, and that’s true. There is no “one size fits all” SEO service/approach and varies widely from campaign to campaign, so does the SEO campaign costs. The cost deciding factors of SEO campaigns includes -but are not limited to-the

    • Business Location
    • Target Audience
    • Campaign Timing i.e. time spent on campaign building, distribution, management, and repairment
    • Current Website Ranking
    • Websites’ Technical State
    • Number of Keywords to Target
    • Niche Competitiveness & many more.
  • Should I hire a professional SEO services company to do my SEO?

    The answer might sound diplomatic. The answer is “not always” and “it depends” case to case. There are a number of factors to consider before opting to hire a professional SEO services company. They are

    When should you STRICTLY hire a professional SEO services company:

    • When you want to invest in other marketing channels.
    • When you want to invest in long-term marketing.

    When should you opt to hire a professional SEO services company:

    • When you want to augment your resource.
    • When you want quantified data & metrics to make a better-informed decision.
    • When you want to have budget-sensitive marketing.

    When you should NOT hire a professional SEO services company:

    • When you want instant results.
    • When you are bounded by a contract.
    • When the SEO agency specializes in specific SEO services and does not cover comprehensive SEO services.
    • When you are not shared detailed data & analytics reports.
  • How long does it take to see results from the campaign?

    Certain factors determine how much time the SEO campaign will take to deliver initial results, implement improvements, and then see the potential benefits. The factors include but are not limited to

    • Websites’ History - whether the websites’ domain is new or old. The newer domain takes more time to deliver initial results.
    • Content Quality - whether the websites’ content quality is substantial or not?
    • Websites’ Architecture - whether the website can be crawled seamlessly by the search engine bots?
    • Links Quality - whether the links in the website are from any trusted authority?
    • Competition - low competition niche websites deliver favorable results in less time.
  • What makes IndyLogix one of the best SEO company in India?

    Self-proclamation is passé and surely not in our forte. At IndyLogix, we have numbers to back, that's why we are regarded as one of the best SEO company in India.

    For more than a decade, we have been delivering excellence to our clientele. We have aptly experienced & technologically equipped certified professionals in the online marketing niche.

    Firstly, we perform website analysis and requirement gathering best suited for the campaign. Our Agile approach delivers favorable results to the client.

  • Do you guarantee top rank in search engine result pages?

    Beware of SEO companies that guarantee top rank in the search engine in a shorter timeframe. Search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. include various rigorous parameters to index the website. Those who guarantee the top spot are either using blackhat techniques, spamming techniques, or, running a PPC campaign like the Google AdWords PPC program.

    We, as a professional SEO services company, adhere to various white-hat optimization techniques including but not limited to

    • Building a responsive Website.
    • Content Optimization.
    • Link Building.
    • On-page/ Off-page Optimization
    • Keyword Optimization & more
  • Do we have to sign a contract to avail of affordable SEO services in India?

    Being a professional SEO services company, we never bind our clientele to sign contracts to avail of SEO services, unless the client specifically opts to sign the contract.

    If the client opts to sign the contract, the contract is drafted in the favor of the client and includes:

    • Scope of Work - defines the scope of SEO services opted by the client and its desired expectation.
    • Payment Terms - whether the client is hiring the SEO company on an hourly, monthly, per-project basis, or, on a fixed/non-fixed price quote basis.
    • Warranty - that SEO company does not part seal of warrant of expected clients’ requirement or expectation including specific increase/decrease in the numbers & volumes.
    • Exclusivity - that the SEO company cannot work with clients’ competitors for a designated time period unless specified otherwise.
  • Can I hire an SEO company in India for my local business?

    Yes. Hiring a professional SEO services company providing affordable SEO services in India is the most feasible option. Local SEO service enables local businesses to show vital information regarding the business including address, phone number, working hours, etc. to the online visitors which helps in business exposure and reach more customers in the area.

  • What is the ROI of SEO?

    SEO ROI is the measure of investment return of the SEO campaign. ROIs of the SEO includes but aren’t limited to

    • Search Engine Ranking - before campaign websites rank on the SERPs vs ongoing/after campaign websites rank on SERPs.
    • Organic Website Traffic - increase/decrease in website visits done by the visitors without including any blackhat techniques, spamming methods, or, by running PPC Ads campaign.
    • Conversion Rate - increase/decrease in desired actions taken by the actual visitors.
    • Bounce Rate - change in percentage of visitors exiting webpage after viewing only one page.
  • Do you offer SEO for Shopify websites/stores?

    Indeed. Over a period Shopify has evolved into a leading eCommerce platform suited to the requirements and specifications of different businesses & industry verticals.

    To avail myriad of benefits that Shopify has to offer, you can engage with us and hire SEO experts from the top-ranked SEO company in India, to get a meticulous end-to-end solution that delivers brisk and desirable outcomes.

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“Master of all trade, jack of none.”

Okay! We know that’s not the idiom, but you get the message, right? Feel free to connect to know which services we ace and how.

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