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    Are you sick of having your website languish on Page 2 of Google search results? Well, fear not! We will make your business climb to the top of Google’s search results like a boss scaling Mount Everest. But the best part is -as your reliable SEO agency- we won’t stop at the summit. We will also churn out compelling content that will keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more. And yes (snap snap), how can we forget about some social media fairy dust? In short, with us as your SEO services provider, your business is in for a treat, and the treat is on the house.

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    Facts, Facts, Facts!!!

    SEO Facts
    • SEO Fact
    • Online Experience
    • Search Engine
    • SEO Generated
    • Ctr
    • Google
    Users never click past the first page of the result page.
    Of online experience begins with a search on search engines.
    Times more search engine drives traffic to eCommerce site than Social Media.
    SEO-generated leads are converted into sales.
    #1 search results Click Through Rate (CTR).
    Billion searches on Google per day.

    Abracadabra… SEO Services Spell… Woof #1 Rank…

    SEO Services We Provide
    • Local SEO
    • eCommerce SEO
    • Shopify SEO
    • Technical SEO
    • Link Building
    • SEO Analytics

    Local SEO

    • Tired of feeling invisible to your customers? Be on-board with the best SEO agency the internet has to offer! We can boost your online presence and bring you to the top of a search engine’s results. With our top-notch local SEO services that include on-page local SEO, citation management, review management, Google My Business Profile listing, building links, and more, the in-house SEO services professionals will ensure that your business is no longer the best-kept secret in town. With us as your SEO services agency, say goodbye to empty storefronts and hello to a steady stream of foot traffic. Read More…

    eCommerce SEO

    • If your business is not popping-up in the results section, your online sales will be kind of meh! With eCommerce SEO services, you can be ensured your business is seen (and attended) by more shoppers than a Black Friday sale at Walmart. With the help of SEO services experts, we will take the burden off your checklist and will help with a multi-faceted process, including writing blogs, managing backlinks, product markup, content marketing, monitoring, and a whole lot of other things to not only drive traffic but offer a convenient shopping experience to your customers, resulting in more sales. Read More…

    Shopify SEO

    • Remodel your online storefront from a ghost town into a bustling metropolis. From Shopify web design, content creation, and paid advertising to technical optimization, product page optimization, and on-page modification, the in-house SEO services professionals with diverse skills and insight will make your business expand its market reach and attract high-intent customers to the platform. Now that’s a real-steal-of-a-deal to hire an SEO service provider! Read More…

    Technical SEO

    • Want to say hello to page one dominance? With our à la carte on-page SEO services, you’ll be placed above your competitors on the search engine result page. Our panel of custom on-page SEO experts will help with a host of parameters, including optimizing the meta description, meta tag and title tag, featured snippet optimization, and unique content. Be on board with the best-in-class SEO agency and watch your organic traffic skyrocket.

      As your tech-savvy off-shore SEO agency, we offer a unique twist to technical SEO services. Our batch of SEO services experts will perform a thorough website audit, uncovering any technical glitches holding your website back from ranking higher on search engines. Whether it’s amping up the page load speed, auditing and optimizing the technical aspects of the website, including the XML sitemap status, implementing SSL, robots.txt, or performing penalty recovery, our specialists understand the technical nuances and can make the necessary efforts. The panel of SEO services professionals’ dedicated efforts can help your website experience a surge in organic traffic, higher rankings, and an improved user experience.

    Link Building

    • Link building? No big deal. As a credible SEO agency that our clients bank on, we’ve got it on lock. The in-house team of SEO services experts are specialists in a suite of white-hat link-building activities, including guest post link building, resource link building, outreach link building, unlinked link building, and more. They have improved the client’s page ranking and helped them establish domain authority and brand credibility.

      Step into a world of off-the-wall SEO solutions with the top SEO services provider! From quirky social media optimization, PR, and influencer marketing to eccentric guest posting, link building, and acquiring a backlink from highly relevant websites, as your full-service and dependable SEO agency, we will make your brand’s digital footprint display expertise, authority, and trustworthiness with our no-cookie-cutter approach. Let’s make your website a wild ride with our out-of-the-box thinking, increasing your search engine ranking and driving traffic to your site like never before.

    SEO Analytics

    • What to do with tabs of statistics and data? It’s better to hire an SEO agency that can transform them into actionable insights. With comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports, we provide valuable insights into what your customers want and what kind of messaging they respond to. Our report also suggests appropriate changes and optimization strategies to not only enable your business to survive in the niche but also drive growth, increase conversion, and stay ahead of the game by achieving your digital marketing goals.

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      How Will Our SEO Team Help You Grow Your Business?
      • Supports Content Marketing

        Original and plagiarism-free content and SEO are like PB&J; they go hand-in-hand without leaving one messy. As your just-tell-us-what-you-want-and-we-will-get-it-done SEO agency, we will not only improve your search rankings but will also sprinkle a dash of their wit and charm into the content and optimize it to ensure the content ranks higher in search results. Just imagine the endless possibilities of reach your business will have.

      • Doesn't Have to Cost You Anything

        You don’t need to spend a fortune on flashy billboards and expensive TV commercials when you can optimize your website for search engines and watch your business soar to the top with our organic SEO services. Contrary to other marketing practices, SEO services cost a fraction of the marketing budget, and we pass on the benefits to you so you can climb to the top of search engines without vanishing into thin air. Plus, it’s much more cost-effective than hiring a team of clowns to stand on the street and hand out flyers (although that could be entertaining).

      • SEO Impacts the Buying Cycle

        Let’s be honest. Most people trust websites or businesses that rank in the pole position of search engines. Acquiring top rank in the SERPs undoubtedly positively impacts the customer’s buying cycle. Don’t let your competitor hit the home run – let us be your reliable SEO agency that can get your business the limelight because the higher the visibility, the higher the profits.

      • Public Relations (PR)

        As a business owner, your checklist’s utmost priority is overseeing the core processes. Complimentary services like PR can be outsourced to any professional PR agency, but there’s a catch! PR game can be uber expensive. But with us as your end-to-end SEO services provider, we are a reliable wingman when it comes to PR. Our SEO experts not only do they know all the tricks to get your website to the top of Google’s search results, but they also know how to spin your business’s story to the media. Trust us, your business’s PR will never be the same, and your competition will be green with envy. Plus, all that positive press is bound to boost your SEO too. Win-win!

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      • What are SEO services?

        SEO services are services that are provided either by a professional SEO services company or by hired freelancers, that intends to optimize the website to increase the websites’ visibility to the target audience enabling driving organic traffic to the website, and, delivering an enhanced user experience helping in more sales while synchronizing generating leads.

        As a leading SEO company in USA & India, we offer several SEO services including but not limited to

        • SEO Strategic Plan Creation
        • Local SEO
        • eCommerce SEO
        • Shopify SEO
        • Technical SEO
        • Google Ads Management Services
        • Content Optimization
        • Startup SEO
        • Reputation Management & many more.
      • How much do professional SEO services company charges for their services?

        So, the only constant thing about SEO is that it is not constant, and that’s true. There is no “one size fits all” SEO service/approach and varies widely from campaign to campaign, so does the SEO campaign costs. The cost deciding factors of SEO campaigns includes -but are not limited to-the

        • Business Location
        • Target Audience
        • Campaign Timing i.e. time spent on campaign building, distribution, management, and repairment
        • Current Website Ranking
        • Websites’ Technical State
        • Number of Keywords to Target
        • Niche Competitiveness & many more.
      • Should I hire a professional SEO services company to do my SEO?

        The answer might sound diplomatic. The answer is “not always” and “it depends” case to case. There are a number of factors to consider before opting to hire a professional SEO services company. They are

        When should you STRICTLY hire a professional SEO services company:

        • When you want to invest in other marketing channels.
        • When you want to invest in long-term marketing.

        When should you opt to hire a professional SEO services company:

        • When you want to augment your resource.
        • When you want quantified data & metrics to make a better-informed decision.
        • When you want to have budget-sensitive marketing.

        When you should NOT hire a professional SEO services company:

        • When you want instant results.
        • When you are bounded by a contract.
        • When the SEO agency specializes in specific SEO services and does not cover comprehensive SEO services.
        • When you are not shared detailed data & analytics reports.
      • How long does it take to see results from the campaign?

        Certain factors determine how much time the SEO campaign will take to deliver initial results, implement improvements, and then see the potential benefits. The factors include but are not limited to

        • Websites’ History – whether the websites’ domain is new or old. The newer domain takes more time to deliver initial results.
        • Content Quality – whether the websites’ content quality is substantial or not?
        • Websites’ Architecture – whether the website can be crawled seamlessly by the search engine bots?
        • Links Quality – whether the links in the website are from any trusted authority?
        • Competition – low competition niche websites deliver favorable results in less time.
      • What makes IndyLogix one of the best SEO company in India?

        Self-proclamation is passé and surely not in our forte. At IndyLogix, we have numbers to back, that’s why we are regarded as one of the best SEO company in India.

        For more than a decade, we have been delivering excellence to our clientele. We have aptly experienced & technologically equipped certified professionals in the online marketing niche.

        Firstly, we perform website analysis and requirement gathering best suited for the campaign. Our Agile approach delivers favorable results to the client.

      • Do you guarantee top rank in search engine result pages?

        Beware of SEO companies that guarantee top rank in the search engine in a shorter timeframe. Search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. include various rigorous parameters to index the website. Those who guarantee the top spot are either using blackhat techniques, spamming techniques, or, running a PPC campaign like the Google AdWords PPC program.

        We, as a professional SEO services company, adhere to various white-hat optimization techniques including but not limited to

        • Building a responsive Website.
        • Content Optimization.
        • Link Building.
        • On-page/ Off-page Optimization
        • Keyword Optimization & more

      • Do we have to sign a contract to avail of affordable SEO services in India?

        Being a professional SEO services company, we never bind our clientele to sign contracts to avail of SEO services, unless the client specifically opts to sign the contract.

        If the client opts to sign the contract, the contract is drafted in the favor of the client and includes:

        • Scope of Work – defines the scope of SEO services opted by the client and its desired expectation.
        • Payment Terms – whether the client is hiring the SEO company on an hourly, monthly, per-project basis, or, on a fixed/non-fixed price quote basis.
        • Warranty – that SEO company does not part seal of warrant of expected clients’ requirement or expectation including specific increase/decrease in the numbers & volumes.
        • Exclusivity – that the SEO company cannot work with clients’ competitors for a designated time period unless specified otherwise.

      • Can I hire an SEO company in India for my local business?

        Yes. Hiring a professional SEO services company providing affordable SEO services in India is the most feasible option. Local SEO service enables local businesses to show vital information regarding the business including address, phone number, working hours, etc. to the online visitors which helps in business exposure and reach more customers in the area.

      • What is the ROI of SEO?

        SEO ROI is the measure of investment return of the SEO campaign. ROIs of the SEO includes but aren’t limited to

        • Search Engine Ranking – before campaign websites rank on the SERPs vs ongoing/after campaign websites rank on SERPs.
        • Organic Website Traffic – increase/decrease in website visits done by the visitors without including any blackhat techniques, spamming methods, or, by running PPC Ads campaign.
        • Conversion Rate – increase/decrease in desired actions taken by the actual visitors.
        • Bounce Rate – change in percentage of visitors exiting webpage after viewing only one page.

      • Do you offer SEO for Shopify websites/stores?

        Indeed. Over a period Shopify has evolved into a leading eCommerce platform suited to the requirements and specifications of different businesses & industry verticals.

        To avail myriad of benefits that Shopify has to offer, you can engage with us and hire SEO experts from the top-ranked SEO company in India, to get a meticulous end-to-end solution that delivers brisk and desirable outcomes.

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