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Best SEO Company In Ahmedabad To Rank Your Business Higher

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Are you willing to have your website on Page 1 of Google search results? Well, worry not! We will make your business at the top of Google’s search results like never before. But the best part is – as your reliable SEO agency in Ahmedabad – we will not stop at the point. We will also try out new strategies that will keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more. And yes, how can we forget about social media? In short, with us as your best SEO services provider in Ahmedabad, your business will secure a leading position in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

At IndyLogix, our seasoned SEO services experts are dedicated to improving your online presence and driving tangible results for your business. From meticulous keyword research to content creation and optimization to data-driven link building and continuous monitoring and reporting, our adept team proactive approach ensures adaptability to algorithmic shifts and improved ranking on search engines. We are not just another SEO company in Ahmedabad, India. we are your strategic digital partner, and we are here to deliver results that fuels your business growth.

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Our Portfolio

Optimized Online Presence and Improved SERP of an Australian Brand

IndyLogix provided end-to-end SEO services to improve the user experience on the website and navigate the site seamlessly, helping to improve search ranking of the brand.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Keywords Ranking in Top 10 Results

Home Improvement - Content Marketing

Our Portfolio

Improved Website Ranking of US Industrial Equipment Supplier for Higher Visibility

We helped the brand with SEO services to have higher online visibility in its community, attract local traffic, and generate leads and sales.


Increase in Website Traffic


Improvement in Organic Leads

Industrial & Commercial Power Generators - eCommerce Development & SEO - IndyLogix Portfolio

Our Portfolio

Boosted Online Presence and Engagement of Solar Products Supplier

We developed a customized SEO strategy to enhance content relevance and site performance for better ranking on SERPs.


Increase in Leads within 3 Months


Increase in Revenue

Solar Business - Content Marketing

What We Do

Local SEO Service - IndyLogix
Local SEO

Get your business found with IndyLogix Solutions, the best SEO company in Ahmedabad. Our Local SEO services will help your brand reach an audience, attract them, and convert them.

Shopify SEO Service - IndyLogix
Shopify SEO

Make your eCommerce business stand out from the competition with our Shopify SEO services. Our team will power your marketing efforts to attract organic traffic and generate more sales.

Website SEO Audit - IndyLogix
Website Audit

Find what's stopping your website from ranking #1 with our Website Audit SEO Services. Our team inspects multiple checkpoints, identifies opportunities, and presents actionable steps to rank higher.

On-Page - IndyLogix
On-Page SEO

Optimize your web presence with our comprehensive On-Page SEO services. Our in-house SEO services team will enhance your site' content and structure to ensure optimal search engine rankings.

Off-Page Service - IndyLogix
Off-Page SEO

Establish your brand authority with our Off-Page SEO services. Our dedicated experts utilize industry-recommended practices to build backlinks, boost your ranking, and establish brand authority.

Technical SEO - IndyLogix
Technical SEO

Don't let your website's technical aspects impact its ranking. At our SEO company, our team will optimize your site's infrastructure and performance to ensure a technically sound website.

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As the top-rated SEO Company in Ahmedabad, we have helped businesses from distinct industries and of different sizes go big. Feel free to connect with us and enquire how our services can be of help to your business's marketing strategy!

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Our SEO Approach

If you want to see real results in the dynamic digital landscape, work with the team that can deliver one. As the best SEO company in Ahmedabad, India. we have provided SEO services experts to bootstrap startups and established enterprises and have helped them maximize their ROI.

  • Before our in-house team starts the SEO services task, we conduct a discovery call with the potential client. Our team digs deep to understand the business, its needs, demands, and expectations from the project. Post-discussion, our SEO services team will audit the website to find strengths and weaknesses, identify opportunities, and suggest actionable steps to ensure the website ranks higher in SERPs.

  • After the client approves and we onboard them as their extended SEO company, we move on to the keyword research phase. Our tech-enabled team utilizes tools to find relevant keywords the targeted audience is using. Along with keyword research, our SEO services team conducts competitive research and target audience segmentation to monitor the keyword’s performance. Additionally, our team identifies gaps for higher search visibility and maximum reach.

  • The next phase features the critical aspect of the SEO services project: implementing the SEO strategies as per the marketing plan. Our SEO services team will optimize the website, blog posts, and thin content, among other aspects. Additionally, they will optimize the website’s structure and other essential parts of the website, such as on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, and start tasks to boost the website’s ranking on Google. With our SEO services efforts, the website’s search ranking will improve, reflecting higher SERPs.

  • What makes IndyLogix the best SEO company in Ahmedabad is its end-to-end SEO services, including measurement of key metrics. Whether monitoring the organic website visitors, bounce rate, and engagement ratio or measuring the impact with highly qualified leads, our SEO services team will measure, analyze, and interpret all the data and KPIs. This helps to get accurate and actionable insights that further help recalibrate the optimization strategy.

  • Unlike other SEO company in Ahmedabad that provides dull and technical jargon-riddled reports post SEO services tasks, we work differently. With us as your SEO company, the reporting aspect of the project will be sorted. Upon collaborating, we assign a dedicated project manager who will supervise the project’s performance, be your Point-of-Contact (POC), and provide you with a comprehensive report of overall traffic, ranking, measurement of KPIs, and other parameters. In addition, we will present an actionable roadmap to help you achieve what you expect for SEO services tasks.

Our Valued Clients

Discover The Brand’s Voice For Our Best SEO Company In Ahmedabad

Working with the IndyLogix team has been beneficial for our business. We contacted them for SEO services through the website and got a prompt response before we penned the deal. They always kept us in the project life cycle and suggested steps to better our business. The website’s live, the numbers are great, and our business’s growing. All in all, we are really happy with their SEO services. We would regard them as the best SEO company in Ahmedabad.

Jobin Joshua India

Since the start of my entrepreneurial path, I’ve partnered with IndyLogix, and they are the best SEO company for all your SEO services needs. Be it their professional approach, attention to detail, or their hunger to do more, your business and your marketing efforts are in safe hands with them. I’ve been recommending them as the go-to agency for the best SEO services and will continue to do so. Proud to be an IndyLogix partner!

C. Lecomte France

IndyLogix’s SEO services have been profitable for our business. We’ve seen a significant increase in website traffic and leads—one of the most credible SEO company. We highly recommend them to other businesses!

Gilbert Remy-Masson France

They are true to their claim of being the best SEO company in Ahmedabad. I’ve worked with them on numerous projects, and mark my words—their expertise and dedication guarantee results. Our company is delighted with the results and highly recommends IndyLogix for its exceptional SEO services and marketing solutions.

Prajjwal Sinha India

It was a fantastic experience partnering with the geniuses working at IndyLogix. In the past, we have worked with other SEO company in Ahmedabad but we always dealt with performance, but this was not the case this time around. From the word go, the team at IndyLogix has come up with a custom marketing plan and SEO services strategies to generate traffic to our business. We are having a steady flow of new customers coming to the company. Their SEO services do the trick, always!!!

Pranay Agarwal India

Since switching to IndyLogix for local SEO services, our business has observed a significant increase in traffic, leads, and sales. They are truly the best SEO company for local SEO services. They definitely deliver!

Astrid Schuler Germany

Our eCommerce business has grown considerably, and I’m thrilled with the results their Shopify SEO services have derived for us. We recommend IndyLogix for the best SEO services in Ahmedabad for anyone seeking a robust marketing solution.

Varun Naicker India

Traffic numbers have grown remarkable, all thanks to IndyLogix and its team. They have a deep understanding of the industry, and that is reflected in their standard operating procedure. If you’re a new business and want to make a name for yourself, trust IndyLogix with your SEO services. They are the best SEO company in Ahmedabad for results-driven solutions.

Raj Sahni India

IndyLogix did a great job with their SEO services, given the varied nature of my project—more power to the team at IndyLogix. You guys are doing a great job out there, and I hope to work more with you guys. Truly the best SEO company to work with.

Tom Eichmann USA

Working with IndyLogix was a great pleasure. But what we value more is how they managed to get things done for us. Their SEO services are absolutely fantastic. Their work ethic and swift response time have made way to our good books. The best SEO company in Ahmedabad to strengthen your business.

Prashant Gajera India

We are impressed with their SEO services. They have completely transformed our online store’s visibility. We would recommend their SEO services to our professional network looking for SEO company.

Michel Hess Australia

Our brand’s and IndyLogix’s association has stood the test of time and is getting stronger with each project. They understand our brand’s requirements and apply their knowledge of SEO services to derive us great results. If there’s one SEO company in Ahmedabad that we’d suggest, then it has to be IndyLogix.

Pankaj Gupta India


  • SEO services are professional services provided by an SEO company that optimizes a website to increase its visibility to the targeted audience. They also enable driving organic traffic and delivering an enhanced user experience, helping increase visibility, brand authority, and sales.

    As the best SEO company in Ahmedabad, IndyLogix offer a wide array of SEO services, including but not limited to

    • Website Audit
    • SEO Strategic Plan Creation
    • Local SEO Services
    • eCommerce SEO Services
    • Shopify SEO Services
    • On-Page/Off-Page SEO Services
    • Technical SEO Services
    • Content Optimization
    • Reputation Management & many more.

    Call or email us, and our SEO services expert will contact you ASAP!

  • The only constant thing with SEO is that it is not constant, and that’s true. There is no “one size fits all” SEO approach, which varies widely from service to service, and so do the costs of the SEO services. The cost-deciding factors of SEO services include but are not limited to, the

    • Business Location
    • Target Audience
    • Campaign Timing, i.e. time spent on campaign building, distribution, management, and repair
    • Current Website Ranking
    • Websites’ Technical State
    • Number of Keywords to Target
    • Niche Competitiveness & many more.
  • The answer might sound diplomatic. The answer is “not always” and “it depends” from case to case. Several factors should be considered before hiring the best SEO company in Ahmedabad. They are

    When should you STRICTLY hire an SEO company in Ahmedabad:

    • When you want to invest in marketing channels as robust as SEO.
    • When you want to invest in long-term marketing, no other marketing option can beat SEO.

    When should you opt to hire an SEO company in Ahmedabad:

    • When you want to increase your resources.
    • When you want quantified data & metrics to make a better-informed decision.
    • When you want to have budget-sensitive marketing.

    When you should NOT hire an SEO company in Ahmedabad for SEO services:

    • When you want instant results, there should be other options than SEO.
    • When a contract binds you.
    • When the SEO agency specializes in specific professional SEO services and does not cover comprehensive SEO services.
    • When you are not shared detailed data & analytics reports.
  • Certain factors determine how long SEO services will take to deliver initial results, implement improvements, and see potential benefits. The factors include but are not limited to

    • Websites’ History – whether the websites’ domain is new or old. The newer domain takes more time to deliver initial results.
    • Content Quality – whether the website’s content quality is substantial or not?
    • Websites’ Architecture –  Will the website be crawled seamlessly by the search engine bots?
    • Links Quality – Are the links on the website from any trusted authority?
    • Competition – low competition niche websites deliver favourable results in less time.
  • Beware of an SEO agency in Ahmedabad that guarantees top rank in the search engine in a shorter timeframe. Search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., include various rigorous parameters to index the website. Those who guarantee the top spot are either using Blackhat techniques, spamming techniques, or running a PPC campaign like the Google AdWords PPC program.

    We, as the best SEO service provider agency, adhere to various white-hat optimization techniques, including but not limited to

    • Building a responsive Website.
    • Content Optimization.
    • Link Building.
    • On-page/ Off-page Optimization
    • Keyword Optimization & more
  • As the best SEO agency in Ahmedabad, we never bind our clientele to sign contracts to avail of SEO services unless the client explicitly opts to sign the agreement.

    If the client opts to sign the contract, the contract is drafted in the client’s favor and includes:

    • Scope of Work – defines the scope of the best SEO services opted for by the client and their desired expectations.
    • Payment Terms – whether the client is hiring the best SEO agency in Ahmedabad on an hourly, monthly, per-project basis or on a fixed/non-fixed price quote basis.
    • Warranty – that the best SEO company in Ahmedabad does not part seal the warrant of expected clients’ requirements or expectations, including specific increases/decreases in numbers and volumes.
    • Exclusivity – the best SEO agency in Ahmedabad cannot work with clients’ competitors for a designated period unless specified otherwise.
  • Yes. Hiring the best SEO service provider is the most feasible option. Local SEO services enable local businesses to show vital information about their business, including address, phone number, working hours, etc., to online visitors, which helps in business exposure and reaching more customers in the area.

    Being among the best rated SEO companies, IndyLogix is here to help your local business grow out of the shell and establish its brand authority.

  • The return on investment (ROI) of SEO services is the calculation of the return of the SEO campaign. ROIs of the SEO services include but aren’t limited to

    • Search Engine Ranking – before SEO campaign websites rank on the SERPs vs ongoing/after SEO campaign websites rank on SERPs.
    • Organic Website Traffic – increase/decrease in website visits done by the visitors without including any Blackhat techniques, spamming methods, or, by running PPC Ads campaign.
    • Conversion Rate – increase/decrease in desired actions taken by the actual visitors.
    • Bounce Rate – change in percentage of visitors exiting the webpage after viewing only one page.

    Do you want to know whether your marketing effort will land? As the best rated SEO service provider, our dedicated team of SEO services experts utilize industry-best practices and domain knowledge to drive you aspired results. Contact us to know why we stand amongst the best rated SEO companies.

  • Indeed. Over time, Shopify has evolved into a leading eCommerce platform suited to the requirements and specifications of different businesses and industry verticals.

    To avail of Shopify’s countless benefits, you can engage with us and hire our professional SEO services experts to get end-to-end solutions that deliver brisk and desirable outcomes. Contact us to learn why we are Ahmedabad’s best SEO service provider!