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    Is Shopify the right choice for my business? With IndyLogix Solutions, it is. IndyLogix Solutions is a leading Shopify development company in India, providing meticulous and comprehensive Shopify website development services. Well-founded brands from distinct industrial domains across the globe have opted for our Shopify store development services and have availed tangible results.

    Being a Shopify development company, we at IndyLogix Solutions, have a full-fledged in-house Shopify website development team proficient in distinct aspects of Shopify store development services. From the initial consultation to Shopify website development to Shopify migration to after-launch maintenance and support services, our professional resources have proven expertise to design, develop, and deliver superlative yet robust solutions within the stipulated time and budget frame.

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    Shopify Store Development – Making eCommerce Great Again… Easily!

    Is Shopify Any Good for Shopify Store Development? You Will Never Know Unless You Ask, Check Out the Lucrative Side

    Visually Appealing Stores

    One of the Shopify platform’s foremost benefits is to develop a visually appealing website/store. With Shopify, one can build a compelling and user-friendly website by customizing the template, themes, and layout available (or third-party) to develop an attractive online store in a reduced timeframe.

    Visually Appealing Stores Scaled

    Effective Marketing Tools

    Apart from the plethora of benefits the Shopify platform has to offer, one of the profound benefits is effective marketing tools. Shopify offers basic SEO features, analytics information, and other marketing tools, including email marketing which allows for optimizing the website/store for SERPs as well as helping the business evaluate website/store marketing performance.

    Effective Marketing Tools Min Scaled
    Apps Integration

    Reliability and Security

    Another undeniably significant benefit platform has to offer is reliability and security. As the website/store contains data of private and sensible nature, including bank details, card details, address, etc., poor security measures can compromise the data. As the Shopify platform is PCI compliant, opting for the Shopify website ensures data security and reliability against malware and brute attacks.

    Reliability And Security Scaled

    Apps Integration

    With Shopify, one can integrate numerous available (or third-party) tools and apps -considerably similar to APIs- and extend the website’s/store’s functionality and features, making it compatible with marketing plans.

    Apps Integration Scaled

    Shopify Store Development Coz Amazon’s Not for Everyone

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    Shopify eCommerce Development Needs

    Shopify Consultation

    Into retail or eCommerce business and want to increase sales but don't know how? As an established Shopify development company, we at IndyLogix Solutions provide strategic direction and meticulous Shopify consultation service to make the most out of Shopify and expand the global reach.


    Shopify Store Development

    As an acclaimed Shopify development company, we help businesses and enterprises with the development, set-up, and configuration of Shopify stores. Our Shopify website development team assists with a full spectrum of Shopify store development services to develop the store in a reduced turnaround time and enable achieve the marketing objectives.


    Shopify App Development

    At IndyLogix Solutions, we extend our experience in Shopify store development services into Shopify app development services. Our Shopify developers are proficient in product development life cycle, and our portfolio reflects robust, optimal functioning, and scalable apps.


    Shopify Themes Development

    As part of our end-to-end Shopify store development services, we help businesses with league apart Shopify theme development services. Our Shopify developers and UI/UX team design and develop a visually striking and effective website/app theme compatible with distinct browsers/platforms and highly responsive, making the website/app attractive to the core customer base.


    Third-party Integration

    Want to improve the existing website/app functionality? This is where our third-party integration services kick in. As a Shopify development company, we have Shopify developers having relevant experience in integrating the website/app with payment gateway, APIs, social login, third-party applications, etc., helping extend the functionality and making it top-notch.


    Shopify Migration

    As a reliable Shopify development company, we help our clients migrate their website/store from the existing platform to a more flexible, feature-rich, and comprehensive Shopify platform seamlessly and without any data compromise or ranking impact.


    Shopify Customization

    At IndyLogix Solutions, our Shopify developers and UI/UX design team help the client with Shopify customization service. Our team enhances the website/app appeal by developing intuitive and highly-responsive themes which offer a satisfying experience to the customer/potential customer and support the business's marketing objective.


    Shopify Maintenance and Support

    Being a Shopify development company, our comprehensive Shopify store development services includes post-launch maintenance and support services. Be it mitigating reported/unreported issues or performance tuning or bug solving, our developers provide reliable and fast maintenance and support services.

    Get Found Online, Make Sales, and Do Floss with Shopify Website Development Services

    SEO 🤝 Shopify Store Development – Here’s How SEO Can Help Your Store Rank High, Sell More
    Cost Effectiveness

    01. Low Cost of Entry

    Recent Shopify updates make it probably the best platform for Shopify web development. As Shopify has lower barriers compared to other website/store development platforms, it provides reduced time-to-market for website/store with a low cost of entry. With features like entry-level "Shopify Lite," small businesses can get started with Shopify website development for as low as $9 per month.

    Flexible Engagement Model

    03. Flexibility

    The reason behind Shopify powers numerous websites and eCommerce stores is flexibility. Shopify features better levels of flexibility and customization and has multiple built-in tools, enabling the brand to showcase its business, create unique experiences for the customer/potential customer, and integrate apps and tools without touching the code.


    05. Save Time & Resources

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a service has a steep learning curve and is not everyone’s cup of tea to incorporate it in store development let alone return desired results. On the other hand, Shopify is designed in such a way that allows the developer to access and manipulate all the essential SEO elements easily and seamlessly. It reduces the tedious task to perform and inculcate the best SEO practices which helps you to focus on improving and scaling your business.

    Reduced Overhead Cost

    02. Reduced Overhead Cost

    Another significant benefit of Shopify website development is quick and easy to set-up & use features. With Shopify, small businesses and businesses with limited resources can launch a Shopify-enabled website/store in a reduced turnaround time without the fuss of choosing hosting servers or hiring dedicated professional resources -from a Shopify development company- for Shopify website development.

    Customer Support

    04. Customer Service

    One of the remarkable benefits of opting for Shopify website development is great customer service. Shopify provides a community forum, online chat support, and human representative service to its clients to mitigate their pertaining issues/queries and enable them to serve their customers/potential customers well.

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    Why Do Businesses Like Yours Choose IndyLogix for Shopify Website Development Services?
    Pre Implementation Discussion

    Pre-Implementation Discussion

    At Indylogix, we believe the collaboration shouldn’t turn out to be a “pig in a poke” deal. Therefore, before striking an agreement, we adhere to the practice of pre-implementation discussion. We perform brief discussions and knowledge transfer sessions to understand the business and the project idea to ensure that the end product is up to par with the client’s expectations.

    Transparent Development

    Transparent Development

    For us, the importance of transparency extends beyond the website/eCommerce store development. So, we adhere to honest and open lines of communication and ensure all the project’s stakeholders are given access to various dashboards and metrics to mitigate project-associated risks and frictions and promote accountability.

    Dynamic Work Approach

    Agile Approach

    The agile approach offers multiple opportunities to the stakeholder and development to engage throughout the development life cycle. Therefore, at IndyLogix Solutions, we leverage the agile development approach for Shopify website development. We engage the client in every project process, which augments the degree of collaboration between client and team and avail benefits, including transparency, focusing on business value, improving the product quality, and more.

    End To End Service

    End-to-End Services

    When it comes to Shopify website development, we as a trustworthy Shopify development company provide both stand-alone as well as comprehensive and end-to-end Shopify store development services. This enables our clients to have effective and efficient project administration while not worrying about post-launch support services, making it cost-effective.

    Our Tactical Approach to Shopify Store Development

    What’s Our Modus Operandi for Shopify eCommerce Development?

    Pre-Project Consultation

    After the client connects with us or drops in their product’s intended requirements/specifications, we perform pre-project consultation. Here, we perform brief discussions and knowledge transfer sessions to provide insights into development procedures and prioritize development needs to save time and money on development.

    Pre Project Consultation

    Project Feasibility Check

    Prior to getting started with Shopify website development, we perform feasibility checks of pertinent areas, including technical, operational, economic, and scheduling parameters, to determine new possibilities and to assist us in project decision making. This helps to improve and increase the project’s success rate.

    Project Feasibility Check

    Engagement Model Selection

    At this stage, we determine the relationship between the client and the development team by offering and signing legally binding contracts to both the parties.

    Engagement Model Selection

    Project Kick-Off

    Our Shopify website development team, along with UI/UX designers, develops initial level wireframes, prototypes, and mockups to gauge whether it meets the client’s expectation and whether the product will be appropriate for the core customer base or not.

    Project Kick Off

    Project Coding

    Although Shopify comes with a set of built-in templates, themes, and layouts, our Shopify website development team manually edits the Shopify template code to customize the website/store as per the client’s requirement.

    Project Coding

    Pre-Launch Testing

    As unrestrained bugs and defects can hamper the Shopify website development life cycle, our development team carries out rigorous testing and its associated documentation to identify and mitigate flaws in the code/component and increase the code’s overall quality, making the end-product reliable and optimal functioning.

    Pre Launch Testing

    Product Launch

    Once the website/store is developed, tested, and has determined its readiness for launch, we hand it over to the client for product verification and validation. Post validation, the production begins, and the marketing campaign initiates to enable a strong entry into the market.

    Product Launch

    Post-Launch Services

    As a Shopify development company, we provide comprehensive Shopify store development services, including maintenance and support services. Here, post successful product launch, our Shopify website development team gets along with maintenance and support to fix bugs and glitches and enhance the capabilities to make the product relevant for a long time.

    Post Launch Services
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    What does it cost to develop a Shopify website?

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    Reliable Shopify Development Company Agile-ing Online Stores Forward

    A Quick Look to
    Agile Development Process We Adhere To
    • Discovery Phase

      The first step of Shopify website development is the discovery phase. Here the development team scopes out and prioritizes to-do lists and the product they are going to build. Also, the development team establishes success metrics that are to be achieved.

    • Project Inception

      Once the concept of the project is outlined, the next phase involves project inception. Here, the product owner validated Shopify website development team and UI/UX designers create wireframes, prototypes, and mockups depicting all the requirements and the product functionality in the design.

    • Iteration Phase

      The next step effectuates the end-product development. Post validation from the product owner, the Shopify website development team divides the project into iterations/sprints/phases, intending to have working deliverables at the end of it. Generally, the development phase consumes the central part of the Shopify website development life cycle and is the most time consuming part.

    • Post-Iteration Meeting

      After successfully completing independent/conjoined iterations/sprints/phases comes the in-house/client meeting. Here, post-completion, the Shopify website development team will jointly discuss the project’s concerns and progress before moving on to client meetings. Later, during the client meeting, the development team will present the final version of the product to get feedback and sync the development team’s efforts with marketing objectives.

    • Product Release

      In this stage, the quality assurance team will run rigorous tests to detect trivial and/or potentially threatening bugs and glitches to ensure an error-free final product into production.

    • Product Maintenance

      The next phase -post production launch- comes the product maintenance phase. During this phase, the Shopify website development team provides ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the website/store is resolved of any bugs/issues to make it convenient for the customer.

    Sleep Tight; Your Code’s Been Done Right by Your Wingman-esque Shopify Development Company

    कटिंग चाय or Coding Standards?
    We Don’t Say Nay to Either!
    • Safe & Secure
    • Consistent
    • Reliable
    • Testable
    • Reusable
    • Maintainable

    Safe & Secure

    • Safe and secure coding standards are practices that are implemented in the coding regimen to prevent the introduction of vulnerabilities, including bugs/glitches, logic laws, etc.
      As a Shopify development company, our Shopify website development team adopts secure coding standards to relay vulnerabilities-proof website/eCommerce store into production.


    • Consistent coding standards refer to consistency in coding convention, which enables understanding and assimilation of the code with a better defect detection rate.

      Our Shopify website development team follows aspects of consistent coding standards, which helps improve predictability and mitigate undiscovered/backward compatibility issues.


    • One of the key metrics to measure the quality of the code is reliability.
      Our Shopify developers write consistent and efficient code, coupling it with a testing regimen to ensure the code performs the operations consistently every time it’s provisioned.


    • Testable code often tends to be highly flexible and maintainable due to its modularity.
      At IndyLogix Solutions, our Shopify website development team installs testable metrics while performing Shopify store development services. This helps verify and validate the code independently and assures resilience against changing business requirements.


    • Reusable coding standards refer to the practice of reusing the code to build a new software application or use the code to re-appropriate.
      Our team follows every aforementioned metric in order to reuse the code, which proves to reduce the Shopify website development time and improve the efficiency making it cost-effective.


    • Maintainable coding standards enable one to make changes without having to break the existing code.
      Here, at IndyLogix Solutions, our Shopify website development team follows a convention and writes understandable, testable, and reliable code leading to code maintainability and mitigating costly delays and defects due to non-maintainability.

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    • Why choose IndyLogix Solutions for Shopify store development services?

      We don’t brag about being the leading Shopify development company. We have complimentary factors determining our stature. Factors that distinguish us as the best Shopify development company are, but are not limited to:

      • Relevant Experience – Since its incorporation in 2011, IndyLogix Solutions has been into Shopify store development services. We have designed, developed, delivered, and deployed numerous Shopify projects for business and industry verticals from all walks of discipline.
      • Professional Resource – We have an in-house development team of 50+ professionals adept in multiple disciplines, including Shopify store development services.
      • Communication – We leverage multiple communication channels, including Email, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc., to establish effective communication without any communication gaps.
      • Collaboration Model – Clients can hire our Shopify developers on an hourly/monthly/per-project basis or on a determined/undetermined price model.
      • More Than Just Development – At IndyLogix Solutions, apart from Shopify store development services, we provide branding and digital marketing services to mitigate client’s hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.
      • End-to-End Services – We provide comprehensive and end-to-end Shopify store development services, including pre-implementation discussion to product development to launching to post-launch maintenance and support services.
    • How much do Shopify store development services cost?

      The cost of developing a Shopify-enabled store varies from project to project. There are several factors that determine the cost of building a Shopify-enabled eCommerce website which include:

      • Functionalities of the Website
      • Scope of the Project
      • In-house development or outsourcing to a Shopify development company
      • Experience and expertise of the Shopify development company
      • Location of the Shopify development company
      • Allocation of Professional Resources
      • Engagement Model
    • What will be the line of communication?

      We at IndyLogix Solutions employ multiple communications channels, including email, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft teams, etc. -whichever deems feasible to the client- for an efficient and effective flow of information.

    • Does IndyLogix Solutions provide dedicated professional resources if we opt for Shopify store development services?

      Indeed! If the client opts to partner with us for Shopify store development services, we provide dedicated professional resources. The client gets to interview the assigned resources to verify and validate them for the project. After that, we assign a dedicated project manager who will handle the project and establish communication with the client.

    • Does your Shopify store development services include maintenance and support services?

      As a Shopify development company, we provide comprehensive and end-to-end Shopify store development services, including maintenance and support services. Post-launch, our development team gets going to determine reported/unreported issues, faults in the software, bugs and glitches to enable the product to adapt to the changing environment and forge its stature in competition.

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