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Delivering Social Media
Marketing Services Right!

As one of the leading social media management company in the USA and India, IndyLogix Solutions has grown to establish itself as the go-to option for social media marketing services. From the healthcare industry to the media and entertainment sector to the travel and tourism field, we have helped distinct industrial verticals with our overarching social media marketing services. Our b2b social media marketing specialists create and manage marketing campaigns for businesses which helps to derive intended results.

So, if your business is seeking a trustworthy, goal-loving, and result-driven social media management company, IndyLogix Solutions is the pick.

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Perks of Investing
in B2B Social Media Marketing Services?

01Generate Brand Awareness

According to a statistical roundup, there are about 4.48 billion active social media users worldwide, and that presents a ripe market to the businesses. Each social media content or post makes it much easier to attract new potential clients, pitch the product/service, and convert the qualified leads into sales numbers.

Generate Brand Awareness

02Better Customer Services

Unlike software-generated automated responses, social media presents a human touch to the interaction. Customers' every comment, query, feedback, and more, can be acknowledged in real-time/reduced turnaround time, which helps to provide better customer service.

Better Customer Services

03Improve Brand Loyalty

Regardless of the company's size -small or big- the primary goal is to develop a loyal customer base. By engaging with the customers via multiple communication channels, they can communicate directly with the customers, which helps reap enormous benefits for the business.

Improve Brand Loyalty

04It's Budget Sensitive

As traditional marketing tactics are a costly affair, signing up for b2b social media marketing services can prove to be cost-efficient. So, if one's business is running tight on budget, they must opt for social media marketing, which can help gain inbound traffic and convert the traffic into leads and sales.

It's Budget Sensitive

Social Media SEO Facts



new user Tik Tok adds every second.



is the most popular hashtag on Instagram, followed by #Instagood and #Fashion.



population of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has social media prevalence which is the highest in the world.



social media accounts the average Internet user has.



of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn.



not Bing or Yahoo! is the second largest search engine globally.

B2B Social Media Marketing Services?

IndyLogix Solutions! You're just a call away from unlocking your social media potential.

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What We Provide -
Professional Social Media Marketing Services


What Makes Us Best Social Media Management
Company in the USA?

Dedicated Resources

As a b2b social media marketing agency, we have raised a full-fledged and proficient social media marketing wing. The team comprehensively handles various aspects of social media marketing services. Our b2b social media marketing experts play a proactive role in achieving the marketing goal from the idea to the implementation part.


At IndyLogix Solution, we believe transparency is more than just a buzzword and holds the key for future prospects. Since the beginning of the project, we ensure the provisions of the project are set realistically and are met on or before the designated time frame. The client is given access to essential metrics to mitigate discrepancies and install transparency.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is highly revered in any project, including b2b social media marketing campaigns, and we abide by it every time. We employ advanced project management tools and multiple channels of communication, including the likes of Basecamp, Jira, Skype, Email, etc., to put clients at ease while communicating and leave no room for error due to communication.

All Services Under One Roof

Being a b2b social media marketing agency, we quickly respond to the varying and changing demands and adapt rapidly to be on top of social media marketing services. This helps the client with reduced overhead expenses while consistently availing quality work without the speed of work getting adversely affected. This presents a win-win situation for the client and the vendor agency.

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SEO Approach


How Will Our B2B Social Media Marketing Help
You Grow Business?

  • Identify Target Audience

    Before attempting b2b social media marketing, it's primarily important for the business to determine the target audience for the success of a marketing campaign, and we help our clientele with it.

    Our social media marketing experts perform competitor analysis and leverage referencing social media analytics tools to better understand and determine the target audience.

  • Determining Social Media Platform

    Not every social media platform is meant for the business, so we narrow down the choice to a few platforms, which will allow us to focus our synchronized efforts on the business marketing plan and enable the clientele to derive the maximum ROI.

    Our adept SEO professionals are a dab hand in a spectrum of services including UI/UX designing & SEO services. Our SEO team suggests conducive UI/UX reforms to improve the interface while carrying SEO services to build trust organically.

  • Get Traffic & Followers

    Post-identification of target audience and determination of social media platforms, we aim to strike a perfect note with the target audience by promoting apt and eye-catching content which attracts traffic to the social media handle and fills up the top of the sales funnel.

  • Strategy Improvement and Result

    Regardless of the type of industry, the business must update its marketing strategy. So, to make our clients lead in their niche, our b2b social media marketing specialists carry out strategy improvement plans. We leverage quantified analytics and data reports to craft the following strategy and let our clients bask in the desired sales and profit numbers.

Get Your Website Health Report

We provide your website health report within 24 hours. Just drop your email and website urls. Sit back and Relax!


What to Expect
When Working With Us?

Cutting-Edge Technologies

01. Cutting-Edge Technologies

Redundant technologies can bring in redundant results. Therefore, as a social media management company, we employ & implement emerging and suitable technologies which help in boosting productivity and further help the business reduce overhead expenses.

Innovative Workforce

02. Innovative Workforce

Being one of the top b2b social media marketing agency, IndyLogix Solutions boasts a great team of professional resources. We recruit the cream of the industry and enable them to be motivated and engaged with the client's goal, enabling increase and improve the client's experience and satisfaction.


03. Transparency

As a b2b social media marketing agency, we adhere to the process of being honest, open, straightforward transparent about our operations. The result is the instalment of mutual trust and expansion of bi-partite relationships for future prospects.


04. Flexibility

One of the essential parameter that is often overlooked is flexibility, so it's crucial to partner with a social media management company who is flexible in its approach and mode of operations. At IndyLogix Solutions, flexibility is a vital component of our b2b social media marketing services. Whether it's updating package deals or onboarding more workforce for the project, we are flexible in our approach.

Ability to Execute

05. Ability to Execute

For some social media management company, sound business strategy is essential, but for some ability to execute prevails business strategy, and we are the latter one. At IndyLogix Solutions, we focus on key areas, including project planning and organization, problem-solving, communication, and innovation, to accomplish the task and derive positive outcomes.

We Work With

We Serve

Owing to the changing needs and rising competition in the digital realm, businesses & enterprises need to outperform their competition innovatively to sustain in the sector. As a professional SEO services company, we serve clients of varying types, sizes, and sectors, and we take pride in helping our clients beat the competition. We render our domain proficiency to clients from a multitude of sectors but are not limited to:

Health Care Industry web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

There is a booming demand for online healthcare services. Want health enthusiasts able to find your website online? Let a professional SEO services company do it for you.

Banking and Finance Industry web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Websites that rank top on the result page assures websites’ reliability & credibility, and the banking & finance sector can be no extra-terrestrial to it. The online visitor should come to know about the plans, services, offers the banking & finance sector has to offer, to avail benefits and help the client be ahead of the curvature. Employ a professional SEO services company to help you with it.

Retail and E-commerce Business web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

The shopping realm is getting digitized and online retail & eCommerce websites are to gain the advantage. We can help boost the retail & eCommerce stores’ ranking on the SERPs, which helps in delivering much-awaited sales figures. Connect with the top-ranked SEO company in USA & India to bask in amped-up sales statistics.

Media & Entertainment web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Online presence is intrinsic for the recreation & entertainment industry to stay relevant in the sector, as an inconspicuous presence can cause loss of opportunities. As a professional SEO services company, trust us to yield an unerring digital demeanor.

Education & ELearning web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

There is a growing demand for online education and the search for it begins online. Our customized SEO strategy enables the education platform to rank higher on search engine result pages. Knowledge knows no boundaries, so why your knowledge-parting platform should?

Travel & Tourism web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Traveling plans begin online and it is vital to be present where the targeted audience is. To do that, the website should be optimized to help deliver a memorable trip. Let the most renowned SEO company in USA & India build an SEO strategy, because “revenge travel” do exist.

Logistic & Transport web and mobile app development - IndyLogix Solutions

Logistics & Transport sector serves globally, so should be their online presence. Logistics & Transport sector is getting competitive, so a tailored SEO marketing strategy will put you a step ahead of the competition. Let the technical resource from a professional SEO services company enable your reach to expand exponentially.





  • What are social media marketing services?

    Social media marketing services refer to an online marketing method in which social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc., are utilized to market a brand's products/services.

  • What b2b social media marketing services does IndyLogix Solutions provide?

    As a b2b social media marketing agency, we offer a range of comprehensive yet budget-sensitive social media marketing services to clients from distinct disciplines of industry verticals. Learn below about our list of b2b social media marketing services:

    • Social Media Marketing Consultation
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Instagram Marketing
    • Content Creation
    • Paid Advertising
    • Analytics and Reporting
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Online Reputation Management
  • What makes IndyLogix Solutions different from other social media management company?

    Unlike other b2b social media management company, we don't opt for a conventional approach. Instead, we employ an unconventional yet convenient approach. For the past 10+ years, IndyLogix Solutions have been into social media marketing services and have worked with multiple businesses and enterprises, which has given us a plethora of industry exposure and niche understanding helping in 2400 (and counting) successful collaboration.

    So, what to expect?

    • In-house industry best professionals with technical capabilities
    • Multiple domain awareness and understanding
    • A dedicated team of social media marketers
    • Detailed analytics and reporting (Monthly)
    • Flexible package deal
    • Round the clock support and more.

    So, are you ready to commence on a social media marketing journey? If yes, IndyLogix Solutions is here for your business. Connect us now to know more.

  • How much does b2b social media marketing cost?

    There is no "one size fits all" approach in b2b social media marketing services. Costs vary according to the marketing plan. Here are some of the factors that affect social media marketing services charges.

    • In-house development or outsourcing to a social media management company
    • Size of the client company
    • Industry sector of the client company
    • Frequency of posting
    • Quality of posting
    • Types of social media ads
  • Can you help us set up a social media marketing campaign?

    Definitely, why not? We provide end-to-end and comprehensive b2b social media marketing services. So, when clients/potential clients approach us for their marketing plan, they avail professional and meticulous services. From consultancy to campaign creation to promotion & reporting, everything is performed by our proficient social media geeks.

    Waiting for a marketing genie? They're just a call apart. Catch up with us now!

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