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    Web security is one of the top trending talks in the information technology world nowadays.

    Although website owners take very good care of the design, SEO part, content, and so on, they often undervalue the security aspects of their websites. However, a website’s security should be given the highest preference due to the presence of a large number of web threats.

    Hence, many organizations are looking to hire WordPress developers to keep their websites well secured looking at the current scenario.

    Fortunately, a number of website security check tools are available at the current date that can help you to ensure that your website is secure and free from any potential dangers that may create problems in the coming days.

    This article is aimed at focusing on some of the free and the best tools that can aid you to keep a check on your website’s security. Each tool consists of its own unique features, pros as well as cons. Let us discuss one by one.

    Sucuri SiteCheck

    Sucuri SiteCheck is one of the most famous and frequently used website security check tools available today. It aids you to keep a check on the viruses, website mistakes, dangerous code, outdated software, blacklisting status, and malware that exists on the front-end of your website.

    You just need to enter your URL and It returns back an easy-to-interpret results page that shows the tests you’ve passed, as well as the areas that need to be improved for security purposes.

    If you are employing WordPress then a free Sucuri Security WordPress plugin is available to get much of this information. 

    The plugin also blends a few WordPress-specific scans, such as file integrity monitoring specifically to aid WordPress sites.

    Although both Sucuri SiteCheck, as well as Sucuri Security WordPress Plugin, are free of cost, Sucuri also provides a paid security service if you need better protection.


    1. It is free of cost.
    2. The result page is simple to comprehend.
    3. A free plugin is available specifically for the WordPress core.


    1. Not as detailed as compared to other available tools.

    Mozilla Observatory

    Observatory is a free website security check tool introduced by Mozilla. It combines its individual tests, as well as few built-in tests from an external platform like SSL Labs. This tool is apparently the most comprehensive free website security check tool available at the present date.

    It splits the test results in four segments:

    1. HTTP Observatory
    2. TLS Observatory
    3. SSH Observatory
    4. Third-party Tests

    The results page can be a bit hard to understand on its own. However, one good thing about this tool is that it connects you to a page that describes what each test signifies in great detail for most of the tests.


    1. It is free of cost
    2. Huge documentation resources are available that describe what most of the tests imply. 
    3. Pretty detailed in the tests that it executes. 


    1. Understanding the results can be a bit harder and you may need to spend time in reading the available documentation to comprehend the results.


    Detectify is a very powerful website security check tool that is not free to use. This tool checks your website upon more than fifteen hundred threats comprising CORS, Amazon S3 bucket misconfiguration, OWASP Top 10, and so on. Detectify utilizes a fantastic crowdsourcing method to create its scanner.

    Although this is not a free tool, you can utilize its trial version available for 14 days to perform a one-time security check. 


    1. Free trial available for 14 days without the requirement of a credit card.
    2. Performs a quite detailed check covering more than 1500 threats.
    3. It follows an amazing crowdsourcing method to generate the security scanner.


    1. No permanent free plans are available.
    2. Paid plans are quite costly to purchase.

    SSL Trust

    In addition to checking your SSL certificate, the SSLTrust website security check tool performs a number of other tests as well. It tests your site upon a big range of external tools/blacklists involving Google Safe Browsing, Opera blacklists, Comodo, Avira, OpenPhish, etc. In and all, it examines your website against 66 distinct services. However, the tool can only show that your site is warned for an issue, it is not going to help with much details about it. Hence, it is beneficial to utilize this tool along with other tools rather than relying completely on it.


    1. Completely free of cost to use.
    2. It involves a quite detailed SSL security tests.
    3. Tests the site against more than 66 services.
    4. It is extremely easier to understand the results as everything involves just pass and fail.


    1. Due to the pass/fail nature of the result, you do not get any details about the results.
    2. No tests are proactive excluding the SSL tests. They only concentrate on detecting the issues without giving any details about it.


    WPScan is a WordPress security checker introduced by Automattic, the company that introduced as well as WooCommerce. In contrast with other available website security check tools, this tool especially concentrates on WordPress core, which makes it an excellent option if you are working with WordPress but not so convenient at the same time if you are not. However, not solely relying on it and pairing it with the additional website security checker options to check a WordPress website is highly recommended.


    1. It is free of cost tool however you can purchase paid plans as well to enjoy more benefits.
    2. Very helpful to check weaknesses in WordPress specific websites, plugins, and themes.


    1. It only concentrates on WordPress specific weaknesses. Hence, it is not a total website security check. 


    Intruder is one of the most prominent cloud-based loopholes scanner that detects the defects in the complete web app infrastructure. This tool is perfect for big, enterprise-level projects that can provide government & bank-level security scanning engines with ease. It can perform a number of security checks including identifying misconfigurations, missing patches, CMS issues, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting issues. Its free trial version is available for 30 days hence you can try it for your satisfaction before going for any paid plan.


    UpGuard is an external link evaluation tool that utilizes the commonly accessible information to rank. The test outcomes are divided into a number of sections like email risks, website risks, brand protection, network security, phishing and malware. 


    Website security has become one of the important concerns of today’s IT world that needs to be properly taken care of as a website lacking in the same may incorporate hazardous consequences to your business.

    Worried about your website’s security? meet our WordPress developers today to get a well-protected and threat-free website!