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    Google play store and Apple’s application store hold nearly 2.7 million apps and 1.84 million apps respectively at the present date. These figures clearly show the altitude where the mobile app market is reaching. Looking at these figures, a large number of people are trying to get ideas for mobile apps to get benefitted from the rising business of the same. But it is not necessary that every idea is a good one. It is important to get a good idea prior to the development of a mobile app in order to ensure its success. In addition to getting an idea, there is a lot that is required to be done for obtaining a profitable product as a result. If we talk about the app market, millions of apps are already available and the figures are continually rising. Hence, making your app stand out in such a vast competitive environment is also very challenging.

    Simply investing a huge amount of money in the development of an app without validating the idea is not a wise decision. Idea validation is as essential as a meal in the body else you will end up dropping money into something that will not provide you any profit on investment.

    A number of entrepreneurs assume that their idea is excellent. They start developing their app without paying much attention to idea validation and end up wasting their time, money, and efforts. Therefore, if you are looking to develop a mobile app, it is really important for you to validate your app idea first to know if your app will bring a difference in your audience’s lives or not. Validation will also help you to decide whether you should invest in the subsequent app or not.

    To validate an app idea in order to make the subsequent mobile app a success, few important points need to be taken care of. These important points can be seen as under

    • Perform a check on the size of your possible market

    Let us assume your application is a good one to resolve a particular problem for a certain group of users but what if there are very few people in that group. Your idea is not going to be successful as you do not have enough people to use your app. Hence, it becomes really important to study the size of your potential market before moving forward.

    • Understand what your prospects are expecting

    If you want your app to be used regularly, you need to listen to what your target audience is saying. Read the reviews of the apps identical to your idea. Do a detailed study of the issues they are facing in the current app and try to implement the solutions to those issues in your app. You can even conduct one-on-one meetings with the people from your target audience to know more about their problems.

    • Perform a check on the trends 

    Check Google’s play store and Apple’s app store to have an idea about which types of apps are attracting the users the most. Check whether your app idea belongs to such a group or not. This will eventually help you in deciding whether your app will have sufficient numbers of users or not. 

    • Choose to develop an MVP(Minimum Viable Product) for testing

    After going through the steps mentioned above, you will have a rough idea of how big your audience is going to be. If you are still sure that your app idea is a good one and has the potential of attracting enough users, you should move forward towards creating an MVP(Minimum Viable Product) for your app. An MVP is something that is not a fully developed product but it is fully functional. It contains the most important features of the app and developed without spending much time and money. It does not include all the features that you are planning to include in your app. Once the MVP is ready, you can put it to the market and check for the feedback. This feedbacks will be very helpful in checking what kind of response your app is getting in the market and whether or not the entire app should be developed.

    • Leverage the HYPE

    Prior to or after making an MVP, build a HYPE upon your app. Develop exciting landing pages, make use of social media, drive a coming soon campaign, or do whatever you can do to make the people inspired about your app. These promotional activities should be capable enough to tell the people about the unique and exciting features of your app in just one or two lines. This will help you to accumulate a vast number of users for your app as soon as the app launches.

    • Focus on creating your brand

    After the MVP is created and analyzed successfully, start creating your identity. As a large number of new ideas hit the market on a daily basis, the idea which is validated today can be outdated tomorrow. Hence, it is time to create a brand identity for yourself. In the world of immense competition where a large number of apps are getting developed every day, a good market reputation will be very helpful in retaining the users of your app.

    It is very risky to make something that has no analysis or meaningful idea placed behind it. Hence, if you do not want to grieve losing valuable resources, time, funds, and energy, make sure to validate your app idea well before proceeding towards the development.

    Validating an app idea constitutes a large amount of work and takes a lot of time. It is required to spend some money as well for the same. But it is important to validate an app idea to make the subsequent app a success and to guarantee your idea is deserving your investment. Hence, it is strongly suggested to consider all the above-mentioned points before converting your idea into an app.

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