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    Mobile phones have turned out to be an important tool for our lives as well as almost all kinds of businesses be it transportation, hospitality, healthcare, marketing, education, and so on. A number of business owners are adopting mobile applications to run their businesses in an enhanced manner. Smartphones and mobile applications together offer a great chance to the business owners to grow their business in an anticipated way. The primary aim behind developing a mobile application for a business is to reach more and more people, generating new customers and increasing revenues. 

    Although the creation of a mobile application for a business is not a new concept anymore but still developing a mobile application is not an easy job. It requires a detailed understanding of the domain, expertise, and skills to create an attractive and user-friendly application with proper functionality. Also, there are a few important points that need to be taken care of while planning to create a mobile application. These important points can be seen as under:


    The platform on which the mobile app has to be run plays an important role while heading towards developing a mobile application. The country from which the target audience belongs should be kept in mind while choosing the platform for a mobile app. For example, if the target audience belongs to a country like the USA then you should go for platforms like Android or iOS rather than going for windows as these platforms are more commonly used in the USA.  After all, spreading the app to the maximum number of users and growing the business is the ultimate target behind creating a mobile app.

    Native or Hybrid

    Native apps are the smartphone apps that are designed to run on a specific operating system like Android or iOS. Hybrid apps, on the other hand, are the apps capable of running across multiple platforms. Although, native apps offer a better user experience, hybrid apps like Flutter are becoming more popular nowadays due to the budget and time constraints associated with the development of native apps. In short, we can say that both have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Hence, you are required to make a choice as per your business needs.


    Choosing the right backend is again an important decision to be made while planning to develop a mobile application as a number of applications are API driven at the present date.

    Not all the mobile apps you create demand for a customize backend programming. Estimating the cost involved in setting up the backend is always recommended while making the decision. 

    Target Audience

    The main aim of creating a mobile app is to serve people and generate more business. Hence, the factors like gender, age-group of the target audience should always be kept in mind while planning to develop a mobile application. For example, if the target audience comprises children of the age group under 10 years then more utilization of graphics and less of text will make the app works better. Similarly, if the application is designed with an aim to run an online store, then it should be a professional app that matches all the standards of eCommerce apps. 

    User Interface and Design

    A beautiful and attractive design is crucial for the success of an application. The application is a failure if it is not designed properly no matter how good it is in terms of functionality. In addition to having a good design, the application should be appealing and user friendly as well as the probability of people not coming back to the app if they do not find it user-friendly is 99%. 

    Method of Development

    The method adopted for the development is extremely important to deliver a quality product. A number of software development models are available to execute the development process. These include the waterfall model, RAD model, prototype model, and agile model. Although the selection of life cycle models purely depends on the type of application you want to develop, one of the best and the most common methods that are being employed in the development very frequently these days is the Agile method. 

    App Development Standards

    Adopting the outdated technologies for the development of the app is not going to work anymore. Hence, it is crucial to use the advanced tools and technologies for better user experience.

    Screen Resolution and Size

    A huge range of screen sizes is available in the market and is being used by people at the present date. Hence, the application should be responsive enough to get fit properly across various screen sizes and resolutions. 

    Analysis of Similar Application

    It is always wise to check what your competitors are offering to their users. Go through the reviews of similar apps, find out the problems the users are facing while using it, and try to solve those issues in your app. Also, try to provide additional features in your app that are not given in your rival’s app. Always try to give better than your competitor in order to gain the attraction of the users easily.


    Ensure to incorporate proper security measures to your application. Although security has been improved significantly in the latest years, it is still an actively discussed issue for a number of reasons. Your application may turn out to be a failure if it lacks the adequate security measures or something is not addressed properly. Hence, security is still one of the top concerns you should have on your list.

    Final Words

    The usage of smartphones is estimated to touch up to 4 billion users in 2020. Around 80% of individuals make use of mobile applications to do payments, purchases, and bookings. Mobile applications are demonstrating to be an indispensable tool for the development of all kinds of businesses no matter what the domain is. Hence, creating a mobile application can contribute towards the tremendous growth of the business provided the above points are kept in mind while heading towards the development of a mobile application!