Forms are an indispensable part of any website. They enable the visitor to easily get connected with the site owner for what-so-ever purpose. However, at the same time, the creation of these forms requires a significant amount of time and endeavours.  WordPress Developers are required to do a lot of coding in order to create a form that fulfils the requirements of the client. But, if we talk about WordPress, we all are aware that WordPress allows the use of built-in plugins to incorporate any functionality to a website without putting much effort into it. For example, If someone is looking to include a contact form on a WordPress website, the most frequently used plugin is Contact Form 7. This is due to the fact that Contact Form 7 is a free yet powerful plugin that allows you to accomplish the task easily. But what if someone wants to include a more advanced form with additional features. Luckily, one more excellent WordPress plugin is available to perform the task and that is none other than the Gravity Forms plugin.

What is Gravity Forms?

Gravity Form is basically a WordPress plugin that enables site owners to create forms for the purpose of collecting data from the visitor. The plugin is comprised of a number of time-saving tools and characteristics and enables you to create any kind of form including online orders, file upload forms, user surveys, etc. or anything you want to incorporate to your WordPress website. The plugin, written in PHP language, offers many different premium plans from which you can make a choice as per your needs, however, the company also offers you a free demo that you can try before making a purchasing decision.

The Most Significant Benefits of Gravity Forms Plugin

Looking at the number of hacking attacks occurring over the internet, we can easily assume that almost every website on the web be it big or small is at high-security risk. Gravity forms, in such a scenario, offer a number of prominent features not only ensure better security of your website but also enables you to get connected with your visitors more efficiently. These features include the required login, anti-spam protection, automatic updates, and so on. Let us have a brief look at the most prominent features of Gravity Forms plugin

  • Gravity forms plugin allows you to include styling to your contact forms as per your likes.
  • The plugin provides an easy to understand interface that makes the task of form creates ease.
  • The level of customization provided by the plugin is such that it enables developers to mould almost every part of the form in their own way.
  • The plugin provides a number of advanced features that can ultimately aid you to create richer and more secure forms.
  • The plugin can easily be integrated with a number of prominent web applications and online services such as PayPal, stripe, signature,, zapier, and so on.
  • The plugin enables you to incorporate the ability of file uploading with your form.
  • Gravity forms enable you to associate conditional logic with one or more fields in your form.
  • The forms created using Gravity forms plugin are responsive enough to fit properly in a varied range of screen sizes and devices.
  • The plugin enables you to save a half created form and enables you to continue with it later on.
  • Gravity forms is a very secure and strong plugin that significantly diminishes the risk of your site being hacked.
  • Gravity forms provide excellent data validation options that aid you to prevent the users from entering any wrong or invalid values to the data fields.
  • Gravity forms can be easily used to create both simple as well as complex forms.

How to Implant Gravity Forms in a WordPress Website

Well, there are two methods of doing so. You can embed gravity forms in your WordPress website with or without a shortcode. Here in this article, we are going to explain to you how you can add Gravity Forms on your website with the help of a shortcode.

Step 1:Navigate to the page on which you want to add Gravity Forms shortcode.

Step 2:Click on the available + icon to add a new block.

Step 3:Perform a search and select shortcode.

Step 4: Type or paste below Gravity Forms shortcode

[gravityform id=”1″]

Once you use it, the Gravity Form with ID no. 1 will get displayed on that page or post. You can set the numbers accordingly to adjust the forms to be used on the page or post. You can also modify the look and feel of your page by making alterations to your shortcode as per your likes.

The Bottom Line

Gravity Forms plugin is the most comfortable and reliable tool that enables you to incorporate advanced forms to your WordPress website. The plugin has already been adopted and valued by a no. of big brands in the industry and has a long way to go. It also aids you to incorporate a more professional contact form to your site that ultimately aids in attracting the attention of valuable leads and generating more sales.

So if you are impressed with the features and benefits offered by this amazing WordPress plugin and want to embed it to your next website with an aim to enhance the efficiency and security of the same,  you can get in touch with us straight away and enjoy the high-quality and affordable services!