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    Woocommerce, a boon for WordPress developers, is a WordPress plugin that eases the job of developing eCommerce sites by providing all the ready-made functionalities needed to create a fully-functional online store. 

    While developing an eCommerce site using WooCommerce, one of the important decisions you are required to make is selecting the correct payment gateway among the number of available choices. The purchasing decision of customers largely depends on the ease with which they are able to make payments in exchange for a purchase.

    Hence, making an appropriate choice in the same is really important as it is going to have long term effects on the success of your business. 

    This article is aimed at introducing you with the most recommended WooCommerce payment gateways that you can utilize in your next online store and raise the possibilities of enhanced sales as well as profits. We are going to commence with the list soon meanwhile if you are looking to hire the most reliable WordPress developers in the industry that can assist you to develop your next project, do get in touch with us immediately to reach the best ones. 

    Before moving forward, let us understand what exactly is a payment gateway first


    Payment gateways are nothing but external service providers that allow you to receive payments via digital mediums whenever a business transaction is made on your online store.

    The important factors that need to be considered while selecting a payment gateway for WooCommerce include – the ease of use, costing, compatibility with WooCommerce, performance, security aspects, and so on. Considering the above-mentioned as well as a number of other factors while choosing a suitable payment gateway for your WooCommerce store is indispensable as this is something that can either make your customer make recurrent purchases from your online store if he is pleased with your payment organization or can even make your customer leave the site in between of payment process after making a purchasing decision and never come back if he/she is not happy with the checkout process you have implemented. 


    1. Stripe

    Stripe is one of the fastest-growing payment gateway capable of managing recurring payments effectively and handling refunds automatically. The gateway is able to process almost all main credit and debit cards. Stripe is very easy to implement and provides a strong API for expert developers so that they can generate greatly customized solutions. Stripe offers an automated fraud detection system that adds on to the overall security associated with online payments. It offers a very good checkout process and works efficiently with both desktop as well as mobile devices.

    2. Square

    Square is one more outstanding payment gateway that can be implemented in  WooCommerce online stores. The framework is currently available in countries like Japan, Canada, Australia, the US, and the UK. Square enables you to accept Apple pay, Google pay, and credit cards. One of the main advantages of the gateway is it permits your audience to utilize their preferred mobile solutions. The gateway provides an uncomplicated and user-friendly interface that assists in easy installation and use of the same. 

    3. Paypal

    Paypal is yet another most famous, and user-friendly online payment gateway that is being used for a long time now. The gateway is compatible with almost all the major currencies and is one of the most secure and comfortable platforms to pay and get paid online. With PayPal, you are not required to enter your card details every time while making transactions as it stores the card information right at the time when you create your account with it. One another reason behind its accessive usage is the charges of using PayPal are very much low as compared to other payment gateways. 

    4. WorldPay

    WorldPay is an excellent payment gateway plugin extension that enables customers to make payments via any of the majorly used credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and so on. The gateway is perfect for new businesses looking for quick and easy solutions to implement checkout process in their eCommerce sites. The gateway provides flexible pricing plans from which you can choose as per your convenience. The offered pricing plans are simple to understand and the refunds can be performed easily using this payment gateway.

    5. Amazon Pay

    Amazon is one of the most esteemed names in the world of eCommerce at the present date and if you associate this name with your checkout process, you can surely go a long way with your customers. You can leverage this name and incorporate amazon pay with your WooCommerce store to easily gain the trust of customers in case your website is new and struggling to establish itself in the market. 

    6. offers a lot of unique features because of which it has become one of the top choices among a number of business owners. The gateway is capable of managing subscriptions, refunds, and preorders efficiently and accepts all majorly used debit as well as credit cards. is an outstanding payment gateway if you want to amaze the customers across the globe with a super convenient and smooth checkout process. 


    If you are aiming to create a wonderful digital store with excellent performance, you can not find a better choice than opting for WordPress and WooCommerce. However, as a large number of payment gateway options are available in the market at the present date, making a correct choice in the same can be a big challenge for you failing of which may lead to serious hazards for the business. Hence, performing proper research and making a choice that suits the best to your needs is highly crucial.

    I hope the above list will assist you to choose the most suitable payment gateway for your next online store. However, if you need more assistance in the same or in need of experienced WordPress developers that can aid you to generate an effective eCommerce store in WordPress, you can get the best services by contacting us straight away!