Dear Entrepreneur,

We understand that running a successful business involves  time-consuming responsibilities including sales turnover, optimal utilization of human resources, encouraging innovation, providing employees with rewards for their hard work (e.g. employee gift cards, pay rises, and so on) creating future road maps and many more. 

Also, you need a team of excellent and skilled professionals to deliver you the best results. 

What is your take about hiring an in- house team  to ensure a smooth project execution ?

Your answer must be Yes. Although, with the evolution of the term ‘hire dedicated team’ the answer of this question has been changed to a NO.

Let’s explore how

What Do You Mean by a Hiring Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated team is a team of experts that does not belong to your company but is committed to work for your projects. 

The team combines perfectly with the client’s projects until the project is successfully completed. 

Whether you are looking to expand your team and need recruitment services, want a development team to create your business application, or need administrative support, you can hire a dedicated team to accomplish every job today.

Hiring a dedicated team serves as an excellent option for you in many scenarios including lack of adequate budget, shortage of staff, availability of limited expertise etc.

Influential Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Hiring a dedicated team offers many considerable advantages including the following list

Cost-Effective Solutions

Hiring a dedicated offshore team is the best way to leverage the best talent at the least possible prices. 

When you hire the dedicated team, you don’t need to spend on the factors such as maintaining the infrastructure, hardware, software etc, hiring costs, training costs etc. as  everything is taken care of by the offshore company itself.

Hence, you can save a large sum of your valuable money. 

Highly Experienced Team

By hiring a dedicated team, you can get your desired talent with required skill set without doing much effort.

No matter you want to develop a mobile app, an eCommerce app or need SEO experts, the professionals are easily available with great expertise in the field.

No Geographical Limitations

Hiring a dedicated team approach allows you to find the best talent from any part of the world without any geographical boundations. 

Of course, the money matters and the price range differs from region to region, if you hire talent from Asian countries like India, you can save large amounts of your money.

High-Quality Work

Offshore companies always maintain a team of highly skilled professionals capable of delivering guaranteed and timely results.

Hence, high-quality work is always assured.

Enhanced Productivity

Today’s market is a fast-pace and rapidly changing market where no business can afford delays and flaws in the required work. 

Where the in-house team may cause delays and errors in the work due to excessive workload, your hired dedicated team is always available and ready to work whenever you require.

Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Software Development Life Cycle revolves around many phases and each phase has its own importance and tasks to fulfill. Among all these phases, the most important phase is the development phase. 

However, due to the continuous evolution of new technology and the ever growing demand of application development, it may not be possible for you to maintain a vast team of in-house developers having a variety of different skills. This is where the term ‘hiring dedicated development team’ comes into existence.

By hiring a dedicated development team you can easily find out the required skilled and experienced people without any overhead and hassle. 
No matter you want to hire react-native developer, hire flutter developer or hire angular developer, the team is easily available for you.

In-House v/s Dedicated Development Team – A Quick Comparison

Comparison FactorIn-house TeamDedicated Offshore Team
CostAs a number of factors including infrastructure, training, employee benefits are included in it, the cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house team is higher. The cost of maintaining dedicated offshore developers is significantly less than that of in-house teams. 
TalentThe IT industry is continually evolving where new technologies are introduced in the market with each passing day. Hence, it is difficult to maintain a team possessing all the required latest technologies.By hiring a dedicated offshore team, you can easily get the required talent without spending much of your time and money.
Project TestingTesting is a crucial aspect of SDLC and you cannot deliver a project without performing adequate testing on it. Hence you are also required to maintain a separate QA team to accomplish the task. This again elevates your project development cost.Offshore companies, on the other hand, deliver the project to you only after completing the QA phase of the project. Hence, by opting for an offshore team you can leverage this advantage as well. 
Retention RateWith an in-house team, you are always stiffed with the overhead of the employee leaving the project in the midway due to the job change. If the situation arises, finding a new talent in the midway of the project becomes very challenging. By hiring an offshore development team, you have nothing to worry in this respect. 

Important Things to Consider While Hiring a Dedicated Team

A bulk of software development companies exist in the market at the present date offering a dedicated team of professionals for your projects. 

Choosing the right company among the number of available options may become difficult for you in such a scenario. 

Below is a list of the important things that may help you to make the right decision. Let’s go through it

1. Review Your Requirements

For choosing the right team, the first and the foremost thing you need to do is understanding your own requirements. You have to be very clear about the skills and expertise you want before moving forward.

2. Experience Level of the Company

The second important thing you need to consider is the experience level of your selected company/companies. More will be the experience of the company in the industry, more reliable the company will be.

3. Check the Testimonials

Don’t miss to check the client’s reviews for your selected company/companies on their website. This will give you an idea about the quality of their work and the sincereness of their professionals.

4. Tools and Technologies They are Utilizing

As a number of tools and technologies are available in the market to perform a specific task, the utilization of latest and trending technologies is highly crucial to achieve the best outcome. 

Do perform a check on the list of tools and technologies your selected company is utilizating. Make sure they pick the best ones.

5. Structure and Leadership of the Organization

The structure and leadership of any organization is very important to ensure the smooth workflow. Hence, do have a look at their leadership and the process of work before making a selection. 

Different Models of Hiring Dedicated Developers for Your Projects

Although the models vary from company to company, the most popular and extensively used models for hiring dedicated developers can be seen as under

1. Full-Time Hiring

Under this model, the dedicated developer works for the duration of 8 hours per day only on your projects. The developer works 5 days in a week for you. This is the best model if you have a bulk of work and require the talent on a continuous basis.

2. Part-Time Hiring

Under this model, the dedicated developer works for 4 hours per day on your project. You can opt for this model if you require the developer on a continuous basis, however, the workload is not heavy.

3. Hourly Hiring

This model allows you to hire the developer on an hourly basis. Hence, you do not need to pay extra money if you need the developer on a random basis. This model is the best fit if you do not have regular work and the amount of work is not certain.

Estimated Cost of Hiring a Dedicated Developer

The cost of hiring a dedicated developer varies from country to country. For  example : an average per hour rate of an experienced developer in the United States is approx 50 USD per hour. The same rate in Eastern Europe ranges from 25 to 50 USD per hour.

If we talk about countries like India, the per hour rate of a senior developer lies somewhere between USD 15 to USD 40 which is ofcourse a relatively affordable option to go for the services. 

The Takeaway

So guys, I hope this blog  helped you to understand the meaning and the amazing benefits you can value if you hire a dedicated team of professionals. 

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