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    Corporations are choosing websites as the most productive and trustworthy source nowadays in order
    to heighten their businesses. We all know that AngularJS is one of the most extensively used
    frameworks today for the development of web applications. Many companies have recently picked this
    framework to develop websites for their business. Is it true that you are looking for the same? Recruit
    AngularJS developer today and prepare the dazzling site for your business.
    Here in this article, we will have a look at the top AngularJS frameworks that ultimately assist in simplifying the application development process. Before we step into these frameworks, let us understand what AngularJS is and what are the advantages of using this framework for the development of web applications.

    What is AngularJS?

    It is a Javascript MVC system that empowers developers to create delightfully structured and viable web applications. It is an expansion of plain HTML with new qualities incorporated. It is introduced by none other than Google.

    AngularJS is filled with a bundle of features that not just effectively build a productive web application however similarly deals with the responsive part of the application so well. Due to these highlights, it has become an undisputed top choice for most developers around the world.

    The primary intention of AngularJS is the improvement and organization of the Javascript code. It has ended up being an extraordinary framework for creating powerful, single-page web applications. It holds everything needed by the AngularJS developers to make an individual page dynamic web application. With the involvement of AngularJS, the entire development process has been improved.

    Why use AngularJS?

    The most important benefits to using this outstanding framework can be seen as under

    Open Source

    This framework is completely open-source and free. Thus, it allows developers to build custom applications at a reasonable expense. As it is an open-source framework, modifying the source code so as to fulfill client prerequisites is simpler.

    Reusability of Code

    Code reusability is one more component of AngularJS that has pulled in the designers as they can reuse a similar set of code composed before. This ends up saving plenty of development time. This component is exceptionally profitable particularly while creating complex, enterprise-level web applications. With the help of this feature, AngularJS has contributed towards developing a quicker web application, thus requiring lesser endeavors.


    Because of the huge rise in digital crimes, information safety has become one of the significant worries of organizations. With the utilization of the HTTP interface, AngularJS has taken care of these worries to a large extent. This framework additionally allows developers to incorporate outsider security systems to their current Angular applications.


    This framework has a simplistic architecture that helps to handle complicated web applications very easily. It allows a developer to work on complex applications smoothly even if the developer is a new one and it has entered the project in the middle of the development process.

    Team Collaboration

    This framework has a feature known as ‘Dependency Injection’ with the help of which developers can cooperate with each other very easily. Team collaboration is one of the very important factors to guarantee the successful development of a web application.

    Top AngularJS frameworks

    Various front-end frameworks are available for AngularJS to improve the performance and ease the task of Web App Development. These frameworks enable developers to build an effective and efficient web application from scratch with fewer efforts and in minimal time. As there are a number of frameworks available today, it becomes important to choose the most suitable one for your AngularJS App Development project.

    Below is a list of top AngularJS frameworks that help in making the process of Web App Development easy.

    Below is a list of top AngularJS frameworks that help in making the process of Web App Development easy.

    • Iconic
      One of the most popular AngularJS Frameworks is Iconic. This is an Open source, Cross-platform Framework mainly utilized for the development of Hybrid Mobile Apps. Ionic is a Mobile App Development framework that makes the use of Web technologies like HTML5, CSS, and Sass to build Hybrid Mobile Apps.
    • This framework consists of various angular directives and components. Iconic is the perfect choice for the development of responsive applications with a tight budget. This framework is great, affordable, and arrives with a software development kit (SDK) that is outfitted with additional UI components for enhanced app development.
    • Angular Material
      It is a UI component library to help AngularJS developers. The components of this framework aid in creating beautiful, steady, and useful web pages and web apps. It assists in building faster, classic, and responsive websites by contributing a number of unique features.
    • LumX
      LumX consists of a number of features that aid developers in building UIs that are as per Google’s guidelines. It makes use of jQuery to enhance the application’s behavior. It is a platform-independent framework that aids in designing attractive apps in minimal time. It is a very powerful framework capable of building single-page apps very swiftly.
    • Mobile Angular UI
      Mobile Angular UI is another famous front-end framework. It is accepted by a large number of companies and developers all over the world. It is simple to understand hence the developers having fundamental awareness can quickly grasp the things needed to create stable applications. This framework is a fusion of AngularJS and bootstrap. This AngularJS framework is utilized to generate top-quality applications powered by HTML5.
    • Supersonic
      Supersonic is a faithful and effective front-end AngularJS framework that is mainly used for the development of Hybrid Apps. This framework empowers developers to design app interfaces in an efficient manner. It allows the developers to integrate the developing applications with excellent APIs, features, and functionalities. It allows the API-based apps to be developed for both the iOS and Android Operating Systems.
    • Radian
      Radian is a progressive, effective, and strong AngularJS framework. It enables developers to build applications with complicated functionality and excellent features in minimal time. Hence, If you are looking for effective and prompt results and want to get the apps built within minimal time constraints, then this strong and vibrant framework is strongly suggested. This framework is developed on Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD) which allows both individual developers as well as the whole team to work in good coordination to develop outstanding apps


    Above is the list of the most widely used AngularJS frameworks though the list is not ended here. There are a lot more available in the market. Hence, it depends on you and your business requirements which one among them to choose. Hire AngularJS Developer to get the best fit for your business. If you find difficulty in making a choice in the same then do Contact Us, we are here to assist!