Digital marketing is a term that needs no introduction. It has become an indispensable part of almost all kinds of businesses in the last few years. It is hard for any business to survive in today’s competitive market without utilizing the tools and tactics of digital marketing. However, only the adoption of digital marketing is not enough for businesses to reserve a safe corner in the market there is a lot more they are required to do. 

As we all know the technology is constantly changing and consumer behavior is always unpredictable, the old, typical digital marketing techniques may not work effectively all the time. Hence, businesses are required to bring constant innovations to their digital marketing tactics and introduce new strategies to go in line with the current market rate. 

With the help of this article, I am putting some light on the latest digital marketing that any business should adopt in 2020. Let us start

Chat Bots

ChatBots has become an indispensable part of digital marketing in recent times. It is hard to find any website over the internet nowadays that does not have chatbots incorporated in it. The amazing AI-based technology enables businesses to assure an enriched customer experience by providing swift responses to their inquiries and ensuring round the clock services to the customers. A tremendous number of visitors prefer utilizing chatbots to communicate with the company and get answers to their simple questions instantly without having to wait for long hours that is likely to happen in the case of email inquiries and other methods. 

Visual Search

The technology has reached a level where a user can get the information about anything just by uploading a picture instead of typing long phrases of keywords in the search engines. The scenario demands the digital marketers to utilize high-quality images in their content along with detailed keywords. This increases the chance of their images being recognized by the search engines as a result of a visual search and their content to get displayed in front of the user. 

Social Media Story

Social media stories are an effective way to describe products and events over social media. These are a powerful way to bring a significant amount of traffic towards business. According to the reports, more than 1 billion people use stories daily to describe and promote their products. Hence, social media stories are something that digital marketers cannot afford to overlook if they want to achieve the best results from their social media marketing efforts.

Artificial Intelligence

The concept of AI is progressing with each passing day. Today, it can be seen everywhere including healthcare, video games, banking, and so on. It is also impacting the world of digital marketing on a very large scale. From sentiment analysis to better analysis of data and AI-powered chatbots, it is helping the digital marketing world in many ways.

For example, AI can enable brands to present only those products to the buyers that are relevant to their past purchases, searches, and views. This increases the likelihood of the customer making a purchasing decision on the given products that ultimately assures more sales generation. 

This is just one example however there is a lot more that AI can incorporate into the digital marketing world.

Voice Search

Voice search is in trend now and is generally used by people who do not prefer wasting time typing keywords. As the search phrases that people use while performing a voice search are very different than the ones they use while typing their search, the digital marketers are required to put those keywords in their content that are likely to be utilized while performing a voice search. This will ultimately help in boosting the visibility of their brands and generating more satisfactory outcomes as a result of their efforts.

Video Marketing

The utilization of videos is one of the most prominent marketing trends today and is going to be in place for a long time. Sharing videos of a brand can incorporate significant hikes in its conversion rates. It can also bound customers to make an instant purchasing decision. As videos are more capable of grasping the instant attention of the viewer, the site that includes videos are likely to get 50 times more search traffic than that of the one comprising only text. Hence, video marketing is something that should not be overlooked and should be taken at high priority by any digital marketer. 

Social Commerce

Social Commerce emerging as an excellent option for online store owners to enhance their businesses in a significant way. It allows customers to buy the products directly via social media posts or ads without any need to switch the site to make a purchase. This encourages customers to make an instant buying decision and diminishes the chances of abandonment as they are required to undergo very few steps for making a successful purchase. As the number of people making use of social media in their daily routine is tremendously higher, the concept of social commerce can aid digital marketers to add big numbers to their sales and revenues. 


We all know that change is the law of nature. As technology changes, consumer behavior changes, market changes, and competition changes, digital marketing tactics also need to be changed to make a business go with the trends of the current time. Above are a few digital marketing trends that digital marketers must adopt looking at the changing market situations if they want to get the best out of their marketing endeavors. 

Well, this was just an overview of the latest digital marketing trends that can help you to run your business successfully in 2020 and beyond, however, if you need more assistance in the same our digital marketing team is always happy to help you.