Topmost Reasons To Opt Laravel Framework For Your Next Project
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    The selection of the right development framework is vital to deliver a quality application. When we think about the right development framework, the name that triggers in the mind at first is Laravel. A number of top brands have already adopted this framework due to the amazing features it offers. Laravel is viewed as one of the best development framework for a number of reasons. 

    In this article, we are going to discuss the most important reasons for choosing Laravel to develop your upcoming project but before this let us understand the Laravel framework in brief. 

    Introduction to Laravel

    Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that has emerged as a highly adopted framework among the developer community in the latest years. This framework comprises a strong and vigorous syntax that eventually provides the quick and stable development of web applications. It contributes a lot towards easing the job of developers by presenting techniques to perform fundamental tasks such as routing, caching, authentication, and sessions very comfortably. This platform proposes a very robust set of features that makes the development process very easy. 

    Topmost Reasons To Opt Laravel Framework For Your Next Project

    Laravel contributes a very powerful and unique set of features towards the development of web applications. These features can be seen as the main reasons behind its excessive popularity. The most powerful features of Laravel are included below

    Easy Programming

    Laravel lessens the programming overhead by offering a feature called Laracasts which is a collection of free and paid video tutorials that allow developers to learn and utilize the Laravel framework in the simplest manner. The quality of the available videos is excellent, and the lessons are valuable and influential. The availability of necessary tutorials is one of the important reasons that has made Laravel an excellent choice for the development of web applications.

    Built-in Project Environment

    Laravel offers a combined project environment that makes it easy for developers to handle things properly. The framework provides an organized and transparent way of coding for web development of different kinds. The pace and the comfort of development that Laravel provides is making it the favorite among the business owners as well as the developers.

    MVC Support

    Laravel follows MVC architecture pattern that guarantees the disconnection of business logic and presentation layers. The MVC pattern of Laravel comprises several built-in functions that support developers in performing their tasks in a more enhanced way. It aids in improving the performance of the application and guarantees better protection as well.

    Templating Engine

    Laravel framework offers a number of built-in lightweight templates that help in generating attractive designs by adding unique and appealing content. It also provides several widgets comprising CSS and JS code with strong structures. These templates aid in creating beautiful designs for both simple as well as complicated pages.

    Database Migration

    The database migration system offered by Laravel is capable of extending the database structure of a web application without the requirement to create it again whenever the modifications are introduced to the code. This feature significantly lessens the likelihood of missing crucial data. Additionally, It enables the developer to modify the database structure by utilizing the PHP code rather than using SQL. The structure builder offered by Laravel helps in making the database tables and adding columns to them without any difficulty.

    This requires extensive knowledge of Laravel because a single mistake happens and the whole process stops working. Recommend to Hire Laravel Developer to perform database migration.

    Extensive Community Support

    Laravel has a huge community support all over the world. This means whenever the developer or the team gets stuck at any point during the development, they can find the solutions to their problems very easily by taking help from the community in no time. This eventually fastens the development speed. 

    Unit Testing

    This framework provides strong support for unit testing that not only aids in making the application easier to test but raises the possibilities of delivering a bug-free product as well. A number of other tests are also accomplished to prevent any sudden failures if the developer doing the project introduces a new change to it anytime.

    Libraries and Configuration

    The libraries offered by Laravel are strong and comprise of auto-complete features that are not provided by any other PHP framework. 


    Although no framework is fully shielded against online hazards still the degree of security parameters offered by Laravel is not given by any other PHP framework so far. However, the security of the application is completely dependent on the structure and the formulation of the application code written by the developer. Laravel proffers CSRF tokens to keep a check on security perspectives related to a project. These tokens check each request on the POST and do not allow a POST request to get changed into a GET request that ultimately helps in improving the overall security of the application.

    Supports Front-End/Back-End

    As Laravel is an MVC framework, it can be utilized right from the front-end to the back-end to create a full-fledged web application.

    In the term MVC, the Model is meant for database entity models, View indicates the frontend pages and Controller act as the logic adapter that links the Views with the Model.

    Appropriate to Develop eCommerce Applications

    Laravel can be easily utilized to develop a variety of applications from scratch and eCommerce applications are the one among them. It provides a number of features such as durability, versatility, scalability, and simple customization required to develop eCommerce applications with ease. 

    Ease of Getting Started

    Oftentimes,  people adopt Laravel because of the ease it provides to get started with. Using this framework, even a 5-page website can easily be created in only a few hours even if the developer is not too sound with the basics of PHP. 


    Laravel development is in trend today and the reasons for this are many. Although the most important reasons for the same are mentioned above but still it is not the complete list. There is a lot more that Laravel has to offer.

    Pick Laravel framework for your next project to enjoy the benefits it offers and contact us to hire the best and experienced Laravel developers!